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Valorant Patch Notes- Better AFK Detection With Valorant Patch 4.02


Valorant Patch Notes- With Valorant Patch 4.02, AFK Identification will be increased, allowing for better detection of non-participatory behavior in matches. Because AFK players may now be recognized more readily, players who leave the game running in the background will be penalized.

Valorant's overall size in 2022.

  • Valorant is roughly 20.3 GB in size following the 3.12 patch that was released with Episode 3 Act 3.

Updates On Performances

AFK Detection Buff, Performance Buffs, & Killjoy Bug Fix - Patch 4.02 VALORANT

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/valorant-patch-notes/ by Elisa Mueller on 2022-03-07T08:55:42.953Z

For general speed improvements, the developers have raised latency for the windowed full-screen option to bring it closer to full display quality, indicating that these improvements should work well with in-game overlays. Having any other program window on top of your gaming window, on the other hand, will nullify these benefits for anybody who wants to understand this alternative a little more in the simplest of PC scientific terms. When you play the game in windowed or full-screen mode, you'll notice a little lag since your CPU and RAM will have to work a little more to keep the game stable on full display as it continues to alt-tab out quickly. With these two windowed modes, this option seeks to lower entry latency a little bit, which should help windowed mode players regain a little bit of performance.

Social Update

The AFK detecting device has received a boost. For non-participatory behavior in-game, the AI endgame features up-to-date detection. Furthermore, it seems that there is some uncertainty concerning the agent pick reporting machine when it comes to agents choosing to report. If players are acting erratically in pregame, you may right-click them and document them. Both the AFK detection equipment and the participant file device have received high-quality, first-rate lifestyle changes. Ideally, the AFK AI recognizes differences between anybody and everything. When someone angrily quits, the web now gives out on the first round of the first round.

Bug Fixes

In cosmetics, the developers have fixed a bug where the pulsing effects around the spectrum z logo appeared next to the trigger during the second inspect animation on the bulldog, and in Asian bug fixes, the developers have fixed an issue where Kilroy's alarm in the turret was irreversible after being resurrected by Sage. This is also known as a projectile follow problem that is presently plaguing observer followers. That concludes the rather brief patch 4.02 summary.


Patch 4.02, the latest VALORANT patch, will improve the detection of non-participatory behavior in matches, according to Riot Games. Players who leave the game running in the background without participating will be fined now that the detection for AFK players has been improved.

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