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WCYB News - WCYB NBC 5 Bristol And WEMT Fox 39 Greeneville Offer Local And National News Coverage


WCYB-TV (virtual and VHF digital channel 5) is a dual NBC/CW-affiliated television station licensed to Bristol, Virginia, in the United States. It is a local station serving the Tri-Cities region of southwestern Virginia and northeastern Tennessee.

It is one of only two commercial television stations in the Tri-Cities area that is licensed on the Virginia side of the market, the other being WTVR-TV in Richmond (alongside religious station WLFG, channel 68, in Grundy).

WCYB-TV is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which also runs the Fox affiliate WEMT (channel 39) in Greeneville, Tennessee, under a local marketing agreement (LMA) with owner Cunningham Broadcasting.

WCYB-TV is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which also owns WEMT (channel 39). Sinclair, on the other hand, essentially controls WEMT since the bulk of Cunningham's stock is held by the family of the group's founder, Julian Smith, who passed away recently.

It is possible to see both stations simultaneously on the same channel from Lee Street on the Virginia side of Bristol (which is on the Virginia–Tennessee border); WCYB-transmitter TVs is situated at Rye Patch Knob on Holston Mountain in the Cherokee National Forest. Both Comcast Xfinity and Charter Spectrum provide cable access to the station, which broadcasts on channel 5.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/wcyb-news/ by Landon Morton on 2022-09-06T21:07:42.569Z

The station started broadcasting on August 13, 1956 and has been in operation ever since. Despite the fact that it has always been the main NBC affiliate, WJHL-TV (channel 11) formerly had a secondary ABC affiliation (which was shared with it until 1969, when WKPT-TV (channel 19) came on and took over the principal ABC affiliation).

It was initially owned by Appalachian Broadcasting, a partnership of four Bristol businessmen, Robert Smith, J Fey Rogers, Charles M. Gore, and Harry M. Daniel along with the radio station WCYB - who formed Appalachian Broadcasting in the early 1960s (AM 690, now WZAP). In 1969, the group sold WCYB-TV to Starr Broadcasting for a sum of $1 million.

The publisher and writer William F. Buckley, Jr., of National Review fame, served as the company's president and main shareholder. In 1977, Starr sold Appalachian Broadcasting to the DGH Company/Lamco Communications (then the owner of the GRIT newspaper), which became the DGH Company/Lamco Communications. In 2004, it was sold again, this time to Bluestone Television, which later merged with Bonten Media Group for a total of $230 million.

Health Officials Worry Large Events Without Masks May Worsen Covid-19 Crisis In Hospitals

The University of Tennessee at Bristol is launching a new website. As the COVID-19 influx puts local hospitals on the verge of collapse, health authorities are worried that a succession of major events may exacerbate the situation even more. All of the intensive care units in our area are completely filled.

Breanne Forbes Hubbard, population health manager for Mount Rogers Health District, explained that the larger the event and the fewer the mitigations, the greater the likelihood of continued spread, particularly among our population because we are so under-vaccinated in this region, which is particularly concerning.

The Rhythm and Roots Reunion in Bristol takes place this weekend. The next weekend will be race week, followed by Racks By the Tracks in Kingsport the following week. According to health experts, it is possible to do so securely. Despite the fact that the race took place last year with some spacing and masking, Forbes Hubbard said that there was no outbreak as a result of the event.

Everything you need to know about face masks | COVID-19 Special

Vdh: Data Shows That Vaccinated People Rarely Die From Covid

According to the Virginia Department of Health, just 17 individuals have died from the coronavirus in the state since January, all of whom were completely vaccinated against the virus. Fresh data showed that unvaccinated Virginians account for more than 99 percent of COVID-related illnesses and deaths this year, according to the newspaper.

A fact that public health experts hope will convince individuals to get their flu vaccinations is the fact that, in a statement issued on Friday, State Health Commissioner Norman Oliver encouraged more Virginians to be vaccinated against the flu. Vaccines, according to public health experts, will be the most effective instrument in bringing the epidemic to a close. It has claimed the lives of more than 11,400 Virginians and infected more than half a million others.

Data shows COVID-19 infections among fully vaccinated people are low

5 New Covid-19 Cases, No New Covid-19 Deaths Reported In Southwest Virginia

According to the Virginia Department of Health, no new COVID-19 fatalities have been recorded in Southwest Virginia this week, but there have been 5 new COVID-19 cases.

The following is a list of the number of cases and fatalities, as well as the number of cases and deaths since Wednesday.

Lee-2,436 instances, including 49 fatalities.

Wise has 3,270 cases (+1), resulting in 102 deaths.

Norton has 290 cases and seven fatalities.

Dickenson County has 958 cases and 18 deaths.

1,515 cases (+2), 45 fatalities in Buchanan County.

Scott-1,860 cases, with 60 fatalities.

Russell County has 2,306 cases and 39 fatalities.

Tazewell had 3,727 cases (plus one) and 74 fatalities.

The city of Bristol had 1,581 cases and 36 fatalities.

Washington has 5,001 cases (plus one) and 110 fatalities.

Smyth had 2,974 cases and 96 deaths in the year 2000.

There have been 678,392 COVID-19 cases recorded throughout the Commonwealth, with 11,336 COVID-19 fatalities reported as well.

Remote Area Medical To Pull Clinic Out Of Wise County

RAM, a remote area medical company, has stated that it would no longer operate a clinic in Wise County starting in 2019. In a statement, the group said that it would "increase its emphasis on helping other communities in need throughout the country in 2020." However, Health Wagon officials have said that they would continue to provide a clinic at the Wise Fairgrounds in the foreseeable future.

RAM opened its first clinic in Wise, Pennsylvania, in 1999. Over the last several years, The Health Wagon and other groups have expanded their resources within the community, according to RAM. Because of this, as well as the fact that RAM has expanded the number of clinics in the surrounding regions, the number of patients treated at the Wise clinic has decreased over the last few years, as seen in the chart below.

According to RAM CEO Jeff Eastman, it is the most efficient use of RAM's time and resources to concentrate on regions that do not have access to the great health care that The Health Wagon, Mission of Mercy, and other organizations are able to offer in Wise County. "We consider it an honor to have previously collaborated with The Health Wagon and Mission of Mercy, as well as to have helped the Wise community."

In the words of Dr. Teresa Tyson, Executive Director of The Health Wagon, "RAM has provided numerous resources to patients in Wise, Virginia over the last 20 years, and we will be eternally grateful to them." RAM has provided countless services to patients in Wise, Virginia for the past 20 years.

The opportunity to collaborate with RAM and all of the amazing partners who have helped to make the biggest health outreach of its type in the country possible year after year has been an honor for us. This is a transitional period, and The Health Wagon intends to continue health outreach yearly as the Move Mountains Medical Mission, which will offer free medical, dental, and vision care to people in Wise and the surrounding areas.

Remote Area Medical: Serving the Underserved

Etsu Launches Coronavirus Community Testing Site

Since there has been an increase in the number of reports of the coronavirus COVID19 in the Tri-Cities, ETSU Health has created a community testing facility for pre-screened and pre-registered individuals.

Starting on Tuesday, the screening will take place at the ETSU Health parking lot, which can be found at 325 N. State of Franklin. Participation in the screening process is only possible if you register in advance. Calling the ETSU Health coronavirus hotline at 423-433-6110 is required if you think you are experiencing symptoms linked with coronavirus and would want to be tested for the virus.

According to Dr. Jonathan Moorman, chief of the division of infectious diseases at ETSU's Quillen College of Medicine, "one of the most effective ways we can mitigate the spread of the disease is to increase testing availability so that people who have a positive test will take proper quarantine measures and not continue to spread the disease."

Ballad Health Says It Is Reducing Patient Charges

Ballad Health has announced that it will be lowering patient fees. The area's health care system said on Wednesday that it would be raising the eligibility threshold for individuals eligible for charity care, which will make treatment more cheap and accessible for thousands of low-income people in the region.

A new unified pricing structure for all professional expenses for Ballad doctors and other providers was also introduced by the company. These changes, according to Ballad, will result in an overall average reduction of 17 percent in professional costs, as well as a 77 percent savings on these expenses for patients without insurance coverage.

The new pricing took effect on Sunday and applies to all charges incurred by Ballad Health physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, including those associated with Ballad Health Medical Associates primary care and specialty practices, as well as those associated with Ballad Health Urgent Care. However, it does not apply to "independent" or contractual doctors who are members of hospital medical staff, pharmacies, or fees charged by facilities.

The president of Ballad Health Medical Associates, Dr. Mark Patterson, said, "Making healthcare more accessible involves making it cheaper." "Our new professional fee structure will accomplish both objectives providing many people without insurance with more opportunities to be healthy.

Google to launch COVID-19 website to help determine who needs testing for coronavirus

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