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Plenty of wonders: the Gemini exchange now supports dogecoin


Funniest and friendliest coin in the observable space: today we are proud to announce trade and custody support for Dogecoin (DOGE). Buy Dogecoin on authorized platforms.

DOGE deposits are now available TRADE: Trading for Dogecoin will open soon.

We now offer 40 cryptos for trading and 11 more for custody, as part of the package with DOGE Cryptos you can learn about.

Dogecoin is the cryptocurrency of the people. I'm irreverent, it's organic and fun. Agnostic policies are not imposed on us by a central authority, nor chosen by the government. They are chosen by those who serve the people for those who live in a state of passion. Marvelous.

Most people find the idea of non-coercive money that is not subject to state regulation difficult to understand. We're accustomed to being deceived into thinking about money. Paternalistic money has long been the norm in our culture...Until recently, that is, when Bitcoin was introduced.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/gemini-exchange-now-supports-dogecoin/ by Camilo Wood on 2021-05-04T13:11:30.266Z

Like dogecoin has carried on bitcoin's tradition of empowering people And money may be a meme. Belief in money is an extension of religion or belief since it can be accepted only on the basis of supply and demand. Over the course of several thousands of years, the bulk of the money has been considered to be whatever the majority of the people claim it to be (usually, metal, stones, or beads).

DogeCoin is an excellent means to express this basic principle of currency. DOGE serves this need and has legitimate merit in doing so. It is something like an approximation of the facts as they were in reality. We must begin to regard money as a token of trust, not anything given by an official — a conceit. Whether anyone said there is a stereotype, there is merit to that. Dogecoin's appeal is derived from its silliness.

Dogecoin has a meaning as well as a monetary value. That explains the teachings of Karl Marx on the purpose of money. We're one step closer to democratizing money. Fiat money and central banking are no longer playing under the same rules. Since these applications are developed by a small number of people, they favor those few overwhelmingly. Another problem is that too much wealth has been concentrated in too few hands.

[And] the whole world is coming to the realization of this. There's nothing like the wild ride that began with the "GameStop Saga" of video games. an individual investor, we were put in the position of seeing how badly the scheme is set up against us. Person investors are smarter than most institutional investors; we witnessed how. Quite interestingly, we discovered that the investor is eager to obtain additional options. It doesn't seem coincidental to us that global interest in crypto and Dogecoin both took off after people's investment portfolios were irreparably damaged

To put it another way, no one entity, company, or ruling body determines the worth of cryptocurrency – its value is decided by the amount of cryptocurrency you choose and how much of it there is to go around. transparent, deflationary, Dogecoin's money supply Every year, the Dogecoin protocol would give out a constant number of 5 billion Doge. Over time, DOGE's fixed stock would decline, year after year, to just 5 billion, representing a lower proportion of the total money supply. Dogecoin's money supply growth rate is currently decreased. So to put it another way, DOGE is disinflationary in a broader sense. This is analogous to how Ethereum now handles its money supply. As of late, the market for Dogecoin has far outstripped the available supply. About the same time, it's gone to the moon. The masses are on the move.

As the world wonders how an improper dog language has caught on, more are looking at globalized wealth and crowdfunding by being members of the Dogecoin network That's the most enjoyable part! They're enjoying it. Seize the day.

We are not going to provide you with financial advice. I'll leave it to you to make up your own mind. As a result, we're offering you greater decision-making authority, empowerment, and possibility.

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