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Ergonomic Considerations For Stacked Monitor Setups

The need for more than one monitor is becoming more common than ever. If you have a smaller workspace, consider a stacked monitor setup to make the most of your space.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick
Oct 23, 20236463 Shares190088 Views
The need for more than one monitor is becoming more common than ever. If you have a smaller workspace, consider a stacked monitor setup to make the most of your space.
Many options are available for stacked monitors, ranging from literally stacking one monitor on top of another to an all-in-one stacked option like the Mobile Pixels Geminosstacked monitors. However, before you decide on a stacked setup, it’s essential to consider its ergonomics.

Why Ergonomics Matter

Ergonomics refers tosetting up your workspace in a customized way that meets your physical and mental needs. Optimizing the ergonomics of your desk setup will help keep you comfortable, focused, and productive.
Many elements of your work area will affect the ergonomics, and it’s important to tailor all of them to work cohesively together for the best experience possible.

How Stacked Monitors Affect Ergonomics

A stacked monitor will put one computer screen above the other one. For proper monitor setup, your monitor should be at eye level to avoid neck strain. However, if you have a stacked monitor setup, having both screens at eye level is impossible. It would be best if you kept this in mind when deciding what work to put on which monitor.
However, a stacked monitor can help reduce neck strain when looking from left to right. When you have dual monitors next to one another, you’ll look back and forth all day. This can be hard on your neck. A stacked monitor setup would allow you to work more comfortably.
The Mobile Pixels Geminos takes the benefit of a stacked monitor setup even further by allowing you to vertically slide the screens up and down. This adjustment can let you put the height of your screens exactly where you want it to be, reducing your neck strain and improving your productivity.
Ergonomic Considerations For Stacked Monitor Setups
Ergonomic Considerations For Stacked Monitor Setups

Other Ergonomic Considerations

Other elements of your desk setup can help maximize the ergonomic benefits of a stacked monitor setup. When you’re putting your workspace together, ensure every aspect compliments each other to get the most comfortable setup possible.


Your desk is the backbone of your workspace setup, and many elements can make it ergonomic. The most crucial feature of a desk to consider is its height. You will want to choose a desk height that works for your body and your stacked monitor.
Some desks offer an adjustable height feature, which can be beneficial if you aren’t sure how tall of a workspace you need. You can also choose a standing desk versus a traditional desk. Depending on the work you’re doing, this may be the right choice.
Many people choose an adjustable desk that can be used in seated and standing positions, so they don’t stay in one position too long.


The chair is the next most crucial element to your setup. Remember that you want your lower monitor to be at eye level when sitting in your chair. The chair needs to be the right height for you and your desk to give the most ergonomic benefits.
Armrests are a good feature for your work chair. Your armrests should give your elbows a place to relax at a 90-degree angle while not typing. Look for a chair that has adjustable backrest heights and lumbar support.
Opting for a chair with an adjustable height is your best choice. This can allow you to change your position based on the desk you’re at or even which monitor you’re looking at.


The changes you make to your workspace are only as useful as you let them be. To get the most out of your stacked monitor setup, you need to be mindful of your posture while working. Avoid slouching in your chair. Sit up straight to help eliminate back and neck pain.
Specific to stacked monitors, don’t look at the top monitor too much. Only put things on there that you need to glance at quickly. Keep your main documents and programs on the bottom monitor.

Final Thoughts

As long as you’re cognizant of the ergonomics of your workspace, a stacked monitor setup like the Mobile Pixels Geminos can allow you a more comfortable and productive place to get your work done.
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