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Eyny Is Most Commonly Known As The Yili Forum In Social Media


Eyny, commonly known as the Yili Forum, is a type of social media. Hundreds of millions of individuals use social media to exchange knowledge and build relationships all around the world.

Social media allows you to contact friends and family, learn new things, develop your hobbies, and be amused on a personal basis.

On a professional level, you may use social media to expand your expertise on a certain subject and improve your professional network by engaging with other industry professionals. At the corporate level, social media allows you to engage with your audience, gather feedback from customers, and build your brand.

What Is Eyny.Com

The Yili Discussion Area (eyny), commonly known as the Yili Forum, began as an internet forum in Hong Kong in 2003, when the webmaster, Tianqing (a Hong Konger, male), was 21 years old. It now has 5 million members, the majority of them are Taiwanese. More than 660 administrators (moderator level) and two top administrators (forum builders) are available.

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The total number of forums is over 400, the total number of subjects is over 17 million, and the total number of responses is over 20 million. There's a server in the United States, and only people with IP addresses from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao can log in. This platform has seen many rises and falls since its launch. Some major events are as follows.

According to Great fire statistics, the Great Firewall of mainland China restricted the Yili discussion section prior to 2011. Hackers broke into the Encyclopedia of Ellie on October 12, 2014, using a security flaw to change the member's password and steal the encrypted member's account password. As a result, the Encyclopedia of Elly was shut down, and members were advised to change their passwords as soon as possible.

The Yili webpage was infected with a Trojan virus from April 23rd to April 24th, 2017, and visitors would see a message stating that their Flash Player was out of the current and that they need to upgrade it. The application was infected with ransomware, causing anybody who downloaded it to become infected. As a result, the machine is locked for ransomware with poisoned data. A court decision in Australia disabled the Ellie discussion forum in August 2017 owing to "copyright infringement."

The formal announcement of the "closing" of the Yili discussion section and the video area, both of which are part of the film and television area, was made on April 4, 2020. It is not accessible to all members, and only moderators and above have access.

Screenshot of the Eyny.com General Information with colorful graph and map
Screenshot of the Eyny.com General Information with colorful graph and map

Eyny.Com Website Services

They provide forum services, as well as videos, music, and other media. Although the website is open, certain portions do have age limits. Many resource files are available for sharing, and social activities such as pornography and piracy are frequently highlighted in the press. The server is hosted in the United States, and only Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Macao IP addresses are allowed to log on.

The website is a class role, and the administrator is in charge of updating and maintaining the website's software and hardware. The Super Section Moderator is in charge of overseeing forum transactions and alerting admins when major occurrences occur. The moderator is a volunteer job for which any member may apply. The moderator is responsible for preserving order in the mode and can act after the review.

Tianqing, the webmaster, also maintains a forum named "Vicks Discussion Area." It was first launched in 2007, although it has yet to reach the same level of popularity as the Yili discussion section. The website now redirects to the Yili Forum, which was terminated in 2017.

Eyny.Com Website Traffic Statistics

Eyny.com is very popular in the countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong. The website gets thousands of visits daily from people who want to share and learn new ideas from others. It got 22.3M visits in Nov2021, 23.2M in December 2021, and 24.3M in January 2022. Thus you can conclude that the traffic of Eyny.com is increasing with every passing day. It gained about 4.49% traffic gain only in the month of January 2022, which is significant.

Website Like Eyny.Com

Eyny.com has a global ranking of 1,492 and a country ranking of 27 in Taiwan. It has a category ranking of 7.

Sites like jkforum.net, wahas.com, facebook.com, karayou.com, and others are among eyny.com's main rivals.

Here are the top competitors to Eyny.com.

  • Jkforum.net
  • Wahas.com
  • Karayou.com
  • Ptt.cc
  • La-forum.org
  • Plurk.com
  • T.co


Eyny is sort of social network, similar to a blog forum, focuses on in-depth conversation. Users provide conversation suggestions that turn into lengthy comment threads. Communities are frequently formed around certain themes.

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