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Washington D.C: Art Haven of America


Washington D.C. is a must-go destination if you're planning to have an escapade that allows you to go to different times and places.

Washington, D.C. or Washington, District of Colombia is the capital of the United States of America. This city offers a bundle of characteristics that captures every travelers' longing to find a place that feels like home. It has a wide international sophistication being the capital of the country.

The country considered this city the national center for the arts, where even performing arts is still vibrant and alive. The district is also the home of the music of today. It even has its own music genre called the "go-go," which was popularized in the late 1970s.

It is a post-funk, rhythm, and blues that are flavored with percussion. A huge selection of tourist destinations is found here. Most of these museums hold the country's history and artifacts. Washington, D.C. is a heaven on earth for people who love to go and reminisce the distant past.

Experiencing the country's capital is never complete without peeking into and being in love with the museums and theaters. Various museums in this city are even free to visit. This reflects how the district treasures its heritage. It also proves how important the relaying of history to succeeding generations is to them. They aim to preserve it.

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Museum-hopping Is Lit!!!

If you're on a tight budget but don't want to miss out on the art extravaganza that Washington offers, cheer up! This first-class city has plenty of free museums where you don't need to spend even a penny from your wallet.

National mall
National mall

The National Mall is the most visited park in America. This is where you can find monuments and memorials made to give honor to the country's forefathers.

You can find an impressive line up of world-class museums. These are free to explore at the East side of Washington Monument. And these museums are not your ordinary place for mere history. Each of them offers specific remembrance for specific events in the past.

Smithsonian institution building
Smithsonian institution building

11 out of 20 of the museums that can be found at the National Mall are from the Smithsonian Institution. This institution is composed of museums and research centers. It functions to increasing and diffusing knowledge among visitors and tourists. You can find comprehensive information about the Smithsonian museums at the Smithsonian Institution Information Center in the Castle.

Specific Museums For Specific Purposes

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

United states holocaust memorial museum
United states holocaust memorial museum

Are you familiar with the Holocaust? Perhaps you have heard about it as one of the most poignant historical events. If you want to know more about this account, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is the perfect place for you. This museum gives you over 900 artifacts and four theaters showing videos and personal stories from the Holocaust in their Permanent and Special Exhibitions.

National Museum Of Natural History

National museum of natural history
National museum of natural history

Now, if you're interested in natural history, there is the National Museum of Natural History. It showcases a collection of 127 million items, including dinosaur remains, ancient Egyptian mummies, and a lot more. They also have the "Deep Time Exhibit," which makes you travel before, during, and after the mass extinction. Plus, it comes with awesome sound effects that will make you feel like it's real.

National gallery of art
National gallery of art

If you're an authentic art enthusiast, you shouldn't miss the National Gallery of Art. This gallery reveals world-class artworks that span for decades. It offers ancient to contemporary artworks from remarkable artists such as da Vinci. It displays six acres of classical and modern sculpture garden as well.

Hirshhorn Museum

Hishhorn museum
Hishhorn museum

The Hirshhorn Museum also has a collection of modern and contemporary artworks from Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore, and Yayoi Kasuma. It exhibits arts from different media such as works on paper, digital and video art, painting, photography, and installation. There is even a museum here that displays a collection of plant life, a 19th-century hothouse conservatory, and a butterfly garden. It is called the United States Botanic Garden.

National Air And Space Museum

National air and space museum
National air and space museum

If you love aeronautics and astronomy, the National Air and Space Museum will surely blow your mind. It exhibits historic aircraft and spacecraft, astronaut space suits, and lunar rock samples acquired from the 1972 Apollo 17 mission.

National Museum Of American History

National museum of american history
National museum of american history

The National Museum of American History offers you over three million artifacts that have their own story to tell about America. And if you want to be probe deeper into America's history, you can visit the National Archives Museum next. This museum houses the most important documents in the History of America. These are the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. You can also find one of the four surviving originals of the 1297 Magna Carta.

All-inclusive Museums

America is not all about its pure ethnicity, and some museums reflect that. There are museums here that give you documentation about the diverse culture that developed over time in the country. These include the National Museum of the American Indian and the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and the Freer Gallery of art flaunt the vibrant Asian art. At the same time, the National Museum of African Art exhibits African art in America.

And A Lot More!

Apart from the Smithsonian museums that can be found in the National Mall, there are also other museums that are worth the visit. The International Spy Museum offers an interactive experience that might discover the spy personality within you. It exhibits history and tools of spycraft, such as a lipstick pistol. These tools are the normal things we see daily, but they aren't really what they are supposed to be. In contrast, the Renwick Gallery, which is also a branch of the Smithsonian museums, highlights crafts and decorative arts. Displays in this gallery span from the distant past to the modern time's artists and artisans.

A lot more museums are waiting for you in Washington, D.C. These destinations will offer no disappointment, only excitement, and knowledge of things you were always curious about. Places like these will make you realize how beautiful the past was, how exciting the present is, and how promising the future can be. No doubt Washington is considered the national center for the arts. This city houses treasures that can never be replaced by anything, not even money. And that's what should be protected at all costs.

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