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What Happens If You Spend Too Much Time In Front Of A Screen?


Turn off your phone or computer for a few minutes after you finish reading this article; your eyes, posture, and energetic body will appreciate it.

Spending too much time in front of a device, such as the phone or tablet on which you are currently reading this post, may be harmful to your wellbeing.

If you spend your whole day looking at a computer screen, you might experience the following:

  • Sleep-related issues
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Damage to the brain that develops over time, as well as a great deal more

But have no fear; there are a few simple steps you should do to escape these harmful effects.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/spending-too-much-time-in-front-of-a-screen/ by Karan Emery on 2021-05-26T08:19:36.973Z

I'm going to tell you just what all the blue light from your screens is doing to your body today in terms of mental, energetic, and emotional health. I've even added a few tips to help you remain safe by using your screens.

Let's start by looking at the danger that lurks inside your screens.

Your Health Is Affected By Blue Light From Your Screens

The bulk of the artificial light you are used to comes from computer screens and cell phones, which emit blue light. Different colors have different wavelengths, which ensures they each have their own energies and affect you differently. Remember that color and light, like anything else about your environment, are made up of energy.

Blue light may be helpful to your wellbeing in small amounts, such as the volume emitted by the sun every day. However, if you subject yourself to more and more of it, your welfare will be jeopardized. In the light continuum, blue light has a very strong power, which ensures it may have a major effect on the whole being.

Whole being
Whole being

Blue light's energy will get stuck in your body, resulting in physical, emotional, and moral issues. One approach to remove energy blocks created by blue light is to do aura cleanses utilizing light visualization. While this high-intensity blue light is detrimental to our energy system as a whole, it is particularly harmful to one Chakra in particular.

Screens And The Chakra Of The Third Eye

Your Third Eye Chakra is synonymous with the color indigo, which is the same frequency of blue light that emerges from the multiple shows.

This ensures that exposing your body to greater amounts of blue light than average will overwork your Third Eye Chakra. And it's this imbalance that's at the center of too much of the health issues linked to so much screen time.

Furthermore, since light is the element that reflects your Third Eye, any light that you expose it to will make it extremely responsive.

Your Third Eye Chakra is an essential component of your energetic mechanism and it is responsible for all of your brain functions.

Day Visualization Intuition Memory Decision Making Intuition Memory Decision Making Intuition Memory Decision Making Intu

  • Intuition
  • Memory
  • Decision Making
  • Sleep
  • Visualization
  • Thoughts, Dreams, Goals, and Ideas

The displays, on the other hand, have an effect on more than just this Chakra.

Your Posture Has Been Affected

Your posture can be affected if you spend a lot of time staring at screens. If you know it or not, you're either hunching over your computer screen or slouching while typing. The repetitive rounding of the spine can block energy transfer across your body.

Your seven Chakras shape a line down your spine, and they work better while your spine is straight. Curving your spine for an extended period of time will create blockages in your energy supply.

Consider a kink in a hose that stops water from running freely; the energetic mechanism is the same way. The curvature allows it much more difficult for energy to flow into your bloodstream, which may be another factor contributing to the onset of several of the health issues linked to excessive screen time.

Not only are you bringing so much energy into your Third Eye Chakra, but you're still blocking the movement of energy across your body, culminating in an electrical disaster. Now, this won’t be a fatal issue, you won’t need to arrange for cemetery headstones or a good health plan, but it won’t make you feel good, and in life, feeling good is crucial.

Screen time leads to the disparity by mixing an excessive abundance of energy in the Third Eye with a misalignment of the spine and Chakras, resulting in a blockage that adds to the imbalance. Here are a few symptoms to watch for if you're not sure if you have an issue with your Third Eye Chakra.

Excessive Screen Time Can Cause A Wide Range Of Problems

One of the most talked-about issues is the disruption of sleep caused by so much blue light from the optical screens.

Blue light, on a molecular basis, suppresses the development of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. On an energetic basis, the Third Eye is linked to sleep, and a disturbance of this Chakra often manifests as insomnia.

Range of problems
Range of problems

And, for some cause, not getting enough sleep has a negative impact on all aspects of your health. You have a poor and sluggish energy level. Your body is incapable of fighting infection. Since your subconscious is unable to handle feelings, you become irritable.

There has also been a connection discovered between excessive screen time and a rise in social anxiety. This is more definitely due to the fact that your Third Eye Chakra has an effect on your desire to connect with others. Two prominent traits correlated with an imbalanced Third Eye are fear of others and anxiety, all of which may find social contact challenging.

Blue light has been found to impair mental processing, memory, decision-making, and cognitive performance, which may explain why spending too much time in front of a computer can make it harder to participate in daily social activities.

When the emotions become unstable and you are unable to correctly read the emotional states of people around you, interacting becomes complicated. Being social always necessitates your undivided focus, the ability to make choices, and the use of a number of cognitive functions, for which you will be unable to have a conversation. I realize I've been dwelling on the negatives, but now I'll teach you how you can make it better.

How To Limit The Time You Spend In Front Of The Screen

Avoiding the dangers of blue light and screens may seem to be virtually impossible as the environment grows more dependent on electronics. However, there are a few things you can do to help.

Limiting screen time
Limiting screen time

The best way to avoid this is to reduce the amount of time you spend in front of the screen while watching tv. Try reading a book or meditating instead of flipping via social media or reading messages on the blog.

If you must use a computer, ensure that you take frequent breaks.

Taking a 20-second break from the screen every 20 minutes is a good habit to get into.

It's better that you should gaze out into the horizon and allow your eyes to calm.

The high strength of blue light can be mitigated by increasing the amount of red light in the setting. Since red is the slowest-moving color, it can help your energetic system calm and recover from the overdrive that too much blue can cause.

Reiki healing is an option for you to consider. There are times that it is unavoidable to glance at a screen. If you absolutely cannot be subjected to blue light, make sure the energetic system is being treated with Reiki.

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