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Eugenia Jones - The Wife Of US Billionaire Jerry Jones

Eugenia Jones, who is married to Jerry Jones and is a businesswoman, has been Jerry's wife since the 1960s. The Dallas Cowboys, the most valuable franchise in the National Football League (NFL), are owned by the Jones family, and the current market value is $8 billion.

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Eugenia Jones, who is married to Jerry Jones and is a businesswoman, has been Jerry's wife since the 1960s.
The Dallas Cowboys, the most valuable franchise in the National Football League (NFL), are owned by the Jones family, and the current market value is $8 billion.
It was during her husband's address in 2017 that she was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He had honored her, their family, and the Cowboy's team for their contributions to the success of the club.

Quick Facts About Eugenia Jones

NameEugenia Chambers Jones
BirthdayMarch 15th, 1944
Net worthAround $10 million

Eugenia Jones Early Life

On March 15th, 1944 in the United States, Eugenia Jones, sometimes known as Eugenia Chambers Jones, was born. Gene is the endearing nickname given to Eugenia by her family. She is 78 years old, and she is both of Native American ancestry and American nationality. In addition, she has not disclosed any information about either her parents or her siblings.
In terms of her education, the fact that she received a degree from the University of Arkansas gave her a certain air of sophistication. Since she was a little child, she has had a keen interest in the field of social work, which dates back to her earlier years. In a similar manner, she was successful in gaining fame as a model.

Eugenia Jones Career

Talking about her professional life, Eugenia is active in a number of different social and economic endeavors. In addition to this, Eugenia is a member of the Texas Cultural Trust Board of Directors in addition to being the wife of billionaire, Jerry Jones.
Eugenia Jones is also a member of the Board of Directors at the AT&T Centre for Performing Arts. In addition to that, she served as a co-chair for the Meadows art schools.
Eugenia Jones wearing a red gown with her husband, Jerry Jones, wearing a black suit
Eugenia Jones wearing a red gown with her husband, Jerry Jones, wearing a black suit

Eugenia Jones Relationships

Eugenia Jones is the wife of Jerry Jones, an extremely successful American entrepreneur. On January 19, 1963, Jerry and Eugenia tied the knot. The first time that they crossed paths was at the University of Arkansas.
Jerry, Eugenia's spouse, was also well-known for his role as football captain during the time that Eugenia was enrolled in her first year of college. She has also not said anything about her love affairs or the men she dated before getting married.
Aside from that, they are the parents of three children: Jerry Jones Jr., Stephen Jones, and Charlotte Jones Anderson. Stephen was born on July 21, 1964, Charlotte was born on July 26, 1966, and Jerry Jr. was born on September 27, 1969. Her whole family is involved in the operation of the family business and helps out whenever their parents need assistance.

A Brief Detail Of Jerry Jones

Jones, who would later become a millionaire, was born in the city of Los Angeles, California. When he was a child, his family relocated to North Little Rock, Arkansas. At North Little Rock High School, Jerry was a standout performer on the running back position. He participated in the Kappa Sigma Fraternity while he was a student at the University of Arkansas, where he went to school.
In addition to that, Jerry served as a co-captain for the football team that won the National Championship in 1964. After graduating in 1965, he was immediately sought out for a position as a leader vice president at Modern Security Life of Springfield, Missouri, at the insurance agency that his father owned.
Jones is one of the few owners in the National Football League to have earned a master's degree in business while playing football. He did so in 1970. The Cowboys have been the first team in NFL history to win three consecutive Super Bowls (XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX) thanks to the leadership of Jerry Jones. These victories have led to seven playoff appearances, six division titles, and four conference championship games.

Eugenia Jones Husband's Controversy

Even though Eugenia Jones' marriage had been supported for a number of years, there have been some dramatizations of it during the course of those years. In 2014, images of Jerry interacting with a stripper were widely published in the media.
Jana Weckerly, a stripper, said that in an incident that occurred in 2009, she was assaulted by Jones. As a result, she filed a complaint of sexual assault and was seeking compensation in the amount of one million dollars. The owner of the Cowboys stated that the images that have been going around are an inaccurate portrayal of what actually occurred.
The friends of the stripper claimed that they were too drunk during the party to remember what happened, and as a result, they were unable to testify regarding whether or not Jones grabbed Weckerly by the genitals and kissed her against her will.
Due to the fact that Jones's attorney stated that she waited an excessive amount of time before filing the suit, the court decided to throw out the case. Eugenia Jones, on the other hand, never lost her composure or reacted negatively to the situation in any public way. In addition, the case that Jerry had to defend himself against in 2022 resulted in a massive settlement of $3 million being paid to the girl who claimed that Jerry was her biological father.
Eugenia Jones wearing a black gown with her husband, Jerry Jones, wearing a black suit
Eugenia Jones wearing a black gown with her husband, Jerry Jones, wearing a black suit

Eugenia Jones Physical Appearance

Eugenia, who is 75 years old, is stunning and appears much younger than her age. We don’t know her height or weight because she hasn’t told us. Her physique, on the other hand, is 33-26-32 inches long. Her skin is a light shade of white. She has blond brown hair and brown eyes.

Eugenia Jones Net Worth

She keeps her salary and net worth a secret, despite the fact that she brings in a significant amount of money thanks to her marriage and the various jobs she holds. According to several reports, her net worth is approximately $10 million.
The amount of labor that Eugenia's husband has put in over the years has allowed him to amass a net worth of $7 billion. The Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League is owned by her husband, Jerry Jones.
Aside from that, the couple is presently staying in a home that cost twelve million dollars and is located in Dallas, Texas. In the beginning of 2019, her husband Jerry purchased a party hall, a swimming pool, a champagne bar, and numerous other rooms aboard a boat that was 357 feet long and cost $250 million. In addition to this, Eugenia and her husband have contributed some of their wealth to several charity organizations in the past.

Gene And Jerry Family Foundation

In order to develop an unique and forward-thinking strategy for community service, Eugenia and her family, the Jones', collaborated with the Dallas Cowboys players, coaches, cheerleaders, and every other member of the organization.
The objective of the Gene and Jerry Jones Family organization is to assist in the field of community service, to assist people who are unable to assist themselves, with the primary emphasis being placed on the collaboration with The Salvation Army.

Gene Jones: Mother of the Dallas Cowboys

Eugenia Jones On Social Media

She does not engage with users on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Because she is actively engaged in social work, she does not have the time to participate in activities on social media platforms.

People Also Ask

When Was Eugenia Jones Born?

Her parents, John Ed Chambers II and Patricia Sloan Chambers, welcomed her into the world on March 15th, 1944. She will be 79 years old in the year 2023.

Where Is Eugenia Jones From?

Eugenia Jones was born and raised in the United States.

Does Eugenia Jones Have Any Children?

Eugenia has a daughter, two sons: Stephen, Charlotte, and Jerry Junior. Stephen and his wife Karen are parents to four children. Her youngest son, Jerry Junior, has two children, and her only daughter, Charlotte, has three.


Eugenia Jones has accomplished a great deal in her field. She has a deep commitment to teaching and the arts, and she wants everyone to have access to the works in her collection. The Texas Cultural Trust Board has her as a member as well.
During her tenure as head of the Meadows School of the Arts, she commissioned a number of artists to construct pieces for display in the AT&T Stadium. Dallas Cowboys have risen to prominence thanks to this setup.
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