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Watch Unlimited Iranian Movies And TV Series On Farsiland In 2022

Watch Unlimited Iranian Movies And TV Series On Farsiland In 2022

FarsiLand is the world's largest Persian film and television series database.

Dexter Cooke
Last updated: Dec 29, 2021 | Dec 13, 2021

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FarsiLand is the world's largest Persian film and television series database.

What Is FarsiLand?

What Is FarsiLand

Farsiland allows Iranian citizens and foreign people to watch Iranian films and TV series.

It offers a wide selection of genres including Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Feature Film, History, Horror, Kids, Mystery, Romance, Short Film, Social, Sport, and so much more!

You can choose between old and new movies under the Movies category and old and new series under the Series category.

New Persian movies- Under new movies, Farsiland offers a wide collection of modern films such as Haftei Yek Bar Adam Bash, Golden Time, Sharme Goftan, Siah Baz, Oliver Twist, Meditaraneh, Parisa, Ghararemoon Parke Shahr, and others.

Some of the most well-known movies in Iran are curated by Farsiland just for you! Below are some of the internationally-acclaimed Iranian movies.

Bashu, The Little Stranger

Bashu was set during the Iran-Iraq war when the southern half of Iran was turned into a battleground and everything was reduced to ashes. Bashu is the name of a young child from the south who has lost both his family and his home. As a result, he flees for his life, hiding in the back of a truck. The truck's final destination is a little town in northern Iran, and this is where it all starts. He meets a family and their sweet mother, who is referred to as "Nai" in the film.

Bashu was awarded "The Best Iranian Film of All Time" in the best Persian film magazine, World of Picture. The film's ability to encourage social critique in a revolutionary administration, according to the credits, made it remarkable for all time.

Bahram Beizai, a prominent Iranian director, directed this film in 1989. North and South, black and white, and dialectical distinctions are some of the contrasts used by Bahram Beizai. While criticizing ethnocentric Persian nationalism, the director highlights the complex link between nationalism and ethnicity. It's worth noting that Bashu was the first Iranian film to use Gilaki, Iran's northern language. What's more intriguing is that all of the actors were from the north and spoke "Gilaki" fluently.

The Scent Of Joseph’s Shirt (Booye Pirahane Yousef)

Ghafoor is a Cab Driver whose kid is said to have been martyred during the war, but he refuses to believe it. Despite the fact that all evidence points to his kid's death and everyone thinks it, he continues to wait for his beloved son, Yousef (Joseph). Ghafoor then meets a mysterious woman named Shirin at the airport, who has flown from Europe to Iran in search of his brother, Khosrow, a missing soldier in the war. Both of them begin looking for their loved ones.

To depict the claustrophobia of prisoners of war, 95 percent of the film takes place at night. The harshness of war, the anguish of loss, and waiting for someone are all depicted magnificently in this film, which features a piece of delicate music produced by Majid Entezami that has become a masterpiece and a memorable soundtrack for Iranians.

Ice Age (Asr-e Yakhbandan)

In 2015, the Ice Age film was released, and it received a lot of positive feedback from both audiences and critics. The life of Babak and Monireh is shown in this drama film. Babak works a lot because of his challenging social condition, and his absence from home creates a significant rift between him and his wife. As a result, Monireh enters into a new relationship, which leads to drug abuse and wickedness.

Because the film depicts women doing drugs, it is considered taboo in Iran, and it depicts a woman's affair which is rare in Iranian films. Furthermore, the controversial situation of "Agha Zadeh" is brought up in the film as a social issue. It entails being born into a prominent political family and thus being permitted to live an aristocratic lifestyle while benefiting from the privileges and immunities afforded by their surname.

Another feature of the film that makes you want to sit down and watch it all the way through is its incredible editing, which earned the film an award at the Fajr Film Festival.

Sperm Whale (Nahang-e Anbar)

In 2015, Saman Moghadam directed a pleasant, smooth, and amusing comedy. It begins with Arjang's life tale, which takes place in the 1960s. He has been in love with his childhood friend Roya, a girl who is desperately attempting to climb up the social ladder every day of her life. You will be immersed in Arjang's life and all of the events that occur while he is madly in love with Roya.

Iran is particularly receptive to comedy. The fact is demonstrated by the number of tickets sold at the cinema. Iranians saw this film in theaters over and over because it was pure humor. You can laugh, cry, and feel sorry for the protagonist, played by Reza Attaran, a well-known comedian, as well as the other gorgeous performances by Mahnaz Afshar and Vishka Asayesh. Another aspect of the film that makes it worthwhile to see is the shift of lifestyle that occurs throughout the film. It depicts Iran's history from the period of the Shah to the present day. Sperm Whale is a hilarious comedy that you should not miss. Allow yourself to laugh out loud by viewing this entertaining must-see film.


Iranian Cinema has vast and diverse films. Enjoy watching Iranian movies and TV series in Farsiland at the comfort of your home!

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