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Xresolve Is An Online Service That Converts Players' Codes And Usernames Into Readable Ip Addresses For Xbox And Playstation


Xresolve is a database or website that collects publicly accessible data on players' IP addresses and their connections to Gamertags and online profiles. It's worth noting that this information is publicly accessible, so sharing it on a public website isn't strictly prohibited.

The issue is that the kind of individual who wants to know which IP address corresponds to your specific profile (on PS4, Xbox, or PC) is unlikely to have your best interests at heart. Who cares about your IP address if it's not your friends? A hacker, to be precise.

Interested parties may get access to confidential information that links your online identity to your real internet connection via xresolver. They may now attack you with a variety of methods, including DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) assaults.

So, let's pretend you've just beaten a player in a competitive game of League of Legends. This gamer becomes enraged and wants to avenge himself. They could go to xResolver.com and enter your Gamertag or PSN ID to retrieve your IP address, which they could then use to slow down your internet connection.

Xbox Gamertag Ip Grabber

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/xresolve/ by Tyrese Griffin on 2022-06-22T01:17:52.761Z

The Xbox Resolver is a web-based program that can tell the difference between a player's IP address and their Xbox game code, or Gamertag. The Xbox Resolver is an IP sniffer device that allows players to obtain information about their opponents and use it to their advantage during a game. This is a terrific solution to consider if you're seeking the top Xbox IP resolver for individual organization checking and package differentiating evidence.

It uses clever mathematics to collect data on a player's IP address, username, geolocation, and other details. It's also worth mentioning that this Xbox IP Grabber, like xresolver, allows dual organizations. Wi-Fi and path 6 are considered secure conventions as a result.

Screenshot of the PlayStation Resolver website
Screenshot of the PlayStation Resolver website

Blacklist From Xresolver

Go to xresolver.com and enter your Gamertag in the contact/legal section at the bottom of the page. Your Gamertag will be removed from the website. However, I suppose that this is just a temporary fix (meaning that if you're at a party with someone who has Octosniff, it'll show up again), but it prevents someone from searching up your I.P. and dosing you. Please keep in mind that you must be connected to the internet to complete this task (to have the same I.P).

The other method can be altering the IP address of your PC or laptop, you won't be able to modify your public IP address since it is determined by the DHCP server of your internet provider. You can modify your local IP address, but it won't help if a thousand bots are trying to connect to your household's internet connection. It's the public IP address that has to be changed.

Resetting your router for a few minutes may be the fastest and most convenient option for some folks. If your NBN box has a 4G backup, you may be able to disconnect and reconnect it with some success. Make sure this is true for your connection before you do this.

If you can't figure it out on your own, your internet service provider may be able to help, or you may buy a reliable VPN that will change your IP address for you. You don't need to hire a hacker to solve your problems with any of these ideas.

Xresolver Alternative

Knowing your opponent is sometimes all that is necessary to win a game as a player. Furthermore, there is no better method to do this than via the use of internet tools, such

  • Xboxid
  • Lancremastered
  • Xresolver
  • Lancremasteredpcps
  • Gamertag
  • Ps4booter
  • Gamertagsearch
  • Xboxonebooter
  • Xboxresolver
  • Bootpeopleoffline

This website is completely legal, and it only displays public material that has been made available to the public.

The IP address they provide you is known as a public IPv4 address. This IP address is automatically recorded on every website and internet service you use, including VPNs! It is inescapable that your IP address will be logged at some point.

They employ AI technology to associate a public IPv4 with a Gamertag, as well as hundreds of automated scrapers that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Google crawls websites for information in the same manner!

How Did Xresolver Get My IP?

The information scraped by xresolver is open to the public and mostly originates from users of OctoSniff. You must be in a multiplayer game with someone else who is running a scraping app in order for your Gamertag to be linked to your IP address online.

What Can Octosniff Do?

It's not just one software; the issue is a lack of network security. Octosniff is one of the hundreds of programs that can obtain IP addresses; you can even write your own script to accomplish it.


Hackers, and especially applications like OctoSniff, which enable hackers to harvest IP data from unwary targets, are to blame for this problem.

OctoSniff collects data and decrypts it into readily understandable information in the background of a gaming session. This information may be used to determine which IP address corresponds to a certain Gamertag or ID.

At this point, the data may be submitted to Xresolve, where it could be used by anybody who is interested. And, as we've already established, it's not likely to be for a good cause.

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