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12 Expert Tips for Playing Zoom Poker


Poker is somewhat like a sport. You fight against competitors to win glory and money. Ultimately, the strongest players come out on top and staying in top mental condition throughout your session is crucial for high levels of performance. For tournament players, sometimes there aren't many options, but for cash game players, the introduction of Zoom provided a very convenient way to choose exactly how long to play for. Yes, you can play online poker real money.

Why many Zoom students who play shorter sessions doing so much better than those who play for hours on end? Is human concentration really so pathetic that it needs such regular breaks? Or is there something deeper going on? Here in our post, you will find out how to play poker on Zoom to beat your friends in Zoom poker then.

Optimum Performance In Zoom Poker

When you start playing Zoom poker, your performance may be slow. Your poker mind is like an engine: it needs to warm up before it starts to approach its full potential. After approximately ten to fifteen minutes, if you are free from emotional interference, stress, tiredness and distractions, you will begin to enter your most efficient mode of poker, which popularly known as your “A game.”

Your “A game” will continue until something disturbs or distracts you, or until about 50-80 minutes into your session. This is the point at which most poker players begin to experience a drop in skill caused simply by reaching the objective limit of the human concentration range. Whether or not you consciously notice this drop is another matter.

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Awareness of suboptimal performance is positively correlated with suboptimal performance itself, meaning that the more you fall into your B, C, or D game, the less likely you are to notice it. Setting a hard rule about the length of your session is a great way to break the vicious cycle of unknowingly spinning around in second gear.

Today, countless players occupy the exciting Zoom Poker tables every day. Having a different mechanic, these Zoom poker tables must have a different strategy. This is why, so far, two poker professionals have analyzed the tables and given some tips to face these tables. These are the Zoom poker tips from professional players Raymond Wu and Martin Staszko.

Professional Players’ Zoom Poker Tips

Asia Pro player Raymond Wu recently offered some advice on this:

  • Don't rack your brains

Zoom Poker is fast and the action is incredible, however, it is not good to get saturated with many open tables. Opening many tables will make you susceptible to automatic play and this will show in your results.

  • Don't fold too much in the blinds

Doing this will make you an easy prey to be robbed, ensuring you lose money in the long run.

  • Do not overprotect your blinds

Although it may seem contradictory to the second advice, it is not. You must find a balance regarding the defense of your blinds.

  • Take notes of your opponents

You have two options for this, the first is to do it after each hand, although it is not the most appropriate, since you would lose focus of the game. It is best to do it once you have finished your session.

  • See what happened in the last hand

If there is a good pot involved, you can press CTRL while folding to see the progress of the hand, since the result of this play can provide you with very useful information.

  • Don't take it personally

If someone attacks you in position, don't freak out – in the next hand you will not face this same person. Play each situation as if it were unique, without worrying about the game dynamics of the specific opponent you face.

On the other hand, 2011 WSOP Main Event semi-finalist Pro Martin Staszko from the Czech Republic provided his Zoom Poker knowledge:

  • Don't fold your small blind immediately

Many players in the big blind will have left auto-fold selected and you could take the hand by making a min-raise, thereby increasing your profits without a showdown.

  • From the blinds, look at the 3-bet fold percentage

If both numbers are high, don't be afraid to 3-bet.

  • If there is no continuation bet, then bet!

If you find yourself against an opponent who bet preflop, but when he saw the flop he just passed, bet 100% of the time. Your opponent will roll on most of them.

  • Learn to fold

If a conservative player 4-bets and your 3-bet percentage is within the normal ranges, it's very likely that your pair of queens no longer works.

  • Know your buy-in limits

If you are not an experienced player playing with 200 big blinds or more, remember that once you double up on chips, you can fold and enter a Zoom table with 100 big blinds.

  • Use check-raise well

Especially powerful against good regular players in poker on Zoom. For example, if you call him preflop with pocket pair, check the flop to your opponent to bet and then re-raise him, regardless of whether you hit your pair.

To Conclude

Did you find this post helpful? If you can’t wait for playing Zoom Poker, we recommend these best real money online casinos for Canadians and Americans! Select the best casino for yourself and practice real money poker and completely free poker to play then Zoom poker with friends.

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