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All About RuPaul Husband Georges LeBar - bio, family, net worth, husband, height, weight

There is a general saying that "If given an opportunity, who will not show their riches and best side to the public and media", but this is totally opposite in the case of Georges LeBar.

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There is a general saying that "If given an opportunity, who will not show their riches and best side to the public and media", but this is totally opposite in the case of Georges LeBar. In spite of being married to such a famous actress RuPaul, the famous television personality who banged the award titled "Emmy Award", he never disclosed much about his life. By passion, he is a writer, and by profession, he is a painter who expresses his words in the form of poems. He has published a lot of his writings and paintings. He loves to write most of his thoughts in his diary, on the 50-acre land which he runs for the business of breeding cattle on a ranch, known as ranching. Later, he spends the rest time by converting the leftover thoughts which can't be noted into beautiful multi-colour paintings and canvases.
Despite his enormous efforts to hide his personal life, some attention is a must, as he is in the company of the super famous queen. RuPaul is very difficult to understand by her lifestyle, but on the contrary, her husband loves to live a down-to-earth life. He doesn't like to appear in public very frequently. And as a conclusion of this, the two lovers decided to come together (marry) in a super private ceremony.
"Six Inches Away" and "Pillow Talk" are two of his published collections of oil canvasses and collection of paintings, respectively.

Georges LeBar Family And Personal Life

The amazing painter and writer Georges LeBar took birth in Perth, Australia, on 24th June 1973. Nothing much is known about his childhood days, but his educational qualification is in "Fashion & Design", which he pursued from three different cities, namely Miami, New York, and Paris.
He got married to RuPaul after a very long and curious wait of 23 years in January 2017. He first met her at "The Limelight", which is a nightclub in the city of New York. During their long relationship of 23 years, they kept their trust and never told anything about this to anyone, not even to the media.
This came to light after some months of the couple's marriage when RuPaul decided to disclose this to the media; however, LeBar refused to come in front to accept anything about the marriage to the general public. RuPaul also mentioned about the broad-minded and flexible nature of her marriage with him.
As the American closet-queen is quite occupied and busy in her Television career in the city of Los Angeles, the couple has to spend most of the time away from each other. Due to this, the bond might have weakened, but according to her statement, this distance, patience, and trust grew their love and faith in each other enormously. The couple was first spotted together publicly at "The Hollywood Walk of Fame", where they were celebrating the star ceremony of RuPaul.
They love traveling whenever they get time by going on vacations to different locations, among which Hawaii and Miami are their favourites, and enjoying their time together.

Georges LeBar Relationship And Husband

LeBar first met RuPaul at his 21st birthday celebration in New York. They never disclosed their relationshipto anyone as there is always a contradictory point of view of society on the relation between two gay people. At the time in 1994 when their relationship started, this type of bond between men was not that acceptable in society. Both focussed on improving and growing in their respective careers of "Writing & Painting" and "Entertaining". The relation between both was extremely super personal and private, which came to the limelight after months of their marriage.

Georges LeBar Net Worth

By way of his massive success in writing and painting, he managed to earn a net worth which is more than 1 Million USD. Her wife, RuPaul, through her career in entertainment, earned an amazing net worth of 16 Million USD. The wealth of both of them will keep rising as long as they keep working and shining.

About RuPaul

His full name is RuPaul Andre Charles. He is a songwriter, actor, TV personality, author as well as model. "RuPaul's Drag Race" belongs to him and is the reason behind his success. The show won 3 "Primetime Emmy Awards". The career begins by working as a fixture at a Nightclub, followed by his first casted album, namely "SuperModel of The World", which became a global sensation and the major reason behind his success.
The establishment of him in the massive cosmetics campaign as the first drag queen by Mac Cosmetics, of which he was the speaker. His famous drag queen show is titled "The RuPaul Show". Born Naked, Champion, and Foxy Lady are some of his albums among the total studio releases of 14. "But I'm a Cheerleader", "The Brady Bunch Movie", and "Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar" are some of the movies in which he worked.

RuPaul Success Impact

The wife of LeBar, namely RuPaul, is well known for her role in bursting the myths towards sensitive topics relating to genders. His philosophy is quite different from the rest of the transgender community, and as a result of which he always had a complex relationship with them. He is trolled for the use of hurting words like "She-Male" as well as "Tranny” in his show, later to which he apologized and showed his love, care, and understanding. Now he trolled the trollers for trolling him.

Georges LeBar Social Media

LeBar's wife always hid him behind her as she kept getting ahead in life. The couple expressed unhappiness when their endorsed Hillary Clinton, who was the nominee of the Democratic Party, lost US elections to Donald Trump. The major reason behind so little information is his absence from any giant social media platform.
Height and Weight of Georges LeBar
He is a super amazing personality whose many details are not available; hence the height and weight of him is not known yet. We will update this as soon as we get any information regarding this. The colour of his hair is dark brown, and the colour of his eyes are brown.
LeBar is neither active on Twitter, nor on Instagram, nor on Facebook. He is a very secretive person.


What Is The Net Worth Of Georges LeBar?

Georges LeBar currently has a net worth of 1 Million USD.

What Is The Profession Of Georges LeBar?

Georges LeBar is a host at the Drag Race.

Does Georges LeBar Have Any Kids?

No, Georges LeBar has no kids, but he is married to RuPaul.
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