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Product Testing Nonprofit Since 1936 - Solve This Famous Crossword Problem


If you are a crossword fan you probably know the product testing nonprofit since 1936. In addition to being a fun way to kill time and test your mental prowess, crossword puzzles may be an effective way to exercise your brain.

Crossword puzzles are a common type of word puzzle. A crossword puzzle is made up of a rectangular diagram divided into blank (white) and cancelled (black, colored, or crosshatched) squares.

This diagram is accompanied by two lists of numbered definitions or clues, one for horizontal words and the other for vertical words, with the numbers corresponding to the diagram's identical numbers.

A different letter of the alphabet is to be entered into each of the diagram's vacant squares, generating words that correspond to the numbered definitions or clues. The words cross or interlock, giving rise to the puzzle's name.

Crossword puzzles initially appeared in the nineteenth century in England. They were of the most basic type, evidently developed from the word square, a group of words arranged in such a way that the letters read the same vertically and horizontally, and printed in children's puzzle books and numerous periodicals.

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Of course, there are occasions when the crossword clue leaves us completely befuddled, and this could be because we have no prior knowledge of the topic at all or simply because we are unable to think of an answer. If you require assistance with the crossword clue "Product-testing nonprofit since 1936," we are here to provide you with all the possible solutions.

There is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed if you are having trouble solving a crossword clue. These problems cover a wide variety of topics, and it would be impossible for one person to be an expert on all of them.

You will find that as you play more of these games, a significant number of the hints and indications that are shown to you will become second nature to you. We have provided all of the answers that we are aware of for the Product-testing nonprofit that has been around since 1936.

A clue may have more than one correct response. This clue was last seen in the New York Times Crossword on August 2nd, 2022. In order to find the right solution to the crossword puzzle you are now working on, you will need to compare the length of the answers given below to the needed length listed in the puzzle.

If you are looking for the answer to the crossword clue "Product-testing nonprofit since 1936," it is CONSUMERREPORTS (15 letters).

Crossword Clue & Answer Definitions

  • NONPROFIT (noun) - an organization chartered for other than profit-making activities.
  • NONPROFIT (adjective) - not commercially motivated.
  • SINCE (adverb) - From a definite past time until now.
  • SINCE (preposition) - From the time of; in or during the time subsequent to; subsequently to; after; usually with a past event or time for the object.
  • SINCE (conjunction) - Seeing that; because; considering; — formerly followed by that.

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Is Doing Crosswords Good For Your Brain?

Older adults who regularly did word and number puzzles had increased mental acuity.

Do Crosswords Prevent Dementia?

Those who frequently did crossword puzzles demonstrated a much slower decline in memory.

What Do You Call A Person Who Likes Crossword Puzzles?

They're called cruciverbalists.

Final Words

That ought to be the last piece of information you require to complete the crossword clue you've been working on.

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