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Poker Tracker 4: The Best Online Software For Playing Poker


PokerTracker 4 is a poker monitoring program that is intended for a variety of online poker games, including no-limit, limit, and pot-limit cash games, Sit N' Go's, and Multi-Table Tournaments for both Texas Holdem and Omaha players. It is available for both Windows and Mac computers. It is compatible with the software and user interfaces of almost all online poker websites.

In March 2012, PokerTracker 4 went into public beta testing for the first time. In August 2012, the firm commercially released a version of PokerTracker 4 for Microsoft Windows that was developed in-house.

The business started alpha testing an Apple OS X version of PokerTracker in January 2013, at the same time as the company released PokerTracker version 4.05.10. PokerTracker 4 was developed from the ground up rather than by improving previous versions such as PokerTracker 3 and others.

Basic Details About Poker Tracker 4

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/poker-tracker-4/ by Susan Murillo on 2021-09-12T22:24:42.370Z

As demonstrated in the 'Sample Hand History' example, most online poker sites allow players to instruct the client software to generate a locally saved text file that records their hand history.

Each of these hand histories provides a concise summary of the hand's details in a format that can be processed by computer tools. PokerTracker scans these files and extracts the pertinent information, which it then transforms into a database that can be used for subsequent review and statistical analysis.

Users may combine their statistics using the program since it is capable of integrating the hand history information of numerous accounts from different online poker providers.

It is possible to combine statistical summaries from various poker sites, regardless of whether the user's screen name is the same at each site in question.

Cash ring games, in which players compete for cash at the end of each hand, sit and go tournaments, in which players compete for predetermined prizes after a predetermined number of competitors enter the tournament, and multi-table tournaments, in which players compete for prizes based on the total number of entries at the scheduled start time, are all capable of being analyzed by PokerTracker.

Position, session, tournament, best and worst hands, and hand outcomes may all be recorded in the statistics section. This allows the user to examine data depending on the beginning hand or the final hand in a more efficient manner.

The program also provides the option for the user to replay a particular hand. The database of the program utilizes tournament summaries, like the 'Sample Tournament Summary' example, and hand histories to generate a three-part summary that is shown on the screen (see infobox screenshot).

The top part of the general information page contains tournament profit and loss summaries, as well as an ordinary placing summary, which may be found in the bottom section.

The following sections provide a summary of situational data depending on the height of the blinds and the beginning hand. Additional tabs in the program provide comprehensive information for a variety of statistical purposes.

The probability graphs provided by PokerTracker, as well as historical data of the hands played by the user and his or her opponents, allow the user to evaluate conditional statistical possibilities and optimum betting amounts.

This program analyses various scenarios depending on the playing qualities of the other team and the player's position in relation to the dealer. Graphs may be generated for a single session as well as for any portion of a player's playing record.

One of the most significant enhancements in PokerTracker 3 over PT2 is that it is completely configurable, allowing all statistics and reports to be customized to the specific needs of the person in question. PokerTracker, according to the Guardian, is used by the majority of serious players during online play to continuously compute situational optima.

Poker Tracker 4 Overview and Review

Poker Tracker 4 Is Easy To Install And Configure; Practical Guide

According to the majority of players, Poker Tracker 4 (PT4) is the finest functioning poker tracker at present. Poker Tracker 4 is only available in English and maybe played on both a PC (Windows) and a Mac (Mac OS X).

You may try the Poker Tracker 4 tracking software for free for 30 days (free trial version) starting in August 2021, so you can develop your own judgment on its effectiveness and the assistance it can provide. Following the free trial time, you have three options for purchasing a license.

If Poker Tracker 4 has such a good reputation in the world of online poker, it is because it has superior sorting capabilities to other software, as well as options that allow progress, such as: leak analysis (leaks or weak points), and is very useful features like NoteTracker (which allows you to take automatic notes on your opponents) and even an ICM calculator. Poker Tracker 4 is obviously legal in France and is allowed by all ARJEL-licensed online poker venues.

Get Cracking with PokerTracker 4 | Setup and Configuration

Poker Tracker 4 Standard Features

PokerTracker 4 is the only place where you can get the real-time Vector HUD Engine that drives the most sophisticated head-up display for online poker players.

Choose between complete table statistics and current table statistics. In tournaments, filter stats to show stack sizes. Each hand's large blind stack size is shown in real-time. While playing, review and tag your hands.

How to use PokerTracker 4 filters to improve your poker game


PokerTracker 4 comes with hundreds of built-in statistics, but you may create your own custom statistics and add them to the HUD if you require something more specialized.

Stack Monitoring In Real-time

view the chip counts of all players at the conclusion of each hand.

Game Analysis And Reporting

PokerTracker 4 is intended to be the most effective tool for analyzing and reporting poker hands.


get complete, customized reports from the database for hands of interest.

Save the reports to be able to filter them quickly whenever you need them. The greatest tool for visualizing ranges rather than simply hands is the hand range visualizer. Visualize the luck bell curve to see how well you did in getting the draw you wanted.

Poker Tracker 4 Exclusive Scale Hud Features Precision Accuracy

PokerTracker 4 is the only poker software that includes the real-time Vector HUD Engine, which drives the most sophisticated heads-up display available for online poker players.

Pop-ups may be set to open when a player clicks on a particular HUD group on the table, or when a player clicks on a specific stat. You may choose between complete table statistics and current table statistics.

In tournaments, sort by effective stack size to get the most relevant results. View the live big blind counts that were computed at the conclusion of the previous hand. While playing, keep track of your hands and tag them.

Learn more about poker HUD statistics with PokerTracker 4


The LeakTracker app is an excellent place to begin if you are serious about improving your game and studying your data.

When it comes to cash game players, it is a strong tool that analyzes your database by comparing important statistics to evaluate performance against a huge sample of successful players on a stat-by-stat basis.

LeakTracker provides a set of basic training films to assist you in understanding how to enhance your performance in each of the reviews you do.

No extra fees are required to use ICM PokerTracker 4, which contains the most sophisticated Independent Chip Modelling (ICM) analysis and simulation tools available.


It is a chip modeling method that may be used to determine the best chip equity choices to make in a single table tournament or final table situation.

The ICM features in PokerTracker 4 are essential for all SnG and MTT players who want to learn and improve their skills.

Calculate your net worth (equity). For both Hold 'em and Omaha, you may use the built-in Equity Calculator to rapidly assess your hand's equity in relation to your opponent's range of potential hands.

Several websites claim that PokerTracker is the world's most advanced or most widely used poker tracking software, respectively.

It is referred to as "the most popular poker monitoring and analysis program accessible" on Pokersource.com and "the original and biggest piece of poker tracking software" on Party Poker, among other places.

According to PokerSoftware.com, "Poker Tracker has been the industry standard... for many years."

When it comes to online poker tracking, Total Gambler claims that PokerTracker 2 was the "preeminent force" for more than two years. However, at the time of its December 2008 review, it refers to this leadership position in the past tense, stating that PokerTracker 3 was not yet "fully released" at the time of its testing.

The use of software that provides a player with an "unfair edge" is strictly prohibited in major online poker rooms.

This usually comprises software that enables players to share their hole cards with other players during live play, as well as software that automates decision-making during live play sessions.

Because PokerTracker software does not fall under any of these categories, it is usually permitted on most sites, including the industry leader PokerStars.com, where it is now available.

Leaving legality aside, some players believe that the usage of PokerTracker detracts from the experience of playing poker. For example, Victoria Coren of The Guardian writes: "There is just one drawback to utilizing PokerTracker: it is time-consuming. What's the point of all this murderous fun? "

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