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Temperance Tarot Card Meaning - Major Arcana


Temperance Tarot Card Meaning – Is it possible for you to maintain a state of equilibrium at all times? The answer is “No” for the vast majority of us. It is natural for people to seek balance and harmony in their lives. Finding it is a wonderful feeling.

There are numerous reasons why the Temperance tarot card might show up in a reading. But it frequently appears when angel guides want you to understand the following things. It is the fourteenth (14th) trump in the Major Arcana tarot cards deck.

Even in the face of adversity, you have the ability to discover peace and happiness. Perseverance, patience, as well as a clear understanding of what you really want, are the three most important things you’ll need.

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning And Significance

The Temperance Tarot card showcases a winged angel who is a manifestation of both masculine and feminine energies.

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This angel is seen wearing a sky-blue colored robe which has an image of a triangle enclosed within a square. Here the enclosed triangle represents humans who are bound by the planet Earth’s natural laws which are represented by the square.

The angel has one foot upon the rock formation and the other in the water, symbolizing the need to remain rooted and in the present moment. As she pours water into two cups, she symbolically represents the flow as well as the alchemy of life.

The Temperance card depicts a meandering path leading to a mountainous region in the background, which symbolizes the journey of life. There is a golden crown perched far above the mountains is a symbol of pursuing a higher path and remaining loyal to one’s truest self.

Temperance Tarot Keywords

Prior to delving deeper into the meaning of the upright as well as reversed Temperance tarot card, below are some of the most important terms associated with this card.

  • Upright – Balance, Patience, Search for Meaning, Moderation, Endurance
  • Reversed – Imbalance, Excess, Loss of Balance, Extremity, Indulgence
  • Numerology – 14
  • Planet – Jupiter
  • Element – Fire
  • Yes or No – Yes
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign – Sagittarius

Temperance Upright Card Meaning And Guide

The Temperance tarot card encourages you to maintain a sense of equilibrium, patience, and restraint in your daily activities.

Stabilizing your energy and allowing the life force to flow within you without effort or resistance is what you’re being asked to do.

The path to this is through your spiritual connection. It doesn’t matter what name you give it, what matters is that you feel it, connect with it and let it be a part of your everyday life.

It’s time to have your life back on track and in sync with the natural flow of the Universe. All you need is a little bit of spirituality, some positive thinking, and the willingness to let go of what’s no longer serving you.

This card encourages you to maintain your composure even in the midst of a stressful or frenzied situation. Keep your emotions in check and your fury in check. You’ve mastered the art of remaining calm under pressure.

The fact that you seem to have an endless supply of patience means that nothing upsets you and throws you off balance. You’ll be more successful and happier in life if you have a healthy appreciation for harmony and equilibrium.

The Temperance card advises that you must be willing to compromise and consider the views of others. A strong opinion or a point of contention is not needed right now.

Consider yourself the peacekeeper and avoid any extremes in your approach. Assemble people from different backgrounds and cultures to generate a sense of unity and cooperation.

When you work together, you can take advantage of the many backgrounds, skills, and abilities that each of you brings to the table.

Temperance is a foundation of alchemy. In its essence, the Temperance card is all about ‘blending’ or ‘fusion.’ You’ll find this Tarot card’s meaning in the idea of creating something that is more important than the sum of its parts.

Many examples of ‘blending’ include a blended family, a bartender mixing new and creative cocktails, a chef combining diverse cuisines, or an artist combining different materials or techniques.

The card of Temperance indicates that you also have a long-term goal in mind. You take your time to make sure you do a good job. You aren’t rushing through things. As a result, you’ve decided to take a more moderate and balanced approach to achieve your lofty goals.

Ultimately, this card indicates a high level of understanding and wisdom. As a result of your current situation, you’ve gained profound knowledge and feel at ease with your work. You are carefully listening to your inner voice, which is steering you in the right direction.

Temperance Reversed Card Meaning And Guide

With Temperance Reversed card, you are encouraged or occasionally warned to return to equilibrium or moderation as early as possible if you have lately experienced a phase of excesses. Were you bingeing on junk food or binge drinking? Was your relationship with your loved ones strained? Were you indulging in negative thoughts?

These activities are pulling you away from who you really are and what you were put here to accomplish. It’s time to call it a day. “As they say, moderation is the key!” Even total abstinence could be necessary if you are unable to break the negative patterns and regain control over your life.

The Reversed Temperance card could also be an indication that you might be feeling that something is not quite with your life. It somehow feels very odd at times. A niggling voice inside you says, “Wait a second! Life isn’t really flowing as smoothly as you had planned.” There’s something wrong with all of this! As long as you don’t pay attention, you’re good to go.

Even so, be aware of the Reversed Temperance’s warning – Messages from the Universe will get increasingly louder until you finally start listening.

Alternatively, you can start paying attention to it right now and start making the required adjustments to get back into the flow. Aim to integrate your everyday routines with your long-term goal and higher purpose.

The Reversed Temperance tarot might indicate a phase of self-assessment and re-evaluation of your life and your aspirations. In your mind, you may be drawn in a certain way, but your everyday life may not be in sync with that.

Make the most of this moment by bringing your inner world into harmony with your outside world. Your new priorities may necessitate a shift in your lifestyle, living situation, relationships, employment, and other daily routines.

The process of aligning your inner self with the outside world is a natural one, so don’t be startled if you find yourself in a state of anxiety or even conflict.

Likewise, the Temperance Reversed card can be interpreted as a call to deep self-healing. With more moderation and stability in your life, you unlock the possibility for profound healing to take place. The reversal of the Temperance card indicates that you’re doing it on your own, without the interference of others. Healing yourself as well as finding more ‘flow’ in your life are both within your reach.

Temperance Tarot in Love and Relationships Reading

The Temperance card when paired with the Lovers tarot card can make an amazing pair in a Love or Relationship reading. A harmonious partnership is on the horizon, as symbolized by the virtue of the Temperance card.

If you’re single, don’t be surprised if you meet the perfect match. If you’re already with a special someone, then your relationship is about to take off on a whole new level.

When you’re in a marriage or a relationship where there’s a lot of conflicts, you’ll have to adopt a strategy that is very different from the existing one. When things don’t work out, we begin to point the blame at our companion and grumble about every shortcoming.

Trying to persuade someone else is pointless because we don’t have the power to do it. Things have to be done with love and compassion.

The Temperance tarot card says that instead of continuing the conflict, pride should be set aside in order to reach a middle ground. Even if you’re the one who needs to apologize, encouraging cooperation with your partner can make all the difference.

Temperance Yes Or No Tarot Reading

The Temperance tarot is a representation of balance and confidence when seen in a yes or no reading. In the event that you’ve decided to take action and are ready to do so, proceed with caution.

Emotional immaturity and recklessness are dangerous because they increase the likelihood of making expensive mistakes. In a ‘yes-or-no’ tarot reading, temperance might symbolize a ‘Yes.’ But, also take your intuition into consideration before proceeding further.

Temperance Card In Money And Career Tarot Reading

Expensive purchases, exotic holidays, major career changes, or risky investments should be avoided at this time.

Temperance card symbolizes balance and it shows up in your career or money (financial) reading when things are getting extravagant and out of your control. It advises that you should start managing your financial matters much more diligently.

If so, what is it? How well do you manage your time and resources currently? What do you hope to accomplish in the near future? Here’s a good place to begin if you can’t answer these questions.

Patience is a virtue to cultivate if you have a clear goal in mind. Good timing is just as important as hard effort and dedication. Take a step back and consider all of the factors that go into what you’re trying to do.

Close that pending deal, accept that new job position, or make that investment – all when the time is appropriate. Make sure you’ve thought things out before you get started.

Temperance Tarot Card In Health And Spirituality Reading

Temperance card often signifies good health, both now and in the future. Temperance tarot indicates an issue with moderation in health/spirituality readings where physiological or psychological well-being is a concern.

The Temperance card advises abstaining from harmful substances like alcohol, drugs, junk food, and other poor eating habits. It indicates that a sense of equilibrium could be achieved.

You’ll feel better and have more energy as a result of doing so. When paired with the Fool tarot card – it indicates unexpected healing and rejuvenation.

Drawing Temperance Card In Tarot Reading

It’s time to wrap up the Temperance tarot meaning! It’s my belief that you’ll find peace and happiness even in the midst of difficulties if the Temperance card was drawn in your spread.

While I appreciate every response I receive, I’ll also post answers to the most often asked questions concerning the Temperance card meanings as well as other tarot card-related topics.

What Does Temperance Reversed Card Mean?

For how long have you been feeling a little off or dull? Do you feel as if your life has no direction and as if you have no idea what you’re supposed to do? A reversed Temperance card indicates that things are about to go downhill. It indicates that you are missing the balance in life. In other cases, the Reversed Temperance could also mean that you need to stay in moderation.

What Is The Meaning Of Temperance Tarot Card?

The Temperance tarot warns you to stay away from extremes. The angel’s advice is not to be aggressive in your approach. Yet in certain instances, you have to be aggressive in order to seize the opportunity. Trust your intuition and find the perfect balance. Even when your instinct tells you to react, there are some situations that require time and special care.

What Does Temperance Tarot Card Mean In Love Reading?

Peaceful and mutually beneficial relationships are symbolized by the Temperance tarot card in a love reading. Get ready to take your relationship to the next level. If you’re single, don’t be surprised if you meet your perfect match.

Is Temperance A Yes Or No Card?

In a yes-or-no tarot reading, the Temperance card does not explicitly mention anything in particular. If you’re willing to take action – then this card reads – go ahead but proceed with caution. Making decisions in haste or taking unnecessary risks increases the danger of making mistakes that have major ramifications. If you are able to pay attention to your instincts, then the Temperance card is a ‘Yes‘.

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