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Who is Jessica Rogan?


If you're a star, everybody would want to know you. That's how human beings work.

Today we will be looking at one legend of a woman whose hard work is what got her to where she is right now.

So many people didn’t know about Jessica Rogan until she got married.

Her story should give you an inspiration to always be the best and go for whatever it is that you desire. You can achieve anything you want. Believe in yourself, stay focused, and go for it! It is never too late to start nor too early to quit.

Also, you will never be ready to begin your pursuit of greatness. Now is the best time to start.

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Jessica Ditzel-this was her name before she got married- is a celebrity icon in the United States. She’s also known as Joe Rogan’s wife. Yes, Joseph James Rogan is her husband.

Joe (his stage name and nickname)is a famous actor, stand-up comedian, TV host, and podcaster. He is well known for his podcast called the Joe Rogan Experience that has aired since 2009 up-to-date. He gets to have various debates and live discussions and also hosts different celebrities in his show.

Probably his success and ambition are what inspired Jessica to be who she has become now. Joe Rogan has many fans all over the world who watch and listen to his show.

Jessica Rogan is a model cum producer. She gained popularity soon after marrying Joe.

If she is your role model, she has set a very high pace for you. You will never go wrong by looking up to someone like Jessica.

Let's now dive deeper into her life to see where she came from and some of her life achievements.

Jessica Rogan’s Early Life

Jessica Rogan was born on 28th June in the year 1978. She was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States.

Her parents were known as Robert and Vicki Schimmel.

Robert Schimmel was a stand-up comedian. He was so popular during his time. Now we know where Jessica's love for comedians come from. Having someone that makes you laugh as hard as you can, can be priceless.

There is also something about women looking for their fathers' characters in the men they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

You know how strong the father-daughter bond can be sometimes, right?

Everybody from all corners of the world talked about Robert. He touched so many people's lives through his comedy. He was very gifted and talented.

Unfortunately, he died in September 2010 after getting involved in a car accident. This must have been very devastating to his family, especially Jessica. They were very close.

Jessica is one of seven children in her family. She has five brothers and one sister. However, one of her brothers passed away when he was 11 because of cancer.

It seems like she had a lively childhood because of the company she had with her siblings.

Jessica Rogan’s Education

Jessica’s hard work and determination was noticed ever since she was a child. She went to Doherty high school in Colorado Springs. She did her utmost best while she was there. She got excellent grades and earned herself a spot at California State University. There, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Technical Theatre.

She was vigilant and brave enough to go for a second bachelor’s degree, this time in Psychology and Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona.

Knowledge is power. Whenever you get an opportunity to broaden your knowledge, be sure to grab it. That's why learned people are considered so powerful and full of insight.

For instance, have you ever heard of Michael Griffin? He had several degree titles that helped him land a prestigious job.

What of Isaac Newton? He's the one who discovered the force of gravity through conducting thorough research. He didn't call it quits until he was able to establish what gravity force is.

These kinds of people are very wise in how they handle different life situations.

Jessica attended very reputable universities with backgrounds known to offer quality higher education. She took advantage of that and excelled.

Let this be a challenge to you, that whatever you choose to pursue in university is something you like. You wouldn't want to involve yourself with something you do not enjoy, thus ending up not doing it in the long run. It would be a waste of time and even resources.

If it is something you love, do it diligently and earnestly, putting in lots of effort. When you do this, your hard work will pay one day for sure.

Jessica Rogan’s Career Journey And Achievements

There is an African proverb that says he who selects a hoe is not a real farmer. It generally means if you want to go far in life, do not choose where to start.

Many people who have turned out to be so successful have begun from the very bottom.

Jessica started her career life working on odd jobs. She worked as a cocktail waitress in a bar. Some say that maybe that's how they met with Joe, but no one is sure of this except the two of them.

She proceeded to work with car rental companies. She worked with Rent-A-Car Enterprise for a while where she was an assistant.

She also worked with Volvo Motorsports. Here she was a product analyst. I bet she's so knowledgeable when it comes to cars, unlike most females. Nevertheless, she is fierce enough to indulge in a field that's often male-dominated.

See, she did not select the hoe, but instead, she went with anything she got and she thrived. She was able to explore and gain experience in several professions.

Who said anything about getting involved only with sectors that you studied in the university? Do not limit yourself. You've got to be diverse like Jessica.

Diverse people are those who can indulge in any activity and perform. They are the ones who are sought after in the job market.

As I mentioned earlier, Jessica is also a professional model. Her career in modeling kicked off mainly in Thailand, where she worked with a company called The Only Models for about a year. After that, she has been working with several big brands in the modeling industry.

She worked with a Chinese modeling company too and moved to China for a while. Her model name in this Chinese company was EM Model management.

She, later on, worked with a Korean modeling company by the name Kingdom B Wholesale.

Jessica Rogan got many awards and accolades for working with The Only Models Company. She was also present taking part in the preparation of various top-ranking events like the fashion weeks. She would model during such events hence enabling her to get her name out there.

She has profound experience in modeling. She is very much exposed and she has worked with many high-value modeling agencies.

In an interview, she said that what she wanted most in this life is to become successful and achieve her goals. This is some inspiration for you to desire the same.

Currently, she has become such a successful TV producer. It would be right to say that she has now settled career-wise in this field.

She has produced so many shows, like Hollywood And Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed. She is also the one who produces most of his husband's shows. Reports have come in handy with photos showing her instructing people behind the scenes for Joe Rogan's shows.

We can tell how passionate she is about what she does.

Jessica Rogan’s Marriage And Family

Jessica began dating Joe back in 2001. They’ve been together ever since until they decided to tie the knot in 2009.

They have Three daughters-one is Joe's adopted daughter while the other two are their biological daughters. The first daughter is called Kayja Nichole Connor. Kayja is now in her early mid-twenties.

She is the daughter of Kevin Connor, popularly known as Dino from the music band H-Town.

H-Town was an American R&B vocal group from Houston in Texas, USA. He was Jessica's late husband and a musician who composed songs for the R&B genre.

Unfortunately, Dino died after being involved in a tragic accident in 2003.

Kayja closely follows in the footsteps of her father. She is a successful R&B singer with titles such as Down for You, Such a Mess, and In my Feelings. These are just some of her songs. There are many others you need to go and check out.

Besides Kayja, Jessica bore Joe two beautiful daughters, Lola Rogan and Rosy Rogan.

Lola was born in the year when Jessica got engaged to Joe (2008). Soon after he married her in the following year, she gave birth to Rosy.

This small happy family resides in Bell Canyon, California.

Jessica doesn't share any information with the public concerning her family. She values privacy, and so nothing much is known about how they live.

It is also the same with Joe. He doesn't talk much about his family, even in his shows regardless, of being a public figure.

Kayja is the only one who displays some information about their family, but not much. She is very active in social media. In most of her Instagram posts, she is with her mother wishing her a happy birthday.

She also posts her late father, quite evident that she still misses him.

If you live nearby Bell Canyon or in California, you could spot Jessica and her daughters walking around like how the paparazzi spot them.

Jessica Rogan’s Net Worth

It is one area of Jessica's life that no one knows the actual truth of it.

Some people say that she is worth $500,000 while others say it's $1M. There is also a category of people who say that she is worth $3M.

Since the actual amount is unknown, let's assume that her net worth is between $500,000 and $3M.

However, it could be more because of the way she maintains a high standard of living and her spectacular fashion sense. Surely someone who is not worth more than half a million dollars cannot put up such a lifestyle.

Jessica Rogan's Social Media

If you expect to see Jessica active on social media, then I'm afraid you'll have to keep your hopes low. She is never active on social websites, unlike other celebrities.

Maybe it could be that she doesn't fancy social media as much as most people expect her to, or she's got no time for it.

People are different, with different tastes and likings.

Her husband, on the other hand, is very active in social media. He, however, reveals only that which he thinks the public should know. He conceals family information.

Final Thoughts

This article has summed up the events in the life of Jessica Rogan. As we have seen, being married to a wealthy and popular person didn't make her get comfortable.

She sought after her dreams and is still working towards achieving her goals. Her life story should stimulate you to be focused and go for what you want in life.

Another important life lesson we get here is to never give up. It doesn't matter where you come from or what you have gone through. Don't let your past define you. Leave all those painful and bitter experiences behind and fix your eyes on what you would like to achieve for the future.

It is always up to you to decide what you want with your life. Life is like free will.

Take responsibility for your own life and be the driver of it. Do not let people control you or tell you what to do. Make your own informed decisions, and be vigilant in going after what you think you deserve.

Ensure that you connect with the right people for you to grow in your life's journey. Have a big network of people in your life, people that inspire you in one way or another.

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