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7 Fun & Unusual Things to Do in Amsterdam

7 Fun & Unusual Things to Do in Amsterdam

Looking for some ideas for an upcoming visit to Amsterdam?

Tyrese Griffin
Mar 28, 2022

Table of Contents

Looking for some ideas for an upcoming visit to Amsterdam?

We’ve come up with this list of 7 fun and unusual things to do in Amsterdam. And we guarantee, there’s not a clog, windmill, or round of cheese to be found.

Just fun, interesting, and downright weird options for you to choose from. Do one, do them all. You won’t forget this trip in a hurry.

See Holland In 5D

How exciting can a minute flight be? More thrilling than you can imagine.

THIS IS HOLLAND uses the latest technology to make you feel like you're flying over the Netherlands. You’ll never see Amsterdam in quite the same way again.

Virtual reality(VR) goggles, simulation technology, and 5-D imagery combine with an array of special effects. This is a truly amazing one-of-a-kind way to get to know the city.

Experience The Red Lights In Dark Amsterdam

When you hear about Amsterdam, do you instantly think of Marijuana?

Most people do because Cannabis use is decriminalized in Amsterdam. There are several “coffee shops” where you can relax and light up.

Another activity that may have sprung to mind is prostitution. For years the sex industry has not only been allowed here but celebrated. The notorious “Red Light District” is the subject of many backpackers’ anecdotal tales of their European travels.

These two worlds combine to make up the Red Lights And Dark Amsterdam Tour. A look into the world of sex and drugs and their role in the Amsterdam sub-culture.

Get High At The A’DAM Tower Skydeck And Swing

If Cannabis is not your thing, we have another way for you to get high in Amsterdam.

Look out for the Lookout observation deck of the A’DAM Tower. The Skydeck with a 360-degree view of the city is awesome all on its own.

But there’s also an elevator light show, a VR rollercoaster ride, and a swing that dangles you 100m above the city. Once you’ve recovered from the adrenaline rush, sit down for a delicious meal or a refreshing drink at the rooftop restaurant and bar.

Cruise The Canal With Cats

Sailing holidays are on the rise, but for a boating holiday with a difference, visit Amsterdam and treat yourself to a canal cruise with cats.

Okay, it’s not a cruise. But you get to float on the canal make some new feline friends. Amsterdam’s Poezenboot is a floating animal sanctuary. If you love animals, visit this unique houseboat to see some cute kittens and maybe even adopt one. Donations are not mandatory but are welcome.

There’s no shortage of real canal boat cruises in Amsterdam. But if you prefer a leisurely boat ride of your own, without tour guides or cats, boat rentals in Amsterdam are easy and affordable.

Treat Yourself To Some Torture

You’re either a cat person or you are not. And if you’re not, that previous suggestion will have sounded like torture to you. But it’s nothing compared to actual torture methods of the past.

Overlooking the Singel canal, near the flower market, you’ll find one of the most interesting museums you’ll ever see. The torture museum.

Want to satisfy your curiosity about this dark chapter of Europe’s past? Then venture into the torture museum, if you dare.

Delve Into A Dungeon

By now you’ve probably earned yourself a trip to the dungeon. Don’t worry, you won’t be kept prisoner here; although you may enjoy it so much, you won’t want to leave.

An interactive “witch” tour transports you into Amsterdam’s terrifying past. Learn your fate; will you be labeled a witch and condemned to the stake? Will you be terrified or delighted?

Either way, you’ll have a night you won’t soon forget.

Dine In The Dark

It is believed that people who have lost their sight, experience a heightening of their other senses. This is the concept that inspired the restaurant, Ctaste.

Here, diners are led into a dark dining area and once safely seated, served their food. There are no menus, so the diners are truly kept in the dark about what they’ll be eating.

If you have a taste for adventure, this one sure fits the bill.

Tyrese Griffin | Tyrese started her education in the performing arts at the prestigious Alexander Hamilton Academy in Los Angeles. She returned to civilian life after serving in the United States Army as a tracked vehicle operator, and started writing short stories and screenplays, as well as directing short films and music videos. She has published six novels, which have sold over 200,000 copies, as well as audiobooks and short stories for anthologies, and has earned several awards.


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