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What Is the Purpose of Captioning?


Captioning is starting to expand as time moves on because of the new technologies invented. As technology shifts, everything changes as videos are taken differently to fit every person.

Moreover, captioning is being looked into a lot so that it could help those with hearing problems. The best captioning services you can ever get are Verbit's captioning services. They are always up to date with new technological changes.

You may also be wondering what captioning is; it is the procedure that entails splitting transcript text into chunks called 'caption frames' and time-coding each outline to synchronize with the audio of the tape. The significance of captioning includes;

Connects Your Audience

The moment you produce a tape that has subtitles, whether it's a movie show or a working video, it will be able to reach many viewers from wherever they are. It also makes it easy to enjoy your show, mostly when you are in a noisy environment and you can hear anything. You also get a chance to understand the show better since sometimes you may miss something because you got distracted or the sound was not that clear.

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Enhances Your Speech Abilities

Even if many people take various language courses so that they can learn them, you can learn a lot by reading captions in videos. Another reason why subtitles are great for videos is that it assists people who have speech issues, attention deficit and autism.

Repurpose Of Text

When you use captions or transcripts, you can change the purpose of your content. For example, you can develop a blog post or an overview of various articles.

Assists The Deaf

As we have seen above, captions assist every person, but they are very helpful for the deaf. Technology has tried to find a way could make the deaf understand things easily and enjoy their favorite tv shows, and that's where captioning came in.

The more the deaf population grows, the more captioning videos are released. Also, many people are getting deaf because of using headphones and earphones too much and putting loud volume so that they can hear better, and that's why captions are great.

Increases SEO Efforts

A text description is the only way to make your video easily understandable for search engines. A text description is not required for your document, so you can make a video of your entire content in the following text format.

Also, captions can be used to enhance comprehension. When programs like Zoom support closed captioning, you should consider starting to use closed captioning if your organization has not yet done so.

Assists Non-native Speakers

Most movies that are acted have various people from various countries, and accents can be a problem to understand. This is where captioning comes in; captions give you a chance to understand what the actor is talking about.

Even if the person watching speaks the same language as the actors, sometimes it's quite hard to understand everything being talked about, and that's why captions are important.

Difference Between Transcription And Captioning

Here are a few differences between transcription and captioning:

Transcription is when dialogue or audio is transformed into a written, plain text manuscript. There are various ways in which transcripts are written, and they are:

Verbatim - transcribed the audio word to word, and it is beneficial for TV shows, movies and scripts.

Clean read - transcription edits the text so that you can read it much better, and it's great for interviews. Captioning, on the other hand, is the procedure that involves splitting transcript texts into chunks, and it synchronizes with the audio or the video you have created. Output usually arises at the bottom of the video screen, and it should always represent speech, and sound effects and sound are not visually noticeable.

How You Can Add Caption Files To Your Videos

Before you add captions to your videos, you will need to have a caption file first, and all this is determined by where your video is being hosted. You can visit various sites to know how you can add the captions easily in case you get confused.


As we have seen above, captioning is very helpful, and when you want to make your audience engaged when presenting or watching something, captions are great for you.

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