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The Relationship of SARS - COVID 19 with Electromagnetic Waves


Coronaviruses are recognized by the World Health Organization as the culprit of "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome" (SARS) or commonly known as "Atypical Pneumonia" (Atypical Pneumonia). They can cause the immune system to produce an allergic reaction, and even the healthy lung cells of the human body will attack and swallow them, causing inflammation of the lung ulcers, and even death of the patient. They also damage the bone marrow, spleen, muscles, and immune system. In severe cases, the blood is full of viruses.

The First Mystery: Why Does The Coronavirus Cause Allergic Reactions To The Immune System?

This is the number one mystery in the treatment of SARS. This article attempts to explain this mystery from the perspective of "Bio-Physics", and explore the possible methods of prevention and medical treatment for its reasons.

The structure of the coronavirus can absorb and emit a large number of electromagnetic waves. The more electromagnetic waves the coronavirus absorbs through the spearhead glycoprotein, the stronger and farther the electromagnetic waves radiate outward, and the more cells the human body is contaminated by the electromagnetic waves of the electron "right-handed" (also called negative frequency).

Electromagnetic waves can stimulate the body's immune system to produce more white blood cells and antibodies. When the electromagnetic waves of the cells in the human body are too strong, the immune system will become unregulated, causing human tissues to become inflamed.

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The above theory explains the first big mystery in the treatment of coronavirus: Why does coronavirus cause allergic reactions to the immune system? It also explains the other three mysteries.

The Second Mystery: Why Is The Incidence Of SARS In Children (1-10 Years Old) Lower Than That Of Teenagers And Adults, And The Mortality Rate Is Zero?

Children have less exposure to electromagnetic waves than teenagers and adults. Their immune systems are stimulated by the accumulation of electromagnetic waves. Once infected with the coronavirus, a child's immune system will have a very slight allergic reaction to the waves.

The Third Mystery: Why The More Advanced Countries/regions, The Higher The Mortality Rate Of SARS?

## Why the more advanced countries/regions, the higher the mortality rate of SARS?
## Why the more advanced countries/regions, the higher the mortality rate of SARS?

In Hong Kong, where living area is narrow, fresh water pipes in the kitchen are often close to the "motor" of the refrigerator. Low-frequency electromagnetic wave pollution. The utilization rate of electrical appliances and telecommunications equipment in Vietnam is lower than in advanced regions. This can be reasonably explained: why Vietnam can control the spread of SARS better than Hong Kong.

The Fourth Mystery: Why The Same Treatment Method Is Effective For Some SARS Patients, But It Is Helpless For Others?

Except for age, personal physique, or some chronically ill patients, this may be proportional to the cumulative time of contact with supplies or equipment that emit electromagnetic waves: the more contact, the harder it is to cure. For example, the high incidence of medical staff, in addition to close contact with SARS patients, may also be related to their long-term exposure to medical equipment in the hospital that can generate electromagnetic waves.

It is also more difficult to cure SARS patients' beds if they are close to medical equipment that can radiate electromagnetic waves. Medicines and saline used by the patients are contaminated if too close to motors, electrical appliances, electrical outlets or electric medical equipment.

"Bio-physical" Methods To Prevent And Treat Coronavirus

Reduce exposure to electromagnetic waves, such as reducing the number of flashlights every day, each flashlight does not exceed 3 minutes; reducing the number of computer games every day, each time less than half an hour, etc.

Neutralization of electromagnetic waves uses articles, food or medicine containing "left-handed" (rotation to the left, in popular terms: clockwise) electrons to neutralize the "right-handed" (popular term: counterclockwise) of electromagnetic waves in the coronavirus body Rotating) electrons.

Genetic changes of coronaviruses that invade the human body are very rapid. It is very difficult to invent a vaccine to deal with them. If a vaccine is invented using the principle of neutralizing or blocking electromagnetic waves, it may be one way out. HIV expert He Dayi has developed a poly that blocks the buckling of the "membrane glycoprotein" so that the coronavirus cannot approach and invade human cells. His research has taken an important step towards the treatment of SARS.

It is hoped that experts can create another kind of "poly" to cover the "spike glycoprotein", cut off the function of the virus to absorb electromagnetic waves and adhere to human cells, and successfully develop a vaccine against coronavirus and HIV.

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