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Why Was John McAfee On The Run For A Long Time?


Whether John McAfee was a multimillionaire genius or a drug-addled, paranoid lunatic - it depends on who you ask. James Bond meets Scarface with a dash of Indiana Jones, according to McAfee, who described his own personality as such.

Why was John McAfee on the run after being accused of his neighbor's death? Read on to know more!

Did John McAfee Ran After Being Accused Of Murder?

The sale of McAfee's business and the innovative (and eponymously titled) McAfee antivirus software made him a multi-millionaire despite his propensity for drunkenness and drug addiction.

He once had a $100 million net worth, as Distractify previously reported. He apparently moved to the white sand beaches of Ambergris Caye in Belize in 2008 and resided there with a number of girlfriends, six dogs, and many cats.

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Gregory Faull's home was located just 200 yards down the beach from his $5 million beachfront complex on the Belize Barrier Reef coast, and the two men did not get along.

The day after McAfee accused Faull of poisoning many of his dogs in 2012, according to the locals, Faull was discovered dead in his home from a gunshot wound to the head. Faull had reportedly complained about the aggressive behavior of McAfee's dogs.

Officials wanted to question McAfee, but he had vanished.

In the Netflix documentary Running With the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee, it is stated that he escaped to Guatemala with his 18-year-old lover Samantha Herrera before being detained on immigration-related charges.

Samantha was left at the border, but he was able to get away after pretending to have a heart attack and return to the United States.

John McAfee Was Never Charge For Gregory Faull's Death

He had some fame in the United States. He even launched his campaign for president while getting married. However, he was back on the run in no time.

McAfee was never charged despite Belizean officials having identified him as a "person of interest" in Faull's death. This time, though, he was running from a number of criminal and civil accusations of tax evasion made against him by American authorities.

He claimed that "some powerful entities were trying to set him up, not for murder, but for the information he possessed" in the documentary. He claims that at the same time he developed his anti-virus software, he also developed a different program that allowed him to eavesdrop on anyone in the world.


In October 2020, he was detained in Spain, when his adventure came to an end.

Authorities declared him dead by suicide on June 23, 2021, the same day Spain consented to extradite him back to the United States, something McAfee vehemently maintained he would ever do.

After a year, according to his wife Janice McAfee, his body is still in a mortuary in Spain and hasn't been released, prompting others to question whether he actually died or committed suicide.

Samantha, his ex-girlfriend, recently stated in the Netflix documentary that McAfee called her from Texas and that he had "paid people to pretend" that he had passed away.

“A computer virus is a program with a goal - and the goal is survival,” as McAfee once stated, like McAfee himself.

Gregory Faull's murder is still unsolved.

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