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Tips for Mothers Prone to Rheumatoid Arthritis after Childbirth


After giving birth to a baby, will most of the wrists suffer from soreness and weakness? Some people say yes, and others provide personal proof. The story of A. May, a former athlete in her early thirties, may give you a little more knowledge about postpartum wind and "rheumatoid arthritis".

May, in her early thirties, has always been very strong. After giving birth to her first child two years ago, she began to feel pain and weakness in her fingers and wrist joints. She began to suspect that the calcium was insufficient after giving birth, so she started tonic. However, no matter what stewed chicken, angelica, or fish soup she eats, the situation remains the same.

Unknown Joint Swelling And Pain

May went to see a western doctor, tested rheumatism factor, but did not find it, but the blood sedimentation rate was high. The situation didn't change much until she gave birth to her second child. The joints were not only red and swollen, but also slightly deformed. She went to a Chinese medicine doctor, hoping that there would be a way to cure her strange disease. The doctor is convinced that what she is suffering from is not a strange disease, but a nourishment disorder, which has caused "evil wind into the bone"

Quitting 'Cold' And 'Heat'

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/tips-for-mothers-prone-to-rheumatoid-arthritis-after-childbirth/ by Jaya Mckeown on 2021-01-13T08:30:14.037Z

It seems that May’s current condition has changed from normal to cold. Thus, banana, watermelon, mangosteen and other cold cut fruits, cabbage, white radish, mustard greens, yellow buds Bai waits for the "cold" dishes, as well as butter crabs and other delicacies, were suspended.

In addition, because the medicine prescribed to her is mild, tonic, and invigorating, if her physique is slightly hot, it is no longer suitable. Therefore, any deep-fried spicy foods, including beef and sheep, that may "provoke a fire in the body", should not be eaten more.

Types Of Rheumatism

Cold Type

Cold type rheumatism has the following characteristics: is a cold, cold type, the affected joint pain, no swelling, heat-loving chills. (But the cold type also has the opportunity to turn to heat. When you become a hot type, you must observe the taboo of the "hot type".

Diet therapy: You can eat tonics, such as snake soup (take Morus albus, Niu Dali, Caulis spatholobi plus a pair of three snakes or five snake meat); or eat more deer hamstrings, beef tendons, etc. Self-dipping eggs in vinegar (soak the eggs with apple cider vinegar for three days to dissolve the calcium).

Hot Type

Hot type rheumatism has the following features: heat affected area joint pain, swelling, tenderness obvious point, can not stand the press.

Constitution: Dry mouth, bitter mouth, yellow urine, easily irritable

Diet therapy: abstain from hot and dry things, such as frying and spicy. It may not be suitable for vinegar and eggs. You can use apple cider vinegar to dissolve a dollar of pearl powder and adjust honey regularly.

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