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The Best Strategies You Need To Win An Online Blackjack Game


If this is your first time trying your luck in online casinos, then we wish you all the best. May the universe and favors are on your side.

We hope that you have chosen the best online casino platform – a platform that isn’t rigged. After opting for an online casino platform, you also get the benefit of no deposit bonus codes Australia.

Here is how you can win at online blackjack.

Read on to learn more!

Apply Multiple Betting Strategies

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/the-best-strategies-you-need-to-win-an-online-blackjack-game/ by Tyrese Griffin on 2022-10-14T02:44:42.895Z

Surely, you will want to avoid making a sucker bet when playing online blackjack aus. However, you will want to incorporate the right strategy to increase your chances of winning the game. That said, you might want to apply multiple betting strategies.

The concept of multiple betting strategies is something that online casinos hate because they can lose so much money as a consequence.

A lot of the actions at a blackjack table depend on the size of the player’s bankroll. It also depends on the way the potential player places their bets. Smart mathematicians have proposed a betting progression strategy that basically boils to two actions.

  • Firstly, you will want to increase your bets every time you lose.
  • Secondly, you will want to increase your bet every time you win.

That said, if you increase your next bet after a potential loss, you are opting for a negative progression betting strategy. You might want to assess how this kind of progression works through the Martingale system.

Suppose that the potential minimum bet at the table of your choice is $5. Now, suppose your first bet is a losing one. So, your next bet should be double the amount. In the case of this scenario, it should be $10.

You get the point – you keep doubling the bets until you have won the game. Subsequently, you can start over by placing another minimum bet.

The underlying idea here is to believe that the potential wins will suffice to cover the expenses of all the losing bets.

On the other hand, the positive progression betting system incorporates that you have to increase the bet size after each win. The underlying key is to capitalize on the winning streaks that many players believe are real in blackjack.

Since such wins are known to happen, why not try this strategy?

Incorporate the Perfect Yet Basic Blackjack Strategy

Do you know how those math and computer geniuses can make life-changing discoveries from time to time? You will want to thank heaven that they have chosen interest in blackjack as well. A basic blackjack strategy is a mathematically optimal way to play virtually every blackjack hand.

It tells you exactly what kind of a decision is perfect for you – depending on the cards dealt to you and the up-cards held by the dealer. The strategy is a product of complex computer programs that have run thousands of simulations of every possible hand.

In the end, you get a blueprint for making more money and losing less in the long run. Unfortunately, the basic betting strategy will not make you immune to losses. Still, following the strategy might lower the house edge to a meager 0.5%.

This way, you might have the best chances of winning over time. The first thing to consider is whether the dealer hits on a soft 17, which will establish some of the potential moves you will make. If the dealer’s card is a nine or less, you will want to always double down on a ten.

By doing so, you will tip the odds in your favor. Also, make sure to always split a pair of Aces and eights irrespective of what the dealer’s up card is. By splitting these cards, especially the eights, you will be in a better position to lose less money against the dealer’s 9, 10, or Ace than by playing a hard 16.

The cherry on top of this basic online blackjack strategy is that you don’t even have to memorize the chart while playing an online casino. All you need to do is to download the chart to your device and follow the rules.

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