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WhatsApp Has Been Restored After A Global Outage


The messaging platform WhatsApp has been restored after a global outage that impacted users in every region of the world. The company that owns WhatsApp, Meta, reported that the issue had been resolved but did not elaborate on the cause of the service interruption.

Just before 8:00 AM (British Standard Time), users who were attempting to send and receive messages on WhatsApp, a platform that has approximately two billion users worldwide, began reporting problems. According to the website that monitors the service's status, Down Detector, more than 12,000 reports were sent within the first half an hour.

However, by approximately 10:00 BST, it appeared that service was being restored for the majority of consumers. Meta claimed in a statement that the issue had been fixed.

According to the statement by Meta:

We know people had trouble sending messages on WhatsApp today. We have fixed the issue and apologize for any inconvenience.

- A statement by Meta regarding the global outage on WhatsApp

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/whatsapp-has-been-restored-after-a-global-outage/ by Tyrese Griffin on 2022-10-26T01:14:45.305Z

Many users took to social media to express their frustration that they were unable to send or receive messages while WhatsApp was experiencing technical difficulties. On Tuesday morning, users who attempted to use the app were met with a notice that stated they could not connect.

It is possible that the outage caused a large amount of disruption. The app is a well-liked means of group communication for a variety of purposes, including social gatherings, professional endeavors, and parenting responsibilities, as it provides communications with end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp back online after global outage

Even ministers in the government have been known to employ this contentious practice. According to a report by an organization that monitors the internet called NetBlocks, users in the United Kingdom as well as users in other countries were affected by the outage. Additionally, there were reports of problems in Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore, and India, each of which is a significant market for the platform.

Trading of assets such as cryptocurrencies and oil was disrupted when WhatsApp experienced an outage that lasted for several hours in October of last year. As a result, traders moved to alternate platforms such as Telegram.

As a result of the disruption, the stock of Meta Platforms, the company that owns WhatsApp, dropped by 0.7 percent to $128.85 in premarket trade. Users in Asia, India, and the United Kingdom started to experience some connections coming back online.

According to Jack Moore, advisor at Slovakia-based cybersecurity firm ESET:

This highlights the significance of vast hosting companies directing data around the internet along with companies and individuals relying on single points of communication. Multiple areas will inevitably be significantly impacted as a result of this downtime, along with a predicted financial hit but lessons from other recent prominent times when the internet has gone down will have hopefully taught many to have access to other forms of communication.

- Jack Moore, advisor at Slovakia-based cybersecurity firm ESET


The year before, WhatsApp was taken offline as part of a larger outage that lasted for six hours and also affected Facebook, Oculus, and Instagram. After further investigation, Facebook determined that a change in setup was the root of the worldwide issue.

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