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Sophie Dymoke: Things You Need To Know About The Wife Of Matthew Goode


Sophie Dymoke is everything a man might want in a wife. And her connection with her husband completely validates her talents as a partner.

Sophie, who rose to prominence as the wife of English actor Matthew Goode, established her own personality early in life.

Matthew and Sophie, who have been married for several years, have set an example as an ideal pair. We'll learn everything there is to know about Sophie and her marriage to Matthew.

Let's know more about her!

Sophie Dymoke Early And Personal Life

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/sophie-dymoke/ by Amandeep Coleman on 2021-08-01T09:22:00.000Z

She is a British citizen. She is a sales manager who rose to prominence as the wife of Matthew Goode, a well-known English actor best recognized for his role in the 2009 superhero film "Watchmen."

Sophie Dymoke seldom discusses her personal life. She does not use social media. She does, however, have a private Instagram account.

Her photos are rarely shared on her husband's Instagram account. Dymoke keeps her children away from the spotlight.

Matilda Eve Goode, Dymoke and Goode's oldest daughter, has made a few public appearances with her parents. Dymoke presently resides in London with her children and spouse.

Sophie was reared in Royal Tunbridge Wells by her father, a manufacturing worker, and mother, a teacher. She got interested in acting while in primary school, but after finding she wasn't very good at it, she switched to modeling.

She attended Sacred Heart School, where she was physically active mostly to keep fit in order to become a model, but after matriculation, she enrolled at the University of Wales, where she graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics.

She spent a lot of her time in college studying history, which was her favorite topic.

Sophie enjoys traveling and has visited several European nations such as France, Italy, and Spain, as well as many US states such as California and Florida.

Sophie likes watching comedies in her leisure time, and her favorite performers and actresses include Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, and Meryl Streep, and her favorite films include "Mrs. Doubtfire," "Dead Poets Society," and "Good Morning, Vietnam." She adores animals and has two dogs as pets.

Sophie is also a philanthropist, having given money to organizations such as The Red Cross and volunteering to assist deliver gifts to impoverished children and the elderly.

She is physically active and likes riding a bicycle and rollerblading, as well as skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. She works out at the gym two to three times a week and does yoga every day.

Sophie Dymoke Age And Sun Sign

Sophie Dymoke was born on February 10, 1983, in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, under the sign of Aquarius, and she is of British nationality.

Sophie Dymoke Body Measurements

She is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighs about 128lbs. She has medium-long blonde hair and brown eyes (58kgs).

She has blonde hair and an athletic, well-kept physique. Sophie has the physical shape of a supermodel and is quite attractive. She is usually beautifully dressed and energetic as a lady in the fashion industry.

Sophie Dymoke Social Media 

One of the reasons for the scarcity of information regarding Sophie's history and current activities is her absence of an internet presence.

She is not a member of any of the main social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

There's a chance she has an account, but it's under a different name, or she's merely maintaining an account related to her job.

The same can be said for her spouse, who has no social media profile at all, which is rare for actors in this day and age.

Despite this, he maintains a regular presence in the media through interviews, appearances, and acting endeavors.

There are fan pages for him on the internet, however, they primarily include stills from his acting roles. He joins the ranks of a few performers who choose to concentrate on their job and keep their personal lives secret.

Sophie Dymoke Married Life With Matthew Goode
Sophie Dymoke Married Life With Matthew Goode

Sophie Dymoke Married Life With Matthew Goode

Matthew, the A Discovery of Witches star, has it all: a thriving acting career and a happy married life with girlfriend turned wife Sophie Dymoke.

Sophie and Matthew have been married since 2014, and their bond appears to be growing stronger with time.

Well, the credit belongs not just to Matthew, but also to Sofie, who has been a patient wife since their wedding.

Matthew, who is known for his appearances in films such as The King's Man and Official Secrets, dated his wife-to-be Sophie for several years before they married.

The pair met in 2005 and had been in a love relationship for 9 years before deciding to marry.

In fact, they had their kids even before their wedding.

Understanding and compromise from both husband and wife contribute to the growth of a relationship. And, in the instance of Sophie and Matthew, they have struck the essential balance.

In fact, Matthew explicitly said that respect for each other's privacy and space was the basis for their happy marriage. In an online chat with Red, he stated,

“A good cellar. Somewhere you can store wine. And not being in each other’s pockets the whole time. You have to have something for yourself. I’ve always had a hobby. When kids go to school, I go fishing. Sophie used to ride a lot when she was a child, and she recently got back into that. So we have a bit of fun on the side”

Sophie Dymoke and Matthew Goode Children
Sophie Dymoke and Matthew Goode Children

Sophie Dymoke And Matthew Goode Children

Sophie is the mother of three children from her marriage to Matthew. Matilda Eve Goode, their first child, was born in 2009 before they married.

Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode, their second daughter, was born in Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode 2013, and she will be seven years old in 2020.

Ralph Goode, their youngest child, was born in 2005. Sophie and Matthew are incredibly attached to their children, as are any parents, and they frequently express how much they miss them.

In fact, Matthew has frequently stated that they miss his children a lot when he is filming movies outside.

In an interview with Bustle, when asked if he wanted to pursue his potential as a huge actor, he voiced his reluctance, stating,

“I have three children and a lovely wife and I just don’t like being away from them. Of course, needs must occasionally. But I’m very lucky. I’ve been able to mix work and family.”

Above all, this demonstrates his devotion to his wife and children.

All About Sophie’s Husband, Matthew Goode
All About Sophie’s Husband, Matthew Goode

All About Sophie’s Husband, Matthew Goode 

Matthew William Goode was born in Exeter, Devon, on April 3, 1978, to Anthony, a geologist, and Jennifer, a nurse. He grew up in the Devon hamlet of Clyst St. Mary.

He is the family's youngest member. He has a younger brother named James. He also has two half-brothers and a half-sister, TV personality Sally Meen. Matthew has half-brothers and sisters from his mother's previous marriage.

Matthew went to the 'Exeter School,' where he took A-levels in geography, theatre, and English. Matthew had originally planned to become an archeologist, but his theatre teacher urged him to continue his studies in theater.

Matthew was the prep school chorus group's head chorister. He portrayed a singing rodent in 'Wind and the Willows' when he was six years old.

Matthew overcame his stage fright thanks to the guidance of his theatre teacher. He subsequently chose to pursue a career in acting.

Later, he studied drama at the 'University of Birmingham,' and then went on to train at the 'Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art,' in London.

Matthew's mother was a local dramatics company named 'The Campion Players,' and she was an amateur theatrical director.

Matthew grew up playing hockey and cricket for his county/school. By the age of 14, he had developed a strong interest in golf.

Matthew Goode is a well-known English actor. He began his career with the Spanish film 'Al Sur de Granada,' which won a 'Goya Award.'

Matthew did not always want to be an actor. Despite growing up as an active theater performer, he had abandoned acting at one time in his life due to stage fright. Matthew had shifted his emphasis to athletics at that point.

After being convinced by his theater instructor, he returned to performing. Matthew worked in a number of successful ventures after breaking into the mainstream.

Some of the characters he has portrayed thus far are based on real-life people. Matthew has built a reputation for himself in the profession, having received many nominations and two wins.

Sophie Dymoke Career And Professional Life

She began her career after graduating from high school, joining the Donna Karan Ltd. firm in London, and after graduating from college, she relocated to New York City, where she began working at Alice and Olivia Company, eventually becoming their Head of Sales.

She rose to prominence after being invited to work as the Sales Manager for the apparel business Diesel, but due to disagreements with the firm's management, she left and went to work as the Sales Director for Vince Company.

She began working for the HiM Jeans Company in 2012 as their sales director and has been with them for eight years.

Sophie Dymoke Net Worth 

The famous spouse, on the other hand, is unquestionably wealthy and lives a lavish lifestyle. She is in good financial and emotional health.

In terms of financial worth, she is estimated to have a net worth of about $1 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her spouse Matthew has a net worth of $3 million.

10 Facts About Sophie Dymoke
10 Facts About Sophie Dymoke

10 Facts About Sophie Dymoke 

  • Sophie, who was born in 1980, is a fashion designer by trade. She has collaborated with various well-known businesses as a fashion designer.
  • Since 2014, Sophie Dymoke has been married to actor Matthew Goode.
  • Sophie, like Matthew, respects her husband's privacy and space.
  • Sophie is the mother of three children from her marriage to Matthew. Matilda Eve Goode, their first child, was born in 2009 before they married.
  • Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode, their second daughter, was born in Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode 2013, and she will be seven years old in 2020.
  • Ralph Goode, their youngest child, was born in 2005.
  • Sophie and Matthew dated for several years before their marriage.
  • Matthew Goode, born Matthew William Goode, is a renowned English actor and Sophie Dymoke's husband.
  • Sophie Dymoke appears to be uninterested in social media. Despite being a star, she does not use social media. She seemed to be having a good time away from all the attention.
  • In terms of financial worth, she is estimated to have a net worth of about $1 million.
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