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Victoria DiGiorgio


If the name Victoria DiGiorgio does not sound familiar to you, the name John Gotti might be. Yes, the notorious mob boss indeed, and Victoria DiGiorgio was his wife. She was born in December 1942 and later became known for her marriage to Gotti.

She was born on December 5th, just like any average American in Brooklyn, New York. She is a second-generation American and probably the only child of her parents, an Italian mother and a Russian father, who divorced when she was just two years old. There exist no records of her having any siblings by either father or mother. She was raised in solitude by her mother in Brooklyn and completed her studies there. She was the typical New Yorker until 1958.

Love At First Sight

In 1958, she met John Gotti, who later became her husband, in a bar. It is said that Gotti instantly fell in love with her at first sight. They started dating, fell in love, and four years later, they finally got married in 1962. She didn't get to college as she had a daughter in 1961 when she was just 19. After her marriage, she became a homemaker. She gained popularity as Gotti's wife when he became a mob boss in 1986. John Gotti worked for a crime family when they were dating and stayed with him regardless of his profession.

John grew up poor and then, in his teens, started running errands for the Gambino family, which later Gotti took over and became the boss of in 1986. Between that time, he was prosecuted and convicted many times for crimes like illegal gambling, loan sharking, burglary, etc. Victoria always remained his lovely wife all through these challenges. She had once disclosed that she was not in support of her husband's mob businesses ever, but the couple remained in love till the end. She never interfered in such matters, those which were related to the Gambino family and the mafia where John was the King practically.

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She remembers him as a man of principles and family values even if he appeared a vicious mob boss. Even after gaining wealth, she said he chose to live a middle-class life for himself and his family. Some sources contradict this and say they led a posh life because they went to a horse race and placed bets there. Victoria fondly remembers how John gave her money to bet on horses, and she would take a portion of it and save it for other family things. John used to tease her and call her 'Jew' for keeping it, as she was a Jew from her mother's side.

Victoria Gave Birth To 5 Children Over The Years – Angel, Victoria, John Jr., Peter, And Frank.

Frank was killed, in March 1980, in an accident when he was only 12 years old when his neighbor ran over him while riding a bike. After Frank's death, Victoria fell into depression, and the family tried to cheer her up every chance they got. It is rumored that she became suicidal and stayed inside her room for most of a year. A recorded incident says John Favara, the neighbor who ran over Frank, came to apologize to the Gotti family but was assaulted by Victoria with a baseball bat. Favara constantly received death threats and got abducted in July 1980. He is presumed murdered by the Gottis' henchmen. However, the Gotti children claim their father had nothing to do with it.

When John Gotti became the boss in December 1985, the media lights fell on the whole family, including Victoria DiGiorgio. The Gambino family's level of attention was provided because they were a powerful mafia family in the USA. They were calculated to have a net income of $500 million. The crime ring flourished under Gotti, but he was arrested in 1992 by the FBI. His reign was untimely stopped, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Gotti was ratted out by Salvatore Gravano, one of the mafia underbosses of Gambino. He helped the FBI to book Gotti so as to save himself and became a government witness. Victoria was furious at John only for making their sons John Jr and Peter join the mafia. It was disclosed that John never informed Victoria about the sons' mafia introduction and occupation since he knew she would strongly object to the proposition. John was sentenced to life imprisonment for several charges, including murder, and John Jr. officially took over the Gambino mafia.

The Mob Life

In 2002, John Gotti died of throat cancer in prison, and Victoria maintained a low profile without any media attraction until she was dragged to chaos by her son's businesses. Victoria has always been a good mother, and she never wanted the mob life for her kids, which was why she blamed her husband for involving John Jr. in the mob. John Jr was imprisoned and charged for multiple offenses a number of times over the years till 2008. Victoria was noted to provide comfort to her son during those times. Some believe that her persuasion and conviction made him leave the mafia and crime life behind him to lead an everyday life. It is assumed that Peter Gotti, the third son of John Gotti, now reins the mafia throne left by his father and brother.

Apart from all that, Victoria DiGiorgio is a simple woman who enjoys movies, series, reading, and hobbies she picked up early when she was relatively young. She is known to be a very enthusiastic shopper and favors the color black. She loved her husband and cherished their trips and family vacations all over the world. London is still her dream holiday destination. Eddie Redmayne and Emma Stone are her favorite actors, male and female, respectively. She enjoys spicy Italian food the most, always has so throughout her life, even after traveling around the world tasting every cuisine. According to sources, DiGiorgio has a net worth as high as $2 million as of 2020.

She Does Not Like The Limelight And Avoids The Public Eye At All Costs.

The Gotti family's story was captured in a movie called Gotti, where Victoria is played by Kelly Preston. Fun fact: Kelly Preston's husband played Victoria's husband, John Gotti, in the film. Talk about the perfect pairing as currently, she runs a few businesses which she invested in after her husband's death. Her son John Jr authored a book in 2015 called 'Shadow of my Father' and her daughter Victoria is an author who was a columnist and reporter before that. She authored the book 'This Family of Mine: What it was like Growing up Gotti'. She stated that she wrote the book to put an end to conspiracy theories regarding her late father and the Gotti family. The reality show 'Growing Up Gotti' features all the Gotti children and ran from August 2004 to December 2005, and the three seasons consisted of 43 episodes. The 2018 docu-series called 'Gotti: Godfather and Son'. Victoria DiGiorgio's tragic loss of her son Frank is covered in this biographical documentary.

She Had A Heart Attack Once And Then Had A Stroke In 2013.

However, she is in good health as of now. She has her loving children and grandchildren and even his great-grandchildren. She is always portrayed as a calm woman and the keeper of the Gotti household. Even though Gotti was a mob boss, the deep love they both shared was always highlighted by everyone. They were always seen together, happy, and content with each other, and she once revealed after his death that she still misses him.

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