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6 Ways to Maintain Sustainability in Your Condo


One of the biggest challenges of living in a condo is that there isn’t much opportunity to compost, recycle, or plant. It can be tough to live an eco-friendly life with so little space.

Luckily, there are tricks and techniques you can follow to live sustainably in a condo!

Below, we’ve made a list of tips and tricks on how to live sustainably from here on out.

The Benefits Of Sustainable Condo Living

There are several benefits to living sustainably in a condo. For one, you’ll be living in a more beautiful home! It can also be more cost-effective for you in the long run.

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Apart from these obvious reasons, here are a few other benefits:

Improve Air Quality

Living in the city, it’s likely you’re exposed to pollution every day. A green and fresh environment might just be what you need to get rid of the heavy smog of the city.

Save Energy

Natural light and ventilation can save you a ton of money on your electric bill.

Save energy
Save energy

Gives More Character To Your Home

There are many unique interior design ideas for condos that show off natural alternatives for normally artificial furniture and decor. This is a great way to add more character to your condo and impress visitors or renters when they come.

6 Ways To Sustainable Condo Living

Now that we’ve gotten the benefits of sustainable condo living out of the way, let’s talk about how you can start doing it right now.

Keep Plants Around

Starting an indoor garden is one of the best ways you can start living a more sustainable condo lifestyle. You can start small, maybe a pot of your favorite flower or succulent.

You can even try vegetables and herbs if you’re fond of cooking at home!

Keep plants around
Keep plants around

Not only will plants help keep the air in your condo fresh, but they can also add more vibrancy and color to your place without you needing to try so hard.

If you’re not much of a plant person, no worries. Indoor plants don’t require too much upkeep. Just remember to water them regularly and give them their needed “sun time” every day.

Set Up A Living Room Outside

It’s a great thing that Precondo has a variety of units with balconies that would be perfect for this type of setup!

All you’ll need is a table, a few chairs, and some comfy pillows to make for a great experience with your friends and family.

Set up a living room outside
Set up a living room outside

Not only will this technique save you some space inside, but it’ll also save you costs on electricity since you won’t need lighting or your AC unit.

Replace Incandescent Light Bulbs

They may look pretty, but they also cost you pretty much in terms of electricity.

Replace incandescent light bulbs
Replace incandescent light bulbs

The first thing you want to do, whether you’re buying a condo or just renting, is to replace the light bulbs with LEDs. This can save you money and energy, plus it’s less dangerous than incandescent bulbs.

Opt For Reusable Things

Living in the city, you’re probably used to using disposable objects such as plastic spoons and forks, straws, containers, etc., daily.

Do your best to play your part in building a more eco-friendly society by buying and using reusable things.

Opt for reusable things
Opt for reusable things
  • Use cloth rags instead of paper towels to wipe the table.
  • Use jars and reusable containers for food and condiments.
  • Here’s a list of great tips for reusing and recycling things.

Find Ways To Use A Little Bit Less Of Everything

Sustainable living is not about depriving yourself of all the luxuries the world has to offer. It’s about living comfortably with the least amount of things possible.

Find ways to use a little bit less of everything
Find ways to use a little bit less of everything

Most condos are small, so you have to think about the things that you decide to put in your space.

Go for high-quality, multi-purpose items that last you longer than most products.

This way, you gather less trash and more value.

Encourage Friends And Families To Help

Turning your lifestyle transformation into a family occasion can help make the activity more satisfying and fun to do.

Furthermore, it could also encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same with their homes!

Encourage friends and families to help
Encourage friends and families to help

You can ask friends to help you arrange indoor plants, move furniture outside, or get rid of items that no longer serve a purpose.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to make big, drastic changes at the get-go. It’s better to take it slow; start with something small and manageable.

That way you won’t get discouraged before even reaching the finish line.

Inviting friends and family, and turning it into a community event can help you ease into the transition, as well.

Good luck with your condo transformation!

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