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Poker Range Charts: Best Poker Charts That Every Player Must Know


As a fast reference on your mobile device while playing, these baseline hand range percentages have been created. Preflop ranges are intended to assist you in establishing appropriate and consistent ranges for your pre-flop action. Preflop ranges, like many other aspects of poker, should not be static; rather, they should be able to adjust to changing circumstances.

These are just guidelines; you should often change the precise ranges you are playing based on variables like stack size, opponent actions, player kinds, and other tournament considerations, among other things.

What is the point of having a page dedicated to poker ranges? Every poker player has been there at some point. Short-stacked.

While looking at garbage hand after junk hand, I bleep chips with every orbit I make. They are seeing their prospects of winning the event diminish more and farther as their chip stack continues to erode. Finally, they are dealt a hand that is at least a little decent.

There has been no entry into the pot. Is it time to put the cart before the horse? There's a quick and simple way to find out. Here comes the role of poker range charts.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/poker-range-charts/ by Landon Morton on 2021-09-12T23:00:36.230Z

Using these helpful tools, players may identify which poker hand ranges to play in preflop situations when the pot has not yet been opened and a player intends to push or fold their hand.

When you play the proper ranges according to the preflop charts, you make it impossible for your play to be exploited, so memorizing these is essential for short-stacked play.

Continue reading to find out more, as well as a printable poker hand range chart that you can use to study and improve your performance when you're short-stacked in the game. Calculator for Poker Odds.

What Are Poker Ranges, And How Do They Work?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a poker hand range is simply a collection of poker hands that a player may hold at any given time. For the most part, we try to guess our opponents' ranges because guessing their exact hole cards is a fruitless and nearly impossible exercise in the vast majority of cases.

As an example, if you witness the tightest player you've ever seen reraise you preflop in hold ‘em, you could conclude that they only have aces and kings in their hand. If, on the other hand, a player who hasn't folded a hand in an hour calls your raise, you may estimate their range to include any two cards from the remaining cards in the deck.

Of course, the majority of hand ranges will fall somewhere in the middle. You have arrived at the correct location, whether you are new to poker or just searching for pre-flop range guidance on which cards to play in certain circumstances.

Since 2008, I have been actively participating in and winning at poker, and I have compiled some statistics for your consideration. The chart will be effective in both online and live games, as well as in tournaments and cash games.

So that you may keep things as simple as possible, I've provided you with an easy-to-read but comprehensive range chart that covers nearly every pre-flop choice you might possibly encounter at the poker table.

If you want, you may then modify the ranges to better fit your playing style or to better reflect the nature of the games in which you participate. I've also included a downloadable PDF version of this post for your convenience. While playing online poker, you may either tape the picture to the floor beneath your tables or print it off to use as a practice tool while playing live poker.

Poker Ranges Explained

What Is The Formula For Calculating Poker Ranges?

Analyzing ranges may be a difficult concept, and a poker player can only get better at it by studying game theory and playing thousands of hands.

Incorporating some appropriate preflop strategy into your poker training will assist you in understanding what poker hand ranges they'll be playing on the table.

The more time you spend playing and observing your opponents' hands during the showdown, the more clues you'll gain about their game plan and strategy. When you play future hands, you will be able to make more accurate estimates of their ranges as a result of this.

Poker Ranges Explained 🃏🃏 (Everything You Need to Know to Build your Poker Hand Ranges like a Pro)

Method Of Using Poker Range Chart

The following are the steps to follow in order to utilize the charts. If you follow this three-step procedure, you will not make a mistake. How to increase your chances of winning money in poker

Make use of the far left column to figure out what is going on. Continually move your way down the right-hand row until you reach the column that corresponds to your current place at the table.

Execute the action using the range and size (if applicable) that were specified in the relevant text boxes. Now, let's take a closer look at how to make use of the charts in more detail. Becoming Familiar with the Hand Range Shorthand

I use a popular hand range shorthand to save space on the charts, and I also use it to save time. Even while it may take some practice to perfect, once you do, the simplicity will become apparent.

How to Build Your Own Poker Ranges with Flopzilla Pro - 5 Steps

Top 7 Rules Of Engagement

  • If appropriate, pairs take precedence over singles. You will either observe a single pair, such as 66, or a series of pairs.
  • This indicates a score of 66 or above and covers all pairings from 66 to AA. If you see a range, such as 88-JJ, it indicates that the cards are 88, 99, TT, and JJ.
  • If you see a single hand mentioned, it covers both suited and unsuited hands, as well as all hands greater than a certain number of points.
  • If you have an X9, it means that all of your non-pair hands have a kicker of at least a 9.
  • There are a variety of K9s+, Q9s+, J9s+, T9s+, and T9s+ in this group, as well as K9o+, Q9o+, J9o+, T9o+, and T9o+.
  • XJT refers to all hands with a kicker of Jack or better that are not suited, as well as all suited hands with a kicker of ten or better.
  • Consequently, 55+, ATs+, ATo+, KTs+, KJo+, QTs+, QJo, JTs+, QTs+, QJo.

The 4 Forms Of A Poker Range

When it comes to discussing poker ranges, there are four primary approaches that we use. They are interchangeable, and your aim is to be able to see them all at the same moment over time.

In other words, if you just see a range matrix, you should be able to estimate approximately how many combinations are included in it.

If you encounter a percent-form, you should be able to see what it looks like visually before proceeding. So, here are some examples of how we speak about ranges...

Really Good Low Stakes 6-Max Preflop Ranges 2021 (Free Matrix Viewer at Overnightmonster.com)

The Poker Hand Matrix

It's probable that you've encountered the 13 by 13 matrix before. This matrix contains a list of all 169 potential beginning hands (1313 = 169) and is the most often used method of visualizing ranges among poker players. In a matrix, all possible poker hands are represented.

Every pocket pair is shown along the diagonal, every matched combination is displayed above the diagonal, and all unsuited combos are displayed below the diagonal in the matrix.

Although every poker software package that makes use of the matrix will have a somewhat different color-coding scheme, chosen hands are colored in a manner that distinguishes them from unselected cards.

Formalized As A Percentage (Percent-form)

The percentage form of a range informs you of the proportion of all potential beginning hands that are presently being considered for selection. As a result, if you do not pick any hands, you will have a percent of the pot.

If you choose every single hand, you will have 100 percent success. When you take into account the suits, those 169 potential beginning hands become 1,326 different combinations.

The percentage form of pocket Aces may be determined by looking at the six possible combinations. This implies that the percentage form for AA would be.

45 percent of the population AA = 6/1,326 = 0.45 percent of the population

When it comes to synchronizing your opponent's preflop frequencies with an actual range of hands, the percentage form is very helpful.

If you know that your opponent open-raises preflop 15 percent of the time, you may begin by constructing the top-15 percent of hands to get an idea of what their range looks like.

Range Combos

Combos are a method of counting the number of different ways a player may create certain hands.

There is a common misconception among new players that there is only one Ace-King combination. In reality, there are 16 Ace King combinations, with four of them being suited and twelve of them being unsuited.

As a point of reference, keep in mind that the 169 beginning hands provide us with 1,326 different combinations. As a result, to rapidly compare percent-form and combinations, keep this simple chart in mind:

Keep in mind that your hole cards, which are also known as blocks, may have an effect on your combination of cards. For additional details on this, please see my comprehensive guide to poker counting combinations and blocks. Strands Of Varying Lengths.

The Range Strand

It is a string of text that contains a list of all of the hands that have been chosen. Strand of Poker Tables

However, even though this line of text is usually unattractive, it may be simply exported from and loaded into your preferred poker software program.

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