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Relax and Discover Carpathians, Crimea


The Carpathians are an original mountain system in that virgin forests unique to Central Europe have been preserved on its territory. The mountains themselves are "soft", without rock ledges mountain peaks - meadows. This is a part of the mountain above 1400 m, on which no forest grows.

Blueberries and cranberries grow on the plateau. A little lower, on the slopes of the mountains, you can always find thickets of blackberries. In summer, the mountain landscape is complemented by numerous flocks of sheep. Along the way, sheep's milk is collected, from which shepherds immediately make sheep's cheese (which is used to make the most delicious Carpathian cheese).

Carpathian's Blueberries
Carpathian's Blueberries

The major portion of the Carpathians is dominated by coniferous and beech forests. In addition to spruce and beech, the Carpathians also plant maple, hornbeam, pine, larch, alder, plum, walnut and yew-a tree with a life cycle of around a thousand years. As part of the virgin beech forests rise maple, common ash and mountain elm, which have almost vanished in many areas of the Carpathians.

On the upper slopes of the mountains - alpine meadows, rich in rare species of flora. In particular, an endemic plant - rhododendron East Carpathian. Due to the pink colorful flowers it is popularly called the alpine rose. Many years of the Western region of Ukraine originate here: Prut and Cheremosh, Limnytsia, which is considered to be one of the cleanest rivers in Europe.

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In the Carpathian Mountains you can see many more interesting things. For example, a mountain pine that grows on Mount Pip Ivan at an altitude of over 2000 meters. The tallest tree is the European larch, which is 54 meters high near Rakhiv, and the lowest is the blunt willow, which is up to 15 centimeters high on the slopes of Mount Bliznytsia. In spring, near Rakhiv, you can see a flowering valley of daffodils.

Karst caves and deposits of rock salt deposits were formed in the mountains many thousands of years ago. Above the deposits are salt lakes a la the "Dead Sea" in Israel. These lakes are much smaller, but with the same healing properties.

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