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Use Sougoufanyi For Your Chinese, Japenese, French To English Translation In 2022


Sougoufanyi focuses in delivering high-end translation services to clients and has completed a number of publications. They aim to establish a solid reputation as a translation company that consumers can trust.

Sougoufanyi Translation

Sougoufanyi website showing the Japanese Translation section
Sougoufanyi website showing the Japanese Translation section

Sougoufanyi.com is a translation company based in Wuhan, China. They translate Chinese language to English language. It was established in 2001.

Sougoufanyi.com ranked 10,150,280 in the world by Alexa. In comparison to the preceding three months, its global rank increased by 4,717 positions.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/sougoufanyi/ by Susan Murillo on 2021-12-16T06:12:57.015Z

Every day, Sougoufanyi.com may attract an estimated 101 unique visitors, making them an estimated website value of $15,885.

When selecting translators, Sougoufanyi.com follows strict guidelines and evaluates the quality and integrity of each text completed by the translation. To work, all translators must have a certificate, such as a national second-stroke, eighth-stroke, senior interpreter, senior simultaneous interpreter, and so on. These are the first requirements for translators who want to work for Jinjiayan Translation Company. All translators must have a minimum of three years of professional translation experience and a translation volume of one million words.

Sougoufanyi guarantees the accuracy of the source translation. Their translators can provide professional translation services in dozens of fields, including law, nuclear power, medicine, machinery, automobiles, construction, finance, and more. They can do English translation, French translation, and Korean translation, Russian translation, Arabic translation, German translation, and dozens of other languages.

English Translation

Sougoufanyi uses English as their primary translation language. Their company's daily English translation volume is 70,000 words. Jinjiayan Wuhan Translation Company specializes in providing customers with high-end English translations such as medical English translation, ship English translation, automotive English translation, bridge English translation, certificate English translation, and so on; we also provide high-end escort interpretation, high-end simulcast interpretation, and so on.

The price range for English translation is 120 Yuan per thousand of words to 600 Yuan / thousands words

Japanese Translation

Sougoufanyi's Japanese translators have studied and worked in other countries. All of their Japanese translators have at least 5 years of expertise in the field. Their daily volume of Japanese translation is 30,000 words.

Sougoufanyi.com specializes in high-end Japanese translation for customers, such as Japanese automobile translation, Japanese contract translation, Japanese certificate translation, Japanese website translation, Japanese architectural translation, and so on. They also provide high-end Japanese accompanying interpretation and high-end Japanese simultaneous interpretation.

Is Sougoufanyi Safe?

Websithe of ScamAdviser showing the legitimacy and trust score of Sougoufanyi
Websithe of ScamAdviser showing the legitimacy and trust score of Sougoufanyi

Sougoufanyi.com is possibly a legitimate and trustworthy website.

The review of sougoufanyi.com from ScamAdviser received a relatively high score from their algorithm. It has a trust score of 95 percent. This grade is based on information ScamAdviser gathered on the Internet about the site, such as the country in which it is hosted, whether an SSL certificate is utilized, and reviews found on other websites.

The website's rating shows that it is safe to shop and leave personal information on the site. However, Scamadviser stated that they cannot confirm that the website is a hundred percent safe. We highly suggest that you do your own research everytime you use a service from a website.


Sougoufanyi.com offers translation services to people, customizing various high-end translation services to satisfy customer needs.

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