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St George News: Featured Stories About Covid-19 Pandemic


That Was Difficult To See: Utah Lt. Gov. Gets View Of St. George Hospital’s Covid-19 Situation

In the aftermath of a visit to the COVID-19 wards of St. George Regional Hospital, which Henderson described as "extremely painful to witness," Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson said she and Utah Gov.

Spencer Cox could do nothing more than appeal to the generosity of Southern Utahns. The governor and Henderson both agreed that they had done all they could to make sure people had access to vaccinations and testing. Henderson emphasized that she and the governor could continue to make sure people had access to vaccines and testing in the coming months. "We've had requirements in the past that weren't obeyed by everyone. Mandates are simply a bunch of words. We need individuals to take action."

During her visit, Henderson, who was herself hospitalized with COVID-19 last year, was brought straight into the critical care unit of the hospital, which has been in contingency mode for more than a month and is being used for the second time this pandemic season. She was brought straight to the COVID-19 patients, which she said was something she had not previously seen on previous hospital visits.

There, she saw firsthand an intensive care unit that was almost at capacity – 44 percent over capacity, to be precise, as of Friday, according to Dr. Patrick Carroll, the hospital's medical director. Furthermore, 95 percent of patients are not immunized against the disease.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/st-george-news/ by Susan Murillo on 2021-09-24T12:23:12.096Z

"I'd been able to sneak a glance in the door previously, but today I was able to walk past patients' rooms and get a sense of what it's like to be a COVID-19 patient in an intensive care unit," Henderson said. "It's also extremely uncomfortable, and it was tough to see." Neither reporters nor photographers were permitted to accompany the lieutenant governor on this portion of the trip, nor were they permitted to take photographs. Instead, Henderson recounted what she observed while on the tour, which was attended by local state lawmakers like Rep. Lowry Snow, Rep. Walt Brooks, and Sen. Don Ipson, as well as Washington County Commissioner Gil Almquist, who also spoke at the event.

Airline Postpones Recently Announced Direct Flights From St. George To Los Angeles

It has been reported that Avelo Airlines, which had earlier announced intentions to extend its service to include twice-weekly direct flights between St. George and Los Angeles, is delaying the start of the program.

St. George News reported in July that Avelo planned to begin flying that route on Oct. 7, with one-way tickets beginning at $49. Avelo has not confirmed the claim. After almost recovering to pre-pandemic levels, several airlines are now suffering what they refer to as "deceleration," which involves reduced reservations accompanied by an increase in flight cancellations, as the Delta form of the coronavirus has sparked a rise in new COVID-19 infections.

We and other airlines have had to modify their schedules owing to the Delta version of Covid-19, according to Sabrina Goodman, of Crafted Communications, who sent an email to the media. Accordingly, we have postponed the launch of our St. George route until next spring, and Avelo Airlines has postponed a decision on the issue until next spring.

Having a convenient method to get to and from Southern California, according to David Cordero, communications and marketing director for the city of St. George, is something he and his colleagues are looking forward to.

However, he said, "We understand why Avelo chose to wait on this specific trip." "It would be fantastic to have this flight in 2022 since we have two big Ironman 70.3 championship races as well as our complete variety of fun and exciting events that St. George is renowned for," said the mayor of St. George.

In a news statement issued in July, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board Chief Marketing Officer Don Skeoch said that "Los Angeles has begun its comeback," before encouraging tourists to "safely and responsibly begin their own returns to the region."

According to officials in Los Angeles, the recent increase in COVID-19 cases has prompted the city's health department to update its measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including the wearing of masks while riding public transportation or indoors at K-12 schools and in public settings, regardless of vaccination status. Intermountain Healthcare Increases Its Minimum Wage To $15

Intermountain Healthcare stated on Wednesday that its minimum wage for clinical and non-clinical positions would rise to $15 an hour on September 19th, effective immediately. In accordance with a press release published by the business, about 2,200 workers who are presently paid less than $15 an hour will have their pay rates raised to at least $15 an hour in the future. Additional compensation increases are being implemented for 12,800 workers across more than 250 job categories at Intermountain. The majority of the hikes will be in the range of 3-7 percent. Early this year, in April, all workers got a salary raise, and qualified nurses earned an additional payment adjustment rise in June.

In addition to health and dental insurance, life and disability insurance, retirement plans, including 401(k) contributions, paid time off, and tuition reimbursement, Intermountain provides a comprehensive package of benefits to its workers.

These adjustments reflect Intermountain's commitment to providing competitive compensation so that people can meet their personal and family needs while also assisting Intermountain in attracting and retaining the very best talent to carry out their mission, according to Heather Brace, chief people officer and senior vice president at Intermountain, who was quoted in the release. According to her, the change demonstrates the company's commitment to ensuring that workers, both present and prospective, are compensated properly and at market rates.

Thousands of US flights canceled

Suu To Provide $1.2m In Scholarships For Online Students Who Delayed College Due To Covid-19

The city of Cedar City, Iowa, has declared a state of emergency. Southern Utah University will provide scholarships of up to $1.2 million to students who have been affected by the COVID epidemic. According to a news statement released by the institution, the scholarships will be the first given by the university for online degree studies, and they will only be available to students who postponed their college education in 2020 as a result of the pandemic would be eligible.

Student Union of Utah Interim President Mindy Benson stated in a press release that the event is a "wonderful chance for students to get back on track after the tumultuous year we had in 2020." Students enrolled in one of our completely online programs will be eligible for scholarships for the first time, allowing them to complete their degrees with more flexibility than ever before.

A student could not have been enrolled in a higher education program during the academic year 2020-2021 in order to be eligible for this one-time scholarship program. The student must be a resident of Utah or a graduate of a Utah high school in order to be considered.

Students must also complete a minimum of six credit hours of coursework, which may be at either an undergraduate or graduate level. Dr. Steve Meredith, associate vice president for SUU's graduate and online programs, said in a press release that this new scholarship program would provide chances for individuals who have been prohibited from attending college due to financial constraints to pursue their educational goals.

Health Department Reports At Least 27 Active Covid-19 Cases In Local Schools; Fda Fully Approves Pfizer Vaccine

Schools in Southern Utah are already witnessing a rise in the number of children who must remain home from school after being infected with COVID-19 only a little more than a week into the new school year. The Utah Department of Health reports that the Washington County School District has 24 current cases of students and employees, while the Iron and Kane county school systems, as well as the Southwest Utah charter schools, each, have 1-4 cases. Between Thursday and Friday, the number of students enrolled in Washington County school districts almost doubled.

School administrators may no longer force students to wear masks in order to avoid COVID-19 unless the policy has been authorized by the local health department or county government, according to state legislation enacted in May.

A meeting of the Southwest Utah Public Health District on August 18 decided that a mask requirement in schools would not be imposed by the district. According to the Utah Department of Health, the Grand County School District, which is the only school district in the state to have begun the school year with a mask requirement mandated by its local health district, has had no students or staff infected with COVID-19 since the beginning of the school year.

Keeping the child at home and testing them for COVID-19 if they show symptoms or feel sick are among the recommendations. However, according to a sheet provided by the Centers for Disease Control for pediatric providers, 16 percent of children with SARS-CoV-2 infection are asymptomatic, and "evidence suggests that as many as half of pediatric infections may be asymptomatic." This implies that the majority of school-age children who are infected with COVID-19 will not show any symptoms of illness, but they will still be capable of transmitting the virus that causes the disease.

FDA Grants Full Approval To Pfizer Covid Vaccine

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