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Truice Young: Son of Legendary Rapper Dr. Dre Biography, Career, Net worth and 10 Intriguing Facts That You Should Know


Truice Young Biography

Dr. Dre is a well-known American rapper, record producer, and audio engineer who was born Andre Romelle Young on February 18, 1965. In addition, he is a record executive, entrepreneur, and actor. In 1985, Aftermath Entertainment's founder and CEO began his career as a member of the World Class Wreckin' Cru. Dr. Drew later rose to prominence as a member of the gangsta rap group NWA, which popularized explicit lyrics that depicted street life violence. Dr. Dre is now widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the American hip hop business.

The personal life of Dr. Dre is just as amazing as his professional life. Dr. Dre has dated a number of ladies and had children with a few of them. He did, however, marry only one of his baby mamas, Nicole Young, who officially divorced Dr. Dre in 2020. Dr. Dre has two children with Nicole. Truice Young is Dr. Dre's first child with his estranged wife, Nicole Young, and was born in 1997. Dr. Dre and Nicole, his ex-partners, called him Truth at the time of his birth. The rapper, on the other hand, never mentioned it in public. As a result, Dr. Dre's son with Nicole, Truice, became well-known as a child. Furthermore, the father and son have a close relationship. A few months after Truice Young's mother filed for divorce from Dre, they got a matching tattoo on their hands.

Truice Young Profile Summary

Full Name: Truice Young

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Date of Birth: 1997

Birth Place: Los Angeles, the United States

Parents: Dr. Dre, and Nicole Young

Profession: son of top American rapper Dr. Dre

Spouse: Isabella

Age: 24 years

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Weight: 61 kg

Ethnicity: Mixed

Nationality: American

Zodiac: N/A

Body Measurement: 40-28-36 inches

Net Worth: $300k to $700

Instagram: truiceyoung

Twitter: TruiceYoung

Truice Young Education

Truice was a student in a nearby Los Angeles primary school. He attended the University of South Carolina as a child and recently graduated on May 16, 2020. Truice, Dr. Dre's ecstatic son, had announced his graduation from USC on his gram. Young received his education at a local Los Angeles school. He went on to the University of South Carolina, where he graduated in 2020. “A first in the young family,” he captioned his Instagram post announcing his graduation.

Truice Young Family

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young, Truice Young's parents, on the 25th of May 1996, Dre and Nicole married after barely four months of dating. Dre began dating Nicole after parting up with his prior lover Michel'le in 1995. It was Dr. Dre's first marriage. Nicole, on the other hand, was previously married to NBA player Sedale Threatt. Various unrevealed marital troubles caused holes in Truice's parents' relationship after they had lived a happy life for nearly two decades. As a result, Truice's mother, Nicole, filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court on June 29, 2020. Irreconcilable conflicts, according to Nicole, were the cause of their breakup. However, some marital troubles arose 24 years after their marriage, causing a gap between the pair. The couple did not divulge the source of their problems, which led to their divorce in 2020. Nicole filed for divorce in the Superior Court of Los Angeles on June 29, 2020, citing irreconcilable differences as the grounds for the divorce. In addition, she asked her multi-millionaire spouse for spousal support. She also requested that Truice's father give her $1.9 million a month in interim spousal support.

His Father

His father is a well-known figure in the hip hop community. In 1992, Dre released his debut studio album, The Chronic. The song was a major smash, and he became one of the year's best-selling musicians. He won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance for the album's hit "Let Me Ride."

His Siblings

Nicole Young and Dr. Dre's daughter, Truly Young, is the big brother of Truice Young, a promising music producer. Truly, his younger sister, was born in 2001 to his parents. Gorgeous Truly is a social media sensation with over 130K followers. Truice has four half-siblings from his father's various love relationships, in addition to his sister Truly. Curtis Young is the eldest of Dr. Dre's six children. Dr. Dre and his previous girlfriend, Cassandra Joy Greene, welcomed their son Curtis. Curtis, who is now 38 years old, met his father, Dr. Dre, when he was just twenty years old. He's also a rapper who goes by the moniker Hood Surgeon.

Truice Young also has a half-sister, La Tanya Danielle Young, who was born as a result of his father's love engagement with Lisa Johnson. Similarly, Marcel Young, Truice's half-brother, is a product of Dr. Dre's liaison with singer Michel'le Denise Toussant. Dr. Dre also has a daughter named Tyra Young, whose mother is unknown.

Andre Romelle Young Jr., Truice's half-brother, was welcomed by Dr. Dre and his ex-girlfriend Jenita Porter. Unfortunately, Andre Jr. died in 2009 after a heroin and Morphin overdose.

Truice Young Career

When you're the son of a hip-hop billionaire, music is in your bloodstream. Truice Young, the son of Dr. Dre, the Godfather of American Hip-Hop, is a wonderful illustration of this. Truice has had a strong passion for music since he was a child, and he is now well-known as an American music producer. Truice has worked as a song producer for a number of musicians, including American rapper Mike G. Mike G's Black Mask Methods is a song he made.

Truice, the younger Young, appears to specialize in house music with a hint of hip hop. His tracks are frequently uploaded to his SoundCloud account. He also posts his masterpieces on his Twitter feed on a regular basis.

Truice Young Relationship

Dr. Dre's 23-year-old son is not single. Isabella, his girlfriend, and he are in a serious relationship. For a couple of years, the happy couple has been dating. Isabella, Truice Young's girlfriend, is half Ethiopian and half Danish, according to her Instagram bio. Isabella is an Instagram model who currently has over 600,000 followers. On Instagram, she frequently posts photographs of herself flaunting her body.

Truice's long-term girlfriend, Isabella, works in the music industry as well as her boyfriend. She has recorded a couple of tunes so far, both of which were produced by her beau, Truice. She has also appeared in a couple of music videos up to this point.

Truice Young Net Worth

Young has a net worth of $500,000, according to sources. His main source of income is through his work as a music producer. His father, Dr. Dre, on the other hand, is reported to be worth $800 million. His enormous success in the music industry has helped him amass such a large wealth. In addition, the rapper has residences worth millions of dollars around the United States. In 2018, he spent $4.9 million on his Calabasas, California property. In the Pacific Palisades, he also has a small home. His profession as a music producer, on the other hand, may be bringing him a decent chunk of money. His burgeoning celebrity in the entertainment business has led to speculation that he would soon join the ranks of the millionaires.

Truice, on the other hand, appears to be living the high life. Perhaps he will own some in the future, given that his father, Dr. Dre, has multimillion-dollar holdings. Despite this, Dr. Dre's net worth as of 2019 was $800 million, because of his success as a rapper and his headphone company "Beats By Dre." Let's see if Truice, like his father, would be able to acquire such wealth.

Truice Young Social Media Accounts

Dr. Dre's once-little son is now a grown man and an Internet sensation. He uses Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep in touch with his fans.

Truice Young's Instagram page now has 17K followers as of September 2020. Similarly, he has approximately 1,000 Twitter followers. Similarly, Truice, who is known for his secrecy, has a Facebook page under his name. He has not, however, uploaded any posts for public viewing on his Facebook page to date.

Truice Young instagram post
Truice Young instagram post
Truice Young instagram post
Truice Young instagram post
Truice Young instagram post
Truice Young instagram post
Truice Young instagram post
Truice Young instagram post
Truice Young instagram post
Truice Young instagram post

Truice Young Hobbies

As far as Truice's hobbies go, he has a lot to offer. He enjoys throwing parties, hanging out with friends, and traveling. He is an exceptional skateboarder and a swimming champion. Burgers, pizza, sushi, tacos, sandwiches, Doritos, and french fries are among his favorite foods. Will Smith, Chadwick Boseman, and Meagan Good are some of Truice's favorite actors and actresses. Truice is also free to live his soul, thus his favorite vacation spot is Greece, and he adores the color black.

10 Facts About Truice Young

  • Truice Young is the firstborn son of Dr. Dre and Nicole Young, and he is currently 23 years old.
  • Truice, like his father, is a music lover who is gaining recognition as an American music producer who has also collaborated with Mike G.
  • Truice Young, who is 23 years old, is not single. Yes, you read that correctly. For the past few years, he has been in a passionate relationship with his girlfriend Isabella.
  • Truice Young, who was previously Dr. Dre's tiny boy, is now an adult internet celebrity with a large following on social media.
  • Truice Young is a tall woman who stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs around 61 kilograms.
  • Despite his status as an internet star with a large following, Truice does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him.
  • Truice attended Los Angeles High School and the University of South Carolina after growing up in a well-respected and rich family.
  • In 2001, Dr. Dre and Nicole Young delivered Truice, a younger sister, Truly Young, who is also a social media celebrity with over 130,000 followers.
  • Truice Young's social media presence is primarily focused on his Instagram account, which has over 38,000 followers and portrays him as an outgoing individual based on his profile.
  • Truice also has four half-siblings, all of them are the result of his father's various love relationships.
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