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Best List Of Facebook Text Delight Animations And Learn How To Use Them In 2023


You may have seen animations hovering on your Facebook screen when typing or clicking particular phrases on the Facebook pages at some point in time.

Facebook's top priority has always been to discover new ways of interacting, connecting, and sharing meaningfully. Facebook Text Delight animations is one of several methods the massive social media platform has been exploring to make the globe more accessible and connected.

Facebook Delights are a new way to share and activate unique groups based on emotions and beliefs. Facebook Delights transforms regular text into stunning animations to share with friends and relatives to convey intentions and emotions, by tapping into very typical and natural behavior.

Facebook Text Delights List

How To Use Facebook Text Delights Animations

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/facebook-text-delight-animations/ by Kaleem Kirkpatrick on 2022-03-05T03:03:19.728Z

Text Delights on Facebook is a selection of unique phrases and words. As a result, the text color varies when a Facebook user inserts one of those unique words/phrases in their updates/comments. Animations appear on the screen when a recipient clicks on this colorized word.

Essentially, Facebook Text Delights gives Facebook users a sense of celebration. It is simple to enable Facebook Delight Animations. All you have to do is to TYPE the relevant word or phrase.

The most typical places to write text delights to trigger the animations are in the Facebook Comments and Create Posts sections, where you write something on your or a friend's Facebook Timeline.

The color of the text changes as soon as you put a Facebook Text Delight in a remark or on your friend's page. Now, as for the animation, as soon as you write or press on these text delights in their intended location such as in the comments or on the wall, the animations appear at the bottom of the page screen.

What words trigger animations on Facebook? Let us go over all of the special terms that are part of the Facebook Text Delights feature; you can put them to the test by using them in your Facebook comments.

  • Congratulations Plenty of joyous balloons and confetti appear on the screen and drift around. The Facebook Text Delight is ideal for delivering positive wishes when you hear that one of your online viewers has graduated, had a kid, or married, among other things.
  • Best Wishes Post Best Wishes and you'll see appreciative hands spreading positive energy. When buyers, clients, colleagues, or other spectators share a forthcoming event that warrants you sending them well wishes, use this as a way to grow your online audience and enhance engagement.
  • You’re The Best A gold star meant a lot back in elementary school. Perhaps that's why there's a soaring starburst in this Facebook Text Delight animation.

Suddenly, your response has evolved into something more than a remark. It elicits an emotional reaction, a sense of pride. It demonstrates that your company goes above and above in terms of client gratitude.

Use this Facebook Text Delight whenever a consumer makes a comment that requires a reaction. Not only will you offer that user a big pat on the back, but your good reaction will stick out when others read the comments. It is worth noting that when you uppercase the "y" in "You're the best," the animation doesn't always function. Use lowercase letters whenever possible.

  • You Got This The thumbs-up emoji floats around the bottom of your screen like classic solitaire, creating a colorful tail. When you hear that one of your followers, friends, or colleagues is facing a problem, use this phrase. You will show your appreciation, and they'll feel a surge of happiness. The animation only lasts a matter of seconds, yet the truth that you cared for will be remembered. Initiated by: "you got this," "you’ve got this," "you can do it."
  • XOXO Express your affection by allowing floating hearts to flood your screen. You can use it whenever you want with your friends and family. When your audience says or does something really heartwarming, you might use this Facebook Text Delight for business.


Engagement is the key to social media success. You do not just want to put things out there; you want to connect with people, elicit emotional responses, and demonstrate why you are the greatest and most trustworthy. Facebook text animations are one technique to help your brand stand out on the social media platform.

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