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Eduardo Minett Starred In Como Dice El Dicho For Five Years And Appeared On Papá A Toda Madre From 2015-2018


Eduardo Minett, a well-known television actor and model, is the subject of this blog. He was cast in Como Dais El Dicho from 2015 to 2018 and appeared in Papa e Toda Madre in 2018. His charisma is enticing and endearing.

He is a well-known and well-liked celebrity who has been in a variety of shows. He was raised in a Christian household. He was born on February 19, 2006, in the country of Mexico in North America.

Eduardo Minett Bio

Eduardo Minett was born on February 19, 2006, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began to exhibit his tremendous potential for acting at an early age, prompting his mother to enrol him in an acting school, and in 2014, he made his debut in "La Rosa de Guadalupe."

He was asked to be a part of six chapters in this Televisa production when he was only eight years old, giving him the opportunity to showcase his whole skill set, and this is how, in 2015, he was summoned for the project "Como dice el dice."

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He remained a part of these two shows until 2018, and his talent earned him a spot in the main cast of the telenovela "Papá a Toda Madre." The 14-year-old actor is also a huge music fan, as seen by his social media posts showing him in recording studios, playing the electric guitar, and more.

Eduardo Minett's plans were unknown until he stunned everyone by saying that he had been called for the film "Cry Macho," which was released in 2021, in which he was to co-star with Clint Eastwood.

Eduardo minett in white shirt in front of Rolex Store
Eduardo minett in white shirt in front of Rolex Store

Eduardo Minett Career

Since his role in the American neo-western drama film Cry Macho, Eduardo Minett has become a media sensation. In this film, this up-and-coming actor had the opportunity to play Rafael "Rafo" Polk alongside Clint Eastwood (Mike Milo) and Dwight Yoakam (Howard Polk). Eduardo Eduardo debuted in the entertainment industry in 2014 when he was cast as Édgar/Juanito/Nilo in season 7 of the Mexican drama series La Rosa de Guadalupe.

Emmanuel Duprezs began casting him in the character of Nicolás/Oscar in "Como dice el Dicho" in 2015, in addition to continuing his work with "La Rosa de Guadalupe." From 2016 to 2018, this outstanding actor played Juanito, Sergio, and Jaime in the film Como dice el Dicho. During that time, he stayed on the screen of "La Rosa de Guadalupe" until 2020 because of his Oscar-winning performance, which made him a lot more famous.

Eduardo Minett Singing

Because he is the son of an artist, this rising star began pursuing a career in music and singing in 2018 in order to fulfill his mother's goal.

His love of singing propelled him to stardom in Hollywood, and he also performed at a number of major venues in Mexico.

Minett's love of performing blossomed in a lovely way when he was a youngster who enjoyed dancing. In reality, he began to dance. He admired Michael Jackson as a child and wanted to dance like him, so he began taking dance lessons.

Eduardo started watching Jim Carrey's movies and developed a significant attachment to him, to the point that he began to imitate his sequences and was pulled to his appearance.

When he told his parents he wanted to be in movies like Jim Carrey, they put him in acting classes, despite the fact that he had no concept of what acting was at the moment.

Eduardo Minett Parents

The identity of the actor's father is not readily available on the internet. Jennifer Minett, on the other hand, is his mother's name. The television actor and musician keeps his personal life and family details private. There is no information about his siblings, including their names. Eduardo's principal source of income is as a well-known television actor. According to our sources, we don't have a lot of information on his family.

Is Eduardo Minett Mexican?

Yes, he is Mexican. Eduardo Minett is a well-known Mexican television actor and model. In 2018, he launched his singing and music career in order to fulfill his mother's wish. He has performed in Mexico on a number of national stages.

When Was Eduardo Born?

Eduardo Minett is going to be 16 years old as of 19 February 2022. He was born on 19 February 2006.


Eduardo Minett is a well-known figure on the list of the finest actors. The young actor is known for his incredible acting abilities as well as his lovely appearance. He is a well-known television actor who has also modeled for a number of companies. He has a large fan base since he is both skilled and attractive.

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