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Genshin Impact Wish Simulator - It Enables You To Roll For 5-Star Characters For Free

A gamer created the unofficial Genshin Impact Wish simulator so that they may put wishes on the game's accessible banners. You can fulfill your dream using both the web and the app.

Tyrese Griffin
Jan 18, 2023182 Shares2456 Views
A gamer created the unofficial Genshin Impact Wish simulatorso that they may put wishes on the game's accessible banners. You can fulfill your dream using both the web and the app.
In Genshin Impact, the majority of wishes are purchased with Fates, which are obtained through crafting Primogems from Genesis Crystals purchased with actual money.
Primogems can be obtained by completing in-game tasks and through exploration, but if you want to grant a lot of wishes, you'll eventually have to pay for them.
The majority of Genshin Impact desire simulators feature all of these various currencies while still requiring you to perform the conversion. But Genesis Crystals are free, and some of them let you turn on a setting that lets you make Fates indefinitely.
Users can get a decent idea of what to anticipate while making actual Wishes in the game by using the Genshin Impact Wish simulator. Additionally, a Details pane is provided, explaining pull rates and probabilities.
Users can select which Wish they'd want to replicate through the Settings tab, and the Inventory tab records the characters and weapons they have so far pulled.
If players were performing these pulls in Genshin Impact and purchasing primogems with their own money, they can also examine their real-world spending on the Inventory page.
Users have the option to reset their inventories, which also resets the amount of money they would have theoretically spent.
Genshin Impact Wish simulator comes with app, apk, web, and discord options. You can try any of them. Here are all the details.

Genshin Impact Simulator App

It is possible to download and set up this fan-made wish simulator from the Google Play Store. Lightning Corp. created and provides this tool.
This fan-made utility is far lighter and smaller in size than the original MiHoYo game software, coming in at only 69 MB. As a result, you don't need to be concerned about your device's storage capacity.
The most recent update to version 1.07 was made on February 12th, 2021. This software has been downloaded and installed on smartphones by more than ten thousand users.
If this tool is made available for iOS devices, this number might soar. Additionally, the Genshin Impact Wish Simulator only works with Android 4.4 and up. Make sure your mobile device satisfies those requirements before downloading and using this app.
This tool is incredible. It includes each desired banner that is accessible in the game. Players of Genshin Impact can select the banners of these Wish events to view the wish prices.
You would have to pay $590.4 or 38400 Primogems if you made 240 Wishes during the Farewell of Snezhnaya event, for instance. The Wanderlust Invocation event's ten Wishes would otherwise cost you $24.6 or 1,600 Primogems.
Additionally, this tool is incredibly user-friendly and adaptable. Genshin Impact gamers from diverse nations and regions can utilize it in 9 different languages. Additionally, the most recent Wish events and Wish banners are updated constantly.
You won't miss any Wish Events and their alluring rewards as a result. This app's APK version can also be downloaded from Apkpure.

Genshin Impact Wish Simulator Apk

For Genshin Impact users, a lighter Wish Simulator can be downloaded if your smartphone does not have enough free capacity (69MB).
For those who are unable to get this program through the Google Play Store, there is also an APK version available. Chue Sai Hou created and released the Genshin Impact Wish Simulator, which is only 13MB in size.
Screenshot of Genshin Impact Wish Simulator apk
Screenshot of Genshin Impact Wish Simulator apk
On February 15th, 2021, the most recent version was updated. This program just needs the Android 4.2 OS and higher, therefore it is compatible with more Android devices even though its interface is not as beautiful as Lightning Corp.'s Wish Sim.
Additionally, it keeps the actual in-game Gacha rate, which is 1.602% for things with 5 stars and 13.013% for items with 4 stars. Additionally, using this tool won't irritate you with advertising.
To appreciate and experience the true Wish feature in Genshin Impact with in-game wish animations, all upgraded Wish events, music, and a lot of rewards, download it from the Google Play Store or ApkPure.
The app's creator claimed he didn't create it for profit but rather for enjoyment. Users can also view the cost of wishes and details of previous wish events, such as the number of wishes and incentives received. For those who prefer a dark screen, it also offers a dark option.

Genshin Impact Wish Simulator's Web Version

For Genshin Impact players, Wish Simulator has a website. A player by the name of Miwoju made it. He has 1,600 Primogems, 20 Acquaint Fates, and 20 Intertwined Fates on his simulation account. It includes some of the game's more recent as well as classic Wish Banners.
Additionally, this website teaches you how to perform your wishes on the PC version of the game. Before refreshing and using it again, you have fifty chances to complete your request. When all of your Fated Wishes, Acquainted Wishes, and Primogems have been used, you can reload the website to make another wish.
This website also has spoilage as an advantage. It means that you will be aware of the products available from certain Wish events before making wishes in your account.
You can save your wishes for future events if the item you're hoping to get isn't available during the Wish event. You can check them out with this tool since the banners frequently do not depict all the possible goodies you might receive from those events.

Genshin Impact Wish Simulator Discord

On Discord, the Baron Bunny Bot is a Wish Simulator bot. Players are able to examine all the characters and weapons they have retrieved.
You can also add notes to those awards and view the rewards that other characters have retrieved most frequently. In the future, this bot will be improved to make it more functional.


People Also Ask

Are Genshin Wish Simulators Free?

Yes, Genshin Impact Wish simulators are completely free.

Are Genshin Wish Simulators Accurate?

No, they are not 100% accurate but can give users a good idea of what to expect when creating actual Wishes in the game, even though it's not entirely accurate.

How To Play Genshin Impact Wish Simulator?

  • Launch the wish simulator webpage.
  • From the panels at the top of the screen, pick a banner.
  • Send out as many wishes as you'd like.
  • Check the desired results under "Inventory" if you're curious.


The Genshin Impact Wish simulator mimics the gacha system of the game and lets users try their luck with copies of all the current banners.
There is no requirement for real money or Primogems because the wish simulators are independent of miHoYo and the actual Genshin Impact game. Players are permitted to replicate character and weapon requests to see what they may obtain via in-game banners.
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