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Things that You Must Know About Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy


You felt the greatest happiness the moment you heard that in a few times you are going to be a certified mother because you are already carrying your baby. You will be receiving the best blessing from above and for that, you are really thankful.

But how will you feel if you found out that you have an ovarian cyst during your pregnancy? Are you still happy? You will be sad definitely and I cannot blame you if somehow you feel angry about your situation.

The timing is not good because you will not be the only one who will be affected. There is now your baby to consider.

I know it will be difficult for you to calm down and prevent worrying but then it is necessary for you to do all these things because these could help you. Being stressed won’t do any good and this is not the solution or the cure for your problem.

It is quite a common knowledge that cyst is not common among pregnant women. Cyst affects 1 out of 1000 pregnant women. But if it happens to be you then it is important that you must know the ins and outs of the ovarian cyst so that you can eventually find a solution to it.

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But then there is still no need to worry a lot because cysts that are discovered during pregnancy are usually benign. Only 1 out of 25,000 births are affected by ovarian cyst cancer.

The usual thing that doctors do is to let their patients have an ovarian cyst ultrasound. Ultrasound is essential because you will know if your ovarian cyst during pregnancy is benign or malignant through it.

You are fortunate enough if your cyst is just fluid-filled because this is declared as benign. But if your cyst has thick walls then it is said to be malignant. But then again not all cyst that is declared as benign is safe.

A cyst that is benign but has a large size is also considered dangerous since it can rupture. You and your baby will be at risk if you will not do anything to eliminate it.

You are lucky if you only have preterm delivery but what if you will have a miscarriage? I know you don’t want to take risks so it is better if you will go for ovarian cyst removal.

You need to eradicate a large cyst (with a size of about 6-8cm.) and the only way to do this is through surgery.

Before this, you must first do some observations regarding the size of your cyst. If you notice that there isn’t any transformation in its size then that will be the time that you must undergo surgery.


For larger cysts, an open incision is usually done. Many have also opted for laparoscopy. But then the need to undergo an ovarian cyst surgery is still there especially if your cyst is solid, doesn’t have a regular shape, and gives intolerable pain.

It is important for you to wait until the time that you reach 14-16 weeks of your pregnancy because according to the doctors this is the right time to do the surgery.

If the pain that your cyst is giving is still tolerable then it will be better if you will try chamomile tea, milk thistle, or Echinacea because these have the ability to reduce the pain.

If you are afraid of the surgery you must keep in mind that a lot of pregnant women have been in that and in spite of the surgery that they went through, they were still able to deliver healthy babies in a normal way.

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