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Selling The Benefits Not The Features - How Can It Increase Your Sales?


You should focus on selling the benefits not the features of your business for better growth. Features don't sell well primarily because consumers don't care about them.

The client may utilize a list of features to choose between two items that are identical, but the features themselves won't compel them to purchase the product.

You can even say that clients aren't even interested in the product themselves. They are not interested in purchasing it because it is a hip item, the most recent model, or anything else of the sort.

They do not wish to possess it. They simply want to use the product to achieve a specific goal or outcome. In other words, the product is merely a tool to achieve a goal.

A man in suit drawing business strategies with a blue highlighter
A man in suit drawing business strategies with a blue highlighter

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/selling-the-benefits-not-the-features/ by Stefano Mclaughlin on 2022-10-06T08:08:48.796Z

Take a look at this quote about selling the benefits not the features from investor Dina Routhier:

The most common thing that pegs an entrepreneur as an amateur is when they come in and immediately start talking about their amazing new technology, and forget to start the discussion with, What big problem in the market am I trying to solve? If they don’t start with the problem, then I know they are green.

- Dina Routhier

Sell The Benefits Not The Features Is A Golden Key To Increase Your Sales

Benefits relate to where the customer is now, making your message more personal and increasing their trust in you. Customers typically purchase items on sale in order to address a dilemma or satisfy a fictitious desire.

Benefits address these issues or aspirations and make it easier for customers to picture themselves utilizing and approving of whatever you're selling. Features, on the other hand, are less interesting and attractive, even though they are useful for more technical, repeat clients.

As you progress up the ladder and certain customers turn into aficionados who are very knowledgeable about your product and business, you can get a little more into features. You should still employ both, but you should lean toward benefits with younger clients. Yet, benefits are crucial.

Feature-Benefit Selling Examples

Take this example to understand it better: if a well-known fast-food chain like McDonald's produced a commercial announcing that the beef in their burgers had increased by 5%.

Don't you think that's a bit too much information? It has advantages, yes, but it also raises some unsettling issues. What was the prior composition of the remaining 5%?

This is why the majority of fast food advertisements don't concentrate too much on the ingredients or the actual eating experience. Instead, they create an atmosphere that is associated with ordering their food, usually with friends, to suggest that you may do it while having a good time.

That is a very obvious benefit for you personally, and it's not even certain that it will succeed. It is what people are truly interested in.

Benefits vs Features | The Crucial Key to Selling More Of Your Product and Services | Adam Erhart

A Reddit user Bubbledood shared his thoughts:

"Lead with the benefit tho, if they are curious about it then talk about features. Not everyone will be interested in the tech, but everyone will relate to the benefit."

People Also Ask

Why Selling Benefits Rather Than Features?

What something is, or a feature, is. What something does and the outcome are benefits. By prioritizing benefits you relate with your customers, and thus it increases your sales.

How Do I Sell Benefits And Not Features?

Get your audience involved.

  • Speak to your audience in their language.
  • Your market research findings should help you better understand your product or service from the customer's perspective.
  • Become emotional.
  • Transform your advantages into obvious characteristics.

What Is Difference Between Benefits And Features?

A benefit is what consumers can do or achieve with something, whereas a feature is what something is.


Consider your company for a moment and ask yourself this straightforward question: Are you offering benefits or features? Your life might be changed by it.

The most useful skill you can learn as a business owner is selling the benefits not the features of your business.

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