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Top 5 Web Hosting Australia 2021


A web host is a kind of Internet hosting service that allows people or companies to make their website accessible to people all over the world. In Australia, there are many hosting service providers that provide various kinds of hosting services depending on your budget and needs.

When it comes to choose which Australian web hosting business to use, remember that speed is critical. Page loading times are directly related to page abandonment, thus keeping them low is essential if you want to reduce your bounce rate.

Why Is Having A High-Quality Host Important?

One of the most important issues you may face while dealing with Australian web hosting companies is speed. Unfortunately, not every service will be optimized to handle traffic from all over the globe. While you may be able to access your website without difficulty locally, your visitors may have a different experience.

A number of factors affect the speed of a connection. In reality, distance does have a role. Establishing a connection between Australia and the United States, for example, will take longer due to the enormous distance. A respectable hosting firm, on the other hand, would minimize latency as much as possible by using global caching and high-speed protocols. Even if someone visits your.com.au from the other side of the world, they should not experience any significant delays.

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Even a little amount of delay may have a big effect on how people perceive your website and company. For one thing, today's Internet users are better informed than ever before. Why should users wait for a slow website when they can perform a quick Google search and find a better option? A decrease in website performance has a much greater effect if you sell products to a worldwide audience. Slow websites are seen as untrustworthy and, unfortunately, unprofessional.

First impressions matter a lot on the internet. What does it say about the rest of your company if visitors and potential clients are unable to access your website?

From a marketing standpoint, poorly connected websites have a harder time being discovered. Google's search results are determined by very complex algorithms that take into account much more than just content. You can have the best-optimized website on the planet. Your site will not rank higher in search engine results if it is hosted on a slow server that is difficult to access.

Another issue that may ruin your performance is low uptime. Uptime refers to the amount of time that a server is up and running. Ideally, this should be the case all of the time. Hosting servers that aren't well optimized, on the other hand, have issues. As a consequence, your website will be inaccessible. You may be looking at thousands of dollars in lost income depending on how much business you rely on your website for.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A New Web Host?

When it comes to choosing the best hosting for you, there are many factors to consider before making a choice. Now that you've learned more about Australia's top 10 web hosting services, think about the following criteria when choosing which one is right for you:

  • Datacenter location - the closer the servers are, the quicker your site will function
  • Price - it's essential to stick to a budget while yet receiving excellent service
  • Speed - a sluggish website will cause people to abandon it
  • Uptime - downtime is bad for a company since it is time that might be spent generating money
  • Money-back guarantee - you can never be sure, so locate a trial option before committing completely.
  • Reviews -when choose a web hosting service, do some research and read reviews on different websites.
  • Scalability - if you intend to expand your company in the future, you'll need a hosting plan that can scale with you

Best 5 Web Hosting For Australia 

Media Fortress

Media Fortress has been providing site hosting and other online marketing and SEO services to Australian companies since 2009. They work with a number of well-known Australian businesses, like Verde and Hooked Up magazine, and their servers are located in Australia.

Media Fortress guarantees 99.99 percent uptime on all shared hosting plans. Every bundle also comes with cPanel support. Media Fortress promotes itself as a one-stop shop for Australian-owned businesses, offering a wide range of internet marketing services that extends beyond website hosting.

Easy To Operate

Users may use MediaFortress to administer and maintain their websites using the industry-standard cPanel. You may use one-click installation to integrate content management systems like Drupal and WordPress into your control panel and create a unique website administration interface.


Media Fortress offers three different pricing levels, each with a fair rise in price-to-value. In addition, the cost of servers located in Australia is similar to the market average. Their packages are, on the whole, fairly priced. If you sign a one-year or two-year contract, you may be eligible for a monthly price decrease. Media Fortress also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Basic plan starts with 1GB of storage and 5GB of bandwidth, which is enough for beginner webmasters but may be restricted as your company develops.


  • Services for digital marketing are offered.
  • Australia is a country in Australia.
  • Personalized customer service with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee
  • 30-day money return guarantee
  • Entry-level price for WordPress, Joomla, and Magento extensions in the Australian market


Panthur is an Australian web hosting business with a lot of expertise. They started out as a non-profit, but now they provide super-fast web hosting as well as excellent round-the-clock customer support. They are a local web host with a huge number of data centers across Australia, but no global server network.

There are three basic styles to choose from, each of which may be modified to fit your needs. There are three types of hosting available, depending on the amount of server resources available: Economy, Business, and Stealth. Each package includes an SSL certificate at no extra cost. There's also reseller hosting and domain name registration. Their cheapest plan is just $6 per month, however the Bronze business plan is recommended for the best value.

Panthur does not provide live chat service, however they do have a quick response ticket system and a phone number. Customers praise the company's fast response times and first-time responses, as well as its overall positive feedback.

Panthur, like many other web hosting companies, use cPanel to simplify website management. Not only is it easy to use, but it also enables you to install add-ons and extras with just one click.

Although they don't have a dedicated caching plugin, the fact that all of their servers are located in Australia and are powerful means that loading times are quick across the board, as long as you choose the right hosting plan for your website.

Exceptional Security

If you're looking for a safe web hosting service in Australia, Panthur may be the right fit for you. Combining a custom web application firewall, leech and hotlink protection, real-time blacklist monitoring, and encrypted cPanel and email access can keep your site secure at all times. Panthur also includes a free Click Restore system that allows you to create and deploy backups whenever you want.


  • Australia has many data centers
  • Outstanding client service
  • Exceptional performance


Without a question, GoDaddy is one of the most well-known web hosting companies in the world. They have a significant presence in the United States, but they've also developed a presence in Australia and provide local support. If you are unhappy with the products, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to cancel. You will get a full refund. It only applies to items purchased on an annual basis. Customer support is accessible through chat, WhatsApp, and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Expert hosting help is available 24/7
  • The performance and load time are exceptional.
  • Resources available on demand
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • It's as easy as pressing a button to register a domain name


  • People will pay attention to a clean, mobile-friendly design
  • You can edit your site from anywhere and on any device
  • Ensure that you can be found on Google and other search engines
  • Get AI-powered advice to help your business flourish

Chemi Cloud

Chemi Cloud is another web hosting business based in Australia. Maximum speeds are assured all around the world thanks to the provider's extensive worldwide coverage. To provide the best web hosting performance for your website, they utilize LiteSpeed web servers and load balancing technology. This low-cost Australian hosting business offers a 45-day money-back guarantee on all of its Web Hosting services.

You may contact them at any time if you have any issues. They are available through live chat or tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When there is an issue, they do not give out any alerts. You may check their status page to see if there are any issues with their server.


  • Fast Solid State storage
  • Automated Backups
  • Free CDN and SSL Certificates
  • Free domain name
  • Instant Website Migration
  • MailChannels


  • Reliable Cloud Platform
  • Free-lifetime domain
  • Worldwide Server Locations
  • Faster load times for your websites due to low-density servers
  • Custom web application firewall rules


If you use WordPress, Kinsta may be the perfect hosting service for you. This business focuses on WordPress hosting. It's built to interact with the most popular platform on the planet, allowing you to connect fast. Kinsta has the advantage of hosting your site on Google Cloud data centers. Servers are located in a number of countries across six continents, including one in Sydney and another in Singapore.

To improve speeds even further, Kinsta utilizes CloudFlare CDN. This facilitates data transfer over great distances. Kinsta is a reliable hosting service in general. With each subscription, free daily backups are provided. In addition to a standard money-back guarantee, Kinsta promises to restore your website if it is ever attacked. Kinsta does not offer email hosting, however I can recommend some alternatives, such as these email hosting providers.


  • Powered by Google Cloud
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting
  • Free daily backups
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Fast connection speeds
  • Knowledgeable support team
  • Guarantee to fix hacking issues
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Final Words

As can be seen, Australians enjoy a wide range of good web hosting options. While the country is known for its unreliable servers and bad Internet connections, there are ways to get around these issues.

These firms use cutting-edge technology and processes to ensure that your website's visitors have no difficulty accessing it. A good hosting firm can assist your business in establishing an online presence and realizing its full potential.

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