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Experience with Blessed Herbs

This article is about my experience with Blessed Herbs. F

Jaya Mckeown
Feb 17, 202175 Shares75116 Views
This article is about my experience with Blessed Herbs. For those of you looking to buy Blessed Herbs, you’d be wise to read this through because, in this article, I’ll tell you some of the little things that annoy me, why some of you shouldn’t even consider this program, and some of the priceless tips and trick to make the experience a whole lot easier.
Yes, I’m saying Blessed herbs isn’t perfect, in fact, it’s far from it. I know it because I and 4 friends of mine tried it and went through it. The cleanse is awful but you wouldn’t believe the feeling that fills you after the cleanse even if I told you.
For those of you who think doing any kind of cleanse will a pleasant experience, you’re awfully mistaken. It’s not. It’s called cleansing… and by definition, it shouldn’t feel good. You’ll feel good, after the cleanse. But you’ll be surprised at how much you can endure just to fit into jeans!
With that in mind, let me tell you my Blessed herbs story.

In The Beginning

Together with a bunch of friends, I bought Blessed herbs in Sept last year (2007). The ordering experience and shipping wait time are all very acceptable, even though I live in Australia and shipping usually take a long time.
It arrived about a week later and I’m pretty excited about it.
Oh, by the way, it all started when my friend was complaining about how she gained 2kg in a typical girls' night out. My other friend suggested she cleanse, at which point she rejected it because it’s torturous. I, as a good friend, of course, encouraged her and offered to do it together, as support. She agreed, and the other 3 followed my lead.
We all decided to buy the internal cleanse because colon cleanse comes free with it, plus if we want to cleanse, we might as well do the total one. Right? Why go halfway?
A postman held up a really big, heavy box on my front porch. I couldn’t even lift it up without the help of my brother. I set it down on the sofa and as I tear it open, I was immediately impressed with the packaging. I attached some pictures of it my friend took.
The instructions are as clear as they can be. There is no guesswork or anything.

Blessed Herb’s Colon Cleanse

As a college student taking a single subject that semester, I started with the colon cleanse the very next day. I bought 2 dozen bottles of organic juice from a local farmer’s market, who thought I’m having a party or something.
The mix isn’t bad at all. I chose the best option, at which I drink only the powder with juice. I thought it was going to be horrible, but it really isn’t. The first day wasn’t difficult for me at all.
It was the second day that is horrible! Every food I see becomes tempting, though I don’t feel hungry. I guess it’s carb addiction and I felt weak all the time.
Having to move my bowel 3 times a day is also quite annoying. My family thought it was unnatural… but of course, that’s the healthy frequency.
Lots of mucoid plagues started to appear in my bowel movement, which is very gross. It’s difficult to flush too because it’s floating!
But I managed to endure through the 5 days of temptation, cheating only once… with an oreo! Frankly, I didn’t feel much difference…

Blessed Herb’s Internal Cleanse

With colon cleanse over (the hard part), I started to introduce light food such as vegetables into my diet and begin the internal cleanse.
Internal cleanse wasn’t that bad, except for the fact that the extracts do contain a little alcohol, which I hate. There’s really nothing special about the internal cleanse except maybe…

My Healing Crisis

The healing crisis I went through about halfway through the cleanse! Acne started to pop out of nowhere, and in large numbers! Before I know it, my forehead is filled with unsightly red bumps, some of which have visible pus.
The pimples lasted about 4 long months before they disappeared! It was horrible! One of my friends, also had an acne crisis while the other three had a fever, dry skin, and frequent headaches.
See, I told you it wasn’t pleasant!
  • Busy people! Believe me, you don’t want to be visiting the toilet three times a day if you something better to do! The healing crisis would set you back for a long time too!
  • People with sensitive… bowel openings? One of my friends actually told me her opening hurts because of the frequency of the bowel movement….
  • If you need to look good 24/7 365 days a year!
  • People who have a weak will! If you cheat too much, it will not work! Don’t waste your time!
  • If you suffer from any kind of serious illness, you should definitely check with your doctor, the healing crisis might kill you!
  • If your budget exactly fits the price of Blessed Herbs, don’t buy it! The juice does cost a lot too!

Some Tips And Tricks

  • Keep away from food during the colon cleanse!
  • Don’t drink the juice just before. You’ll surely wake up in the middle of the night.
  • If you experience a headache, drink some hot tea (which comes with the kit) and I find a hot bath and some essential oils help tremendously.
  • If you are like a friend who has a sensitive opening, apply some organic cream to it. She told me it makes moving bowels less painful.
  • If you’re like me and acne is bursting out, tea tree oil can help with the situation tremendously.
  • Coconut oil is great for dry skin and hair if that ever happens to you.

The After Feeling

Again, the feeling after you do a Blessed Herb’s total cleanse is unlike any other. I can’t really describe it except to tell you that I felt more energetic than ever!
My occasional acne has disappeared after the outbreak. It’s been 5 months since and not a single red bump. My hair is stronger and shinier. Even my trademark eye bag is receding! (I used to apply lots of makeup at the eye bag area to cover it up)
And of course, I lost about 3kg after the cleanse and I can once again fit into my high school jeans.
But let me warn you that everyone derives different benefits from a cleanse, it depends on your body.
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