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Victoria Vantoch: Childhood Sweetheart Of Misha Collins


Recently, "Supernatural" fame Misha Collins came into the hot topic discussion when he wrote an article to defend Monica Lewinsky for her infamous relations with Bill Clinton. We all know about Misha, especially because of his role as "Angel Castiel" in the Supernatural Television series. But do you know about his wife, Victoria Vantoch?

Misha is not much open personality, and maybe that is why only a few of us know about his lovely wife, Victoria Vantoch. She is a fantastic person and author. If you are curious as I'm to know about Victoria Vantoch, continue to read this article for more details.

Victoria Vantoch Background

Victoria Vantoch is married to an American actor Misha Collins. Misha is known as Castiel Angel in the CW television series Supernatural. Victoria is a reputed American Writer, and journalist and his husband has also appreciated her writing skills. Misha has also written a fabulous book with his wife and published a lovely poem also.

Victoria Vantoch
Victoria Vantoch

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Victoria Vantoch was born in January 1974 in Riverdale, Illinois. Before attending college, she attended Mount Herman School in Northfield, Massachusetts. Since childhood, she is deeply interested in learning the various aspects of humanity, and she was a brilliant learner since then. She has also achieved bright marks in high school.

She studied a master's in anthropology from the University of Chicago. After that, she received her doctorate in history from the University of Southern California.

Victoria Vantoch Age, Height, And Weight

Although she is not a Hollywood star, she has maintained herself well. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. And she weighs about 55 kg, which is approximately 121 pounds. She has stunning black hair and brown eyes. She hasn't revealed her body measurement. From her social media photos, I can say that she is in quite good shape.

How Misha Collins And Victoria Vantoch Met?

Misha entered Victoria's life when they were in high school. They met each other during English literature class, where Misha was a normal high schoolboy. The two of them immediately felt feelings for each other and started dating. They were married on October 6, 2001, after years of dating. They renewed their wedding vows at the Coinstar supermarket in 2011.

Victoria Vantoch
Victoria Vantoch

How Is Victoria's Family?

Victoria does not share much about her parents and siblings. However, she has a happy family, including children and her husband. This sweet and small family lives in Pasadena, California. After her marriage in October 2001, Victoria started a family with Misha Collins. The wedding took place in Maine, United States.

Ten years after the marriage, Victoria and her husband renewed their vows. The event was even more colorful and more memorable as we decided to cross-dress. Misha wore a gown and a Victoria suit.

Although Victoria and Misha were married in 2001, their first child was born in 2010. The baby was born on September 23 and was named West Anaximander. Two years after the first child was born, they welcomed the second child. This time Maison was Mary's daughter. Their daughter was born on September 25, 2012.\

Victoria Vantoch
Victoria Vantoch

The couple became sensitive to helpless children's plight because they understand the feeling and importance of having a family. And that is why Misha and Victoria recalled the underprivileged people and offer them groceries when they go to Yellowstone National Park. No wonder Misha Collins is a man overflowing with the milk of human kindness.

He serves as chairman of the board of the Random Acts of Mercy, a non-profit organization that aims to inspire and fund charities worldwide. In 2011, he funded the largest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen (GISHWHES) and broke the world record in 2002 for his pledge to volunteer.

Vantoch and Misha seem to live happily with each other, and they are married for more than fifteen years now. There are no news controversies or stories about their affairs or anything else, so there will be very few chances of divorce.

Victoria Vantoch Books And Career

Victoria has decided to make writing a career at an early age. So, she has an evident mindset about career and life goals. In 2007, she wrote a spectacular book named The Three Handbook: A Practical Guide to Sleeping with Threesome contains useful relationship and communication tips for couples.

This book caught Charlie Sheen's attention when a social media user asked him to write an updated version of the 'Three Some Handbook.' In response to the request, the 'two, a half-man' star Charlie Sheen tweeted, "Done! It was written in my sleep!

Her second book, Jet Sex: Airline Stewards and Making of an American Icon, was released in 2013. It is the historical scene of the airline manager, and it has received significant recognition. Besides, she co-authored a book with her husband. This couple believes in charity and philanthropy.

Victoria Vantoch
Victoria Vantoch

Victoria has published several books and Misha, and the profits go to charities that specialize in food nutrition. Victoria is also involved in the teaching industry. He taught history to college students and lectured at various venues, including the National Air and Space Museum, the Organization of American Historians, and the Library of Congress.

Facts About Victoria Vantoch

Victoria and her husband have a similar passion. Like Vantoch, her husband Misha is also a writer. However, he does more than just write. He is a poet. Being poetic fascinated her.

Victoria is a tri-sexual. Her husband has similar traits on this topic. According to one of her quotes, they can tag a third person when they have sex. As an experienced tri-sexual communicator, Victoria decided to write a book for the other tri-sexual because of the lack of proper books to talk about the tri-sexuality.

Although popularly known as Misha Collins, Victoria's husband was never called Misha Collins. At birth, he was called Dmitri Tippens Krushnic. Growing up, however, he decided to adopt his grandmother's first name as his family name. This decision was also made for professional reasons. The name 'Misha' was the pet name he got as a child, and he decided to stick to it.

Unlike traditional events, men are usually older than their wives, but in this case, Victoria is older than her husband. Although they were both born in the same year, Victoria is a few months older. She was born in January when her husband was born in August.

Victoria and her husband are alumni of the same institution. In addition to going to the same university, they attended high school together. In high school, Misha Collins was the only boy in the English lit class, so he was the main source of attraction. The whole class was attracted to him, but he was only interested in Victoria.

Victoria Vantoch Net Worth

Victoria is a well-renowned journalist writer. And she has accomplished various milestones in her career. She earned so well from the sales of her books and journalism. However, it may be unappropriated to anticipate her net worth without any factual data. So, there is no precise data about her net worth. In contrast, her husband's net worth is estimated above $2 million.


I hope this article satisfy your curiosity to know about Victoria Vantoch. Misha and Victoria's love story reflects that true love never fades; it doesn't matter how young you are! If you want to know more about other celebrities like Emma DiGiovine and more, don't forget to subscribe to us—comment below your views or any suggestion for us.

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