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Walker Nathaniel Diggs bio, relationship, net worth, facts, family


It takes a lot of time and hard work to gain fame, but some are blessed with it since their birth. The children of popular celebrities are the media's favourite topic. From what they wear to what they eat, everything catches the interest of not just media tabloids but also the fans of their parents. These little stars are born with a silver spoon. One such celebrity child is Walker Diggs. Being the only child of actor couple Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel, he has a fan following of his own. He is followed by the paparazzi as soon as he steps out of his home. His mother, Idina Menzel, is an American songwriter and singer, while his father, Taye Diggs, is the star of the famous TV series Private Practice.

Walker was born on 3rd September 2009 in the USA. He has a mixed ethnicity as his father is black and his mom is white. He is 11 years old now and is Virgo. He was four years old when his parents separated after 11 years of marriage in 2014.

Being his parents' only child, he is immensely loved and regularly seen on their Instagram posts. He is most probably in his school now, and many details about it are not known. He is an adorable child and smart for his age.

Walker Nathaniel Diggs Parents Family Background 

His father, Scott Taye Diggs, is an actor and singer from the USA. He is known for his works like Hedwig, Rent, and the Angry Inch. His most popular work includes All American and Private Practice. He has starred in films like The Best Man, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, The Best Man Holiday, Brown Sugar, etc. Taye was born on 2nd January 1971 in Newark, New Jersey, and is 50 years old now. He was born to his father, Andre Young, and mother, Marcia. His father was a visual artist, and his mother was a teacher. He is their eldest child, and he, along with his siblings, was brought up in New York. He went to Allendale Columbia School and joined the School of Arts later. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Syracuse University. He last worked in a series named Hypnotize Me, which was broadcast on The CW.

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Walker's mother, Idina Menzel, was born on 30th May 1971 in Manhattan, New York, to Stuart Menzel and Helene Goldberg. She also is 50 years old. She gained fame for playing Maureen Johnson in Broadway Musical Rent. She is one of the well-known faces in the industry for both her musical and on-screen performances. She is a recipient of the prestigious Tony award for Best Actress in a Musical. She is the voice behind the song. Let it Go from the Disney animated film Frozen, for which she even received a Grammy.

Divorce Of Parents

Walker's parents met during their broadway musical project Rent in 1995. They started dating after that and went to work together in The Wicked and The Wild Party. They got engaged in April 2002 and subsequently got married in January 2003, from which they had Walker after six years. Unfortunately, they called it quits in 2014, the reason for which was not revealed. They agreed to joint custody of their son.

Relationship Status Of Parents After Divorce

After their divorce, they seem to have moved on. In fact, Idina announced her engagement and later got married to actor Aaron Lohr in LA in 2017. Even Taye dated Amanza Smith briefly. They have maintained a cordial relation with each other and are good co-parents to their son.

In one of the interviews in 2019, Taye revealed that his son Nathaniel approved of his relationship.

Walker Diggs Net Worth 

Although Nathaniel does not have a career of his own, he is the son of two very successful people in the industry. But he is said to have an interest in sports. Time will tell what profession he follows in the future. His father, Taye, has a net worth of $14 million, and his mother's net worth is about $16 million. He is undoubtedly a millionaire and leads a luxurious life.

Walker Diggs Quick Facts

  • On September 2nd, Walker Diggs celebrates his birthday. He is eleven years old by 2020.
  • Diggs lives the luxurious life of a celebrity kid. His dad has a net value of around 14 million dollars, whereas his mother, Menzel, has an estimated net value of 16 million dollars.
  • Walker is his parent's only child and has no siblings.
  • Diggs has American Nationality.
  • The main reason behind Walker Diggs popularity is his parents.
  • On many occasions, Walker is often seen with his dad.
  • No Instagram page is available to Walker. However, on Instagram, his father shares his videos.

Being famous definitely does come with its pros and cons. While being famous can seem exciting, it also puts a child in a stressful situation with being clicked all the time. There is not a lot of information about him other than what his parents share in the media. Although he is constantly in the media tabloids, a lot is not known about him. His parents have maintained a balance between his popularity in the media and his private space.


Whom Does Taye Diggs Have A Child With?

Taye Diggs got married to Idina Menzel, who was an actress and gave birth to a child named Walker Nathaniel Diggs in the year 2009.

What Is The Net Worth Of Walker Nathaniel Diggs' Father, Taye Diggs?

Taye Diggs has a net worth of 14 Million USD as per the latest reports.

Who Is The Wife Of Taye Diggs?

Idina Menzel is the wife of Idina Menzel. The couple got married in the year 2003, and after 11 years of married life, they got separated in the year 2014.

What Is The Net Worth Of Walker Nathaniel Diggs' Mother, Idina Menzel?

As per the latest data, Idina Menzel has a net worth of 16 Million USD.

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