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Watch Unlimited Iranian And Foreign Titles With Persian Dubbing And Subtitles On Filimo


Filimo is an Iranian movies hub that contains 1000s of Persian and foreign dubbed movies with subtitles. Filimo’s Video on demand (VOD) is the future of the way web content will be delivered. According to a new HubSpot poll, audiences prefer video over all other types of content, including emails, infographics, and blog articles. According to another study, viewing hours on VOD platforms increased by 155 percent year over year (with nearly 20 minutes spent per session).

The need for video, according to Cisco Systems, is only going to increase. They forecast that by 2023, the number of internet-connected gadgets will have more than tripled the world population, according to their annual study. Cisco also predicts that by then, 70% of the world's population will own a mobile device, and consumer demand for 4K/UHD content will have doubled. The demand for video is growing, and companies and content providers are finding that there are unlimited possibilities in this sector.

We're not just talking about entertainment or instructional materials here. Broadcasters, small businesses, and enterprise brands are all benefiting from video on demand. Brands can build stronger relationships with their customers by providing them with access to the material they want, whenever and however they want it.

For several reasons, VOD streaming differs from live streaming. The key distinction is that video-on-demand libraries contain previously recorded audio and video content, whereas live content is broadcast in real-time. It's worth mentioning that, for most brands, using one technique frequently leads to the implementation of the other. Live footage, for example, may be reused as on-demand entertainment.

Screenshot of trending programs on filimo
Screenshot of trending programs on filimo

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/filimo/ by Tyrese Griffin on 2022-02-16T08:38:24.825Z

Filimo Review

Filimo is a video-on-demand service in Iran that was launched in February 2015. It is one of the Sabaidea company's products. Namava, another Iranian service, is Filimo's most fierce opponent.

The service contains a range of dubbed Persian content, while subtitle-only content is briefly uploaded when dubbed Persian content is not accessible.

Viewers can watch thousands of new and old Iranian dramas and films on demand while paying a minimal fee. They can also download any content they want. The interface of the service is smooth and easy to use. When the user clicks on any content, they are redirected to the main page of that content.

Where they can watch the brief introduction of the characters and suggestions of other films of the same category. Here when they click on their desired content, they are redirected to another page where they can see the number of likes to that particular content and also its IMDB rating. Here they also have the option to download that movie or drama. Overall the experience is very pleasant and smooth. No glitches are reported so far.

Filimo App

Filimo is the place to go for all of your movie needs. Filimo will supply all kinds of movies, including comedy, romance, classic, and Indian films, as well as old and contemporary Persian films, to create a tremendous entertainment experience.

Furthermore, Filimo has made an attempt to create an online movie library, with over 1000 films now available to users. Do you want to learn more? Filimo's sophisticated adaptive streaming technology allows customers to watch without buffering, regardless of their internet connection speed. You can simply view movies if you have a gadget that is linked to the Internet. The higher the connection speed, however, the better the quality.

Moreover, Sabaidea, the company behind Filimo, has managed to develop the app for almost every important platform available. There is an ios app, an android app. An app for desktop users, whether it is windows or mac, android TV, and a filimobox is also available.

Filimo Android Box

Filimobox is an Android box that runs the Android operating system on your television. This means that if you don't have a smart TV, you can simply connect Filimobox to your TV and view hundreds of Filimo movies and series on your home TV's huge screen. This gadget not only lets you watch Filimo, but it also lets you use Google Play Store apps on your TV and access Google Assistance.

This product runs Android TV 9, and it comes with a Bluetooth remote control with voice search functionality, as well as a basic user interface, similar to Android smart TVs.

Filimo Competitors

Namava.ir, uptvs.com, doostihaa.com, namasha.com, and others are among filimo.com's biggest rivals.

Here are the top 10 competitors of Filimo.com

  • namava.ir
  • uptvs.com
  • doostihaa.com
  • movieland.cc
  • salamcinama.ir
  • youtube.com
  • cooldl.net
  • aparat.com
  • dlroozane.net
  • namasha.com


Filimo Don't allow the abbreviations and phrases used to describe various streaming services to deter you from cutting the cord. There are several service Filimo alternatives available, each of which is unique. That is the allure of web browsing and video on demand. You may put up a service package that is tailored to your needs.

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