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Trauma Amplifier That Can Produce High-Quality Car Audio


Trauma Car Audio has spent more than 20 years fixing car audio amplifiers, so they are knowledgeable about what high-quality competition amplifiers and amplifier components look like and what can go wrong with them. A Trauma amplifier for cars is made after discussing all these aspects.

AmpMedics And Trauma Amps

The top amp repairmen in the industry at AmpMedics create Trauma Amps. He has worked on thousands of amps over the past 20 years and keeps running into the same design issues.

He created his own amp that fixes the problems he has been fixing for decades from other manufacturers since he was so tired of the subpar designs and parts flowing through his store!

Trauma amps include superior insulation, more airflow, more glue, Korean capacitors, and a premium Korean assembly process to give you the performance and dependability you've been waiting for!

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/trauma-amplifier/ by Elisa Mueller on 2022-10-06T08:08:49.115Z

Trauma has witnessed far too many circuit boards and designs that seem fantastic but are comprised of low-quality, inexpensive materials. They have long since learned how to make amplifiers that sound good, are strong, and last a long time.

Black Trauma Car Audio amplifier on a white background
Black Trauma Car Audio amplifier on a white background

They have spent years in the industry fixing subpar products, and now they are finally taking the next step and launching a new line of premium automotive audio Trauma amplifiers made with the best materials and craftsmanship.

Their team of engineers and technical experts has years of expertise in creating cutting-edge solutions for the automotive sector. By adding things that no other company has, they hope to bring this kind of innovation to the car audio market.

They are sure that these Trauma amplifier products, along with great customer service, will go above and beyond what you expect.

Bluetooth Enabled Amplifiers

Everyone is aware that RCA cables with poor construction or improper installation will operate as noise antennas! You don't have to bother about running RCA connections or situating them to block noise with Bluetooth enabled amplifiers!

The Bluetooth signal from Trauma Amp offers clear music that has been meticulously filtered and polished before amplification.

Additionally, you can install subwoofers using Bluetooth connectivity without affecting your head unit. You only need to run ground and electricity, and you're good to go!

Dual Connect allows you to concurrently stream music to the amp and stock head unit, and an RCA to headphone port allows you to stream to your stock head unit as well!

Why are Trauma Amplifiers better?

Best Competition Car Amplifier

  • Kicker CXA1800.1T
  • Alpine S-A60M S-Series
  • Rockford Fosgate PBR400X4D Punch
  • Topstronggear 1 Ohm 1500 Watts Class D

People Also Ask

Does Trauma Car Audio Have A Warranty For Its Products?

For a period of two (2) years, Trauma Car Audio warrants that its goods will be free from flaws. This warranty is only good for the first person who bought the item from a certified Trauma Car Audio dealer.

Where Should You Ground Your Amp?

First, your ground wire needs to be the same gauge as your power wire and must directly connect to the battery or the vehicle's frame or chassis. To keep the ground wire firmly secured, use a ring terminal on the end of the ground wire. Your ground wire's strong contact can be maintained with the aid of a star washer.

Where Can You Mount Your Amp?

Amplifiers require an area of free air to dissipate the heat that accumulates around them; otherwise, they will overheat and shut down. Never attach an amplifier to a subwoofer box because the vibrations will harm the amplifier. Please install the mounting brackets that came with your amplifier.


Since the Trauma amplifier product was likely designed by an amp repairman, they don't take their commitment to quality lightly, all of their amplifiers come with a 2-year warranty from AmpMedic.

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