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Six Natural Statin Alternatives


The list is for informational purposes only, not advisory. Consult with your doctor before you make any health related changes. This includes starting or stopping any supplements or medications.


Red Yeast Rice contained Monacolin K, which was found to be chemically similar to a prescription statin drug. Studies verified results (good and bad) were also similar. Big Pharma protested this was, in essence, a drug and the end result was the FDA required red yeast products containing monacolin to be taken off the market in the US.


Currently being added to some brands of buttery type spreads, studies have shown these plant sterols do have marginal lipid lowering capabilities. Overall, the actual percentage of reduction of LDL cholesterol varied only slightly from study to study, averaging 9–14% with consumption of 2 g of sterols or stanols per day (the amount in an average daily serving of spread). From what I read, they only lower LDL, and may be best suited as a measure toward preventing, rather than treating, high cholesterol.

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A plant sterol. Originally researched and developed in Cuba, where this supplement is produced from the wax of the sugarcane plant. The studies that have been published to date are conflicting in their conclusions - a 2002 study (Gouni-Berthold and Berthold) indicated total and LDL cholesterol lowered "equivalent to low-dose statin therapy" but a later study (Berthold et al., 2006) found no significant cholesterol-lowering effect.

PYCNOGENOL (French Marine Pine Bark)

An antioxidant anti-inflammatory with immunostimulant effects. Can also inhibit platelet aggregation. I read that, while clinical trials support its use for CVI (chronic venous insufficiency), more trials are needed for other issues.


A rich source of natural phenols considerably more potent than aspirin in preventing platelet aggregation (avoid taking with other blood thinners); fights inflammation as a natural COX-2 inhibitor. A small study (36 type 2 diabetics), published in 2006, proclaimed 1-3 g of cloves daily for 30 days improved glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides, with the biggest reduction (33%) being glucose.

BERGAMOT (Italian, Orange-like Fruit)

This extract, subject of 4 human trials as of early 2015 (one, from the Dept. of Cardiology in Rome, involving 237 men and women), was reported to quickly reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as raise HDL (good) cholesterol. and also lower blood sugar. When taken in conjunction with statins, participants were able to cut their statin usage in half without negatively impacting the result. I read more, independent, studies are needed and that exposure to direct sunlight may result in the extract becoming toxic. Bergamot extract is a flavonoid, and I recalled reading a while back about a study that involved people drinking orange juice with a high-fat fast food meal: their blood levels were not impacted by the fat, and it was thought the orange juice flavonoids could be the reason. Unfortunately, the OJ's high sugar content did impact the blood.


Showing great promise as a natural supplement for diabetes. The results of a randomized, placebo-controlled trial also showed impressive results from 500 mg. 2x a day, lowering LDL (avg. 21%) triglycerides (avg. 35.9%), and total cholesterol (avg. 18% ) over a period of 3 months in patients newly diagnosed with lipid issues. However, it interacts with a number of medications, so caution is advised.

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Susan Murillo - Susan has been interested in real estate since she was a child in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Susan had always wanted to pursue a direction that would encourage her to support others, and she discovered her true calling in real estate, where she could serve her clients and direct them through one of their most significant investments. Shannon has been involved in the selling and distribution of one billion dollars in real estate in Western Canada over the last ten years.

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