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Why Non GamStop Gamblers Are superstitious?


When much depends on luck, there are also good chances for superstition. Anyone who has to trust themselves to fortune without a strategy or foolproof secret formula at roulette and dice games or at slot machines quickly resorts to unconventional behavior.

Gamblers superstition is human, for our species has always been accompanied by the belief that supernatural powers are at work. Sacred rituals and incantations existed long before organized religions existed. We've gotten off the habit of sacrificing virgins, but we're still knocking on wood. In a survey, 54 percent of all non GamStop gamblers participants admitted to being superstitious. Justuk reviews best non Gamstop casinos.

The Player Mistake

The psychology of non GamStop gaming knows the concept of player error. This is the erroneous assumption that there is a connection between a series of similar results and other expected results. This is particularly evident in roulette, when a player always bets on the same color because he assumes that after a whole series of black numbers there will inevitably be red ones. This is a view of probability that misinterprets chance. In roulette, previous events have no influence on future ones, as the mathematician Stanislaw Ulam proved in 1946 with his "Monte Carlo Method". All other assumptions are, well, gambling superstitions. The odds of getting a particular color are always 50/50, no matter how hard it is to see that.

Lucky In Non GamStop Casinos - Bad Luck In Love?

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There is no evidence for this belief either. The multimillionaire inventor of card counting, Edward E. Thorp, had a happy marriage that lasted more than 50 years. Pro gambler and billionaire Bill Benter also enjoyed a loving wife. Of course, there is also the Dan Bilzerian phenomenon. This poker great was rumored to kick models in nightclubs and shove porn stars off rooftops. We leave the truth of these statements here just as open as the judgment as to whether these behaviors should be understood as bad luck in love.

Good Luck Charms & Rituals

Gambling superstitions can manifest themselves as a small personal ritual before a session at the gaming table or take the form of an object that should not be missing from any poker game. Most common:


Anything can become a good luck charm for an individual, but some items are particularly popular. These traditionally include:

  • Horseshoe
  • Four-leaf clover
  • Rabbit foot

Lucky Clothes: There are people who swear that the only way to win a jackpot is in red underwear. Or in her lucky pants. In principle, nothing can be said against this, provided that the magical garment exists several times or is washed frequently. Of course, things become hygienically questionable when cleaning measures are rejected as detrimental to happiness.

Lucky Numbers and Colors: The belief in lucky numbers is a widespread fad that is not limited to gambling superstitions, but also exists in religious contexts, for example. Seven is known to be a lucky number, which is why it often appears on the reels of slot machines. Some lottery players have sworn by the same numbers for decades and typed them over and over again. Many players believe in the magical powers of the color red and like to wear it at the gaming table or prefer to bet on red at roulette.


Many non GamStop players swear by a little personal tic, an action that is repeated over and over again, for example before the cards are dealt, the roulette wheel is spun or the dice are rolled. Some of the most commonly encountered behaviors are:

  • Crossing fingers
  • Breathing on the dice
  • Knock on wood
  • Stack and arrange chips in a specific way
  • Kiss a companion

Getting up from the table: Many players believe that getting up during a game round brings bad luck. Others, on the other hand, are firmly convinced that this is exactly how you can force your luck, perhaps even by stretching your legs. How convincing the latter view is, of course, also depends on the individual bladder strength and the associated ability to refrain from escaping.

A Partner Who Makes You Happy

One can attribute this quality to someone, but should not expect them to always do their "duty". Of course, such a human talisman looks better at the gaming table or in bed than a horseshoe, as the Bond girls prove, who like to blow on the dice of the famous secret agent from time to time.

Superstition Only Brings Bad Luck

Gambling etiquette dictates that certain things at the table should be avoided because they are said to bring bad luck. This includes:

  • Crossed Legs: Unlike crossed fingers, crossed lower extremities are considered unlucky. Nobody knows why.
  • Use the main entrance: This gambler superstition is not very common. It is based on the assumption that one should not use the door through which most losers undoubtedly went. Your bad luck could rub off.
  • Counting money at the table: Aside from revealing information that might be of interest to the wrong people, smugly counting wins is firstly considered rude. Second, according to gambling superstitions, it conjures up the truth of the old adage: Pride comes before a fall.


In addition, the superstitious player pays attention to other bad omens:

  • Unlucky numbers and colors: The fear of the number 13 is still so great that entire floors or rows of seats do not bear it. There's even a scientific term for it: triskaidekaphobia. Black is also considered a bad luck color and is generally associated with death.
  • $50 Bills: A quintessentially American twist on gambler superstitions. It dates from the time when the mafia ruled large parts of Las Vegas. Allegedly, gangsters put $50 bills in their victims' pockets before burying them somewhere in the Nevada desert.
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