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Patricia Azarcoya Schneider - Rob Schneider Wife, Career, Background, Net Worth


On March 6, 1988, Patricia Schneider was born in Mexico. Now, she has reached the age of 33 by now, having a zodiac sign Pisces, and holds Mexican nationality. Patricia is a well-known actress who has given her best on some exemplary projects like "Real Rob". Moreover, she was also the producer of the project "Real Rob".

Patricia Azarcoya Schneider Career

Patricia started her acting career in 2006. She debuted in "Alkahest", and In 2015, she started working on the series "Real Rob". She also appeared to play a small part in the project "Fight or Flight". Some of her newest projects include Patricia's movie named "Planeta 5000", which is in post-production for now.

Leading a life as an American actress, Patricia is well-known for her appearance in the series "Real Rob", which is created by Rob Schneider, her husband. In December 2015, it debuted and was released on Netflix.

The story follows the lifestyle of Rob's family, which includes him, her wife Patricia, and his daughters, Madeline Robbie and Miranda Scarlett. The next season of "Real Rob", aired on 29 September 2016, was well appreciated.

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Patricia Azarcoya Schneider Background And Ethnicity

Schneider is a Mexican who holds Latina ethnicity. Speaking of Schneider's facial features, she has gorgeous dark silky hair and mesmerizing brown coloured eyes, which adds charm to her complexion. She stands tall at a stature of 5 feet 2 inches. She has a perfect balance between her height and weight; speaking of this, she weighs 54 kilograms.

Analogously, she has an estimate of 34-24-34 inches. Her overall body frame gives a curvaceous silhouette. Observing her photos from the internet, she represents a perfect figure. She always looks elegant at the events she takes part in. She has an ideal feminine figure and has a modish personality. Although, she hasn't disclosed her childhood information to the public.

Patricia Azarcoya Schneider Relationship Status

Speaking of Patricia's relationship, she is happily married to a famous Hollywood artist Rob Schneider. Rob is a multi-talent person who is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, director, and conspiracy theorist. The duo took their vows in 2011. Almighty blessed them with a daughter whose name is Miranda Schneider. Even though the age difference between Patricia and Rob is 25 years, the family lives a comfortable and happy life together.

Patricia Azarcoya Schneider Husband

Robert Schneider is an American comedian, actor, director, conspiracy theorist, and screenwriter who took birth on October 31, 1963. He is 57 years old by now and has Scorpio as his zodiac symbol. Rob is a multi-talented person, and he is a gem in the industry.

He was born in a family that has Jewish ancestry. His parents were Marvin and Pilar Schneider. His grandmother was a native of the Philippines, so his multi-ethnic background is used frequently as a topic in his acts and jokes.

Talking about his educational background, Rob completed his primary education at Terra Nova High School. He completed high school in 1982 and went to enrol himself at San Francisco University for his higher education.

The Career Of Patricia Azarcoya Schneider's Husband: Rob Schneider

Projects like Real Rob, The Animal, Hot Chick, Grown-Ups, and American Virgin are some fine work done by Rob. He played the role of Jessica in the project Hot Chick, which was released in 2002. The story is about a bad-natured teenage girl confined in a man's body.

The reaction from the audience and critics was moderate. Despite the mediocre response, Rob was given an opportunity to work with famous well-known artists like Anna Faris, Robert Davi, Robert Davi, and Matthew Lawrence. With 85 acting projects, the actor gained fame in the film industry. He gained tremendous publicity in Hollywood and gained lots of fans.

Patricia Azarcoya Schneider And Rob Schneider social Media

Rob is dynamic on social media accounts and crossed over 905000 followers on Twitter which shows his popularity. He is conscientious about the contents he shares. He uses his words carefully to address his experience.

Moreover, Patricia Azarcoya Schneider is an active person on various social media like Instagram and Twitter. She uses her social media accounts to reach out and talk to her fans and also to show her work. Patricia has over 83000 followers on her Instagram account. Her recent posts cover her husband, Rob, and Patricia herself, enjoying their moments together, which is loved by her fans.

She likes to post photos of her personal life to let her fans know what's new in her life and how she is spending her time with her loved ones. She likes to try new things. Her recent pictures include her having stickers all over her face, having the caption "Makeup by Madeline." She also shares pictures of herself with her husband, Rob. She likes to make her post look elegant, modish, and exquisite.

Patricia Azarcoya Schneider Net Worth

Speaking of her riches, Patricia Schneider holds an astounding net worth profile of 1 million USD as of 2021 from her successful acting career. In comparison, Robert's net worth is around 15 million USD from his career as an established comedian and a well-recognized actor.

Patricia Azarcoya is an eminent figure. Being a well-known actress as well as a producer, she has gained respect from her fans. The heights of success she reached today are merely the fruit of her endless efforts and dedication. As of now, the actress is sound and healthy.

She is living an elysian life with her husband and adorable daughter. During the pandemic, Patricia is posting about homeschooling her kids, her culinary art, and keeping it together, just like everyone else. Both Rob and Patricia are an extremely talented couple who worked hard to gain fame, and now they are paving their way to a successful and happy life.


How Did Patricia Azarcoya Schneider And Rob Schneider Meet?

Patricia Azarcoya Schneider meets Rob Schneider in one of the TV shows on which Rob Schneider was working. They dated each other for around six years, and then they finally got married on 23 April 2011.

What Is The Net Worth Of Patricia Azarcoya Schneider?

Patricia Azarcoya Schneider has a net worth of about 1 Million USD as per the latest records. She has stated to the media that all her money is for securing the future of her childrens.

Where Is Patricia Azarcoya Schneider From?

Patricia Azarcoya Schneider was born in Mérida, Mexico, in 1988.

What Is The Present Age Of Patricia Azarcoya?

Patricia Schneider has an age of 33 years presently. She was born on the 6th of March 1988.

What Is The Ethnicity Of Patricia Schneider?

The ethnicity of Patricia Azarcoya Schneider is Mexican.

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