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Organic SEO Challenges For Software And Tech Companies


Modern-day entrepreneurs see investing in tech and SaaS companies as a get-quick-rich scheme. The general perception is revenue will start rolling in in the next six months. But that’s not always the case.

Though the SaaS industry is worth over $172 million, the industry has never been this competitive before. A majority of such companies depend on the PPC model to generate business.

But are PPC-based companies sustainable or can a PPC-based SaaS company be turned into a brand? Chances are slim for its scalability. And what would a company do if there’s no PPC budget?

That’s where the talk of organic SEO for technology companies begins. For any SaaS company to survive and thrive, organic SEO holds the key. But it too presents various challenges. Fortunately, with the help of digital marketing services and by using the right approach, you can overcome them.

This article will cover all the organic SEO challenges your software or tech company will face and how you can solve them at the earliest to keep your business sustainable.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/organic-seo-challenges-for-software-and-tech-companies/ by Tom Mohamed on 2022-10-26T08:26:30.829Z

Developing a Desirable Product or Offering the Most-Sought After Services

First things first, if you want to get organic business, you must offer the most coveted products/services in the tech industry. SaaS companies in particular can’t survive if they create products on a whim. What’s the point of creating software that no one needs, or if there are plenty out there with similar features?

Devising a product people are searching for online and there’s room for improvement in the existing products with similar features is one of the top challenges in organic SEO for tech agencies.

The best place to collect SaaS product ideas is Google. Select a reliable keyword research tool and enter queries that cover the product you are looking to create or a service you want to offer. Once an idea seems viable enough to pursue, explore your competitors or similar products already available online.

You are supposed to create a product that people are searching for online and at the same time, you have something new to add to it. In short, you won’t be creating just another software but a better version of other software with a fresh angle.

Ditching Jargon to Create Clear & Engaging Content

Another challenge associated with information technology SEO is producing digestible content. You don’t always sell a tech product or service to tech-savvy audiences but mostly to those who can’t comprehend jargon.

You can’t expect someone working in the finance sector to understand the terms ‘backend’ and ‘front-end’, or someone in the retail industry to know the difference between a static and responsive website. Likewise, abbreviations like UX, UI, API, PPC, and SEO are beyond a common man’s grasp.

So how do you create content for the tech industry without sounding either too naive or confusing the reader? This is a tough nut to crack in the field of SEO marketing. The key is to brief writers and tell them who your target audience is; create your ideal buyer persona with the age, name, gender, and demographics mentioned.

Frequent Algorithm Changes

A small business leverages search engine marketing to beat local competitors. On the other hand, a SaaS company needs SEO advertising to compete with thousands of other big and small software companies in the world. You experience a drastic change in the level of competition in both instances.

And amid all this competition, SaaS and tech start-ups need to keep an eye on Google’s algorithm updates and changes. While giant companies can keep themselves afloat by investing in PPC and other lead generation channels, a small hit proves to be fatal for SaaS start-ups and small companies.

To preserve your organic reputation, stick to the SEO fundamentals like:

  • Unique and quality content development
  • Capitalizing on every content opportunity
  • High-quality backlinks
  • More referrals
  • An active Google Business Profile
  • Mobile-friendly UX/UI
  • Optimized visuals
  • Fast website loading speed

Staying on Top of the Competition

The pundits of Silicon Valley claim that nine out of 10 startups fail at some point in the first few years, a majority of them within the first year. This is a dreadful reality for SaaS investors. But if you look at the root cause of this failure, it’s due to poor marketing.

Fair enough, you have a great product. But how would you market it to generate sustainable revenue in the initial years? And what if one of your competitors comes with a better product and powerful search engine optimization strategy to draw in your clients?

It takes strategic planning and constant innovation to stay ahead of your competitors. The SaaS industry is much more competitive than other industries. But if you hand over all the marketing work to an SEO company in Dubai, you can focus on maintaining product quality and let the agency take care of brand awareness, lead generation, and sales.

Maintaining a Top-Notch Online User Experience

Several user experience statistics suggest around 70% of online businesses fail due to the poor usability of their website. Imagine the humiliation if someone taunts you like this “Before pitching me your SaaS solution, improve your website’s loading speed.”

User experience can make or break your online business. And when you are in the SaaS or tech industry, it holds even greater importance because your website’s look and performance directly affect your credibility.

To nail the organic SEO for your SaaS company, get a consultation from an SEO services agency in Dubai and ask for potential website improvements. Everything from your website’s look, the organization of information on it, the navigation bar, the user journey, and the page speed of your website is part of the user experience.

Attracting the Right Traffic to Sell High-End Tech Products/Services

When you have a high-ticket product to sell, you don’t just aim for traffic but relevant traffic that’s more likely to convert—-and of course, has the budget to afford your product/service.

Say you manage to drive 500 visitors to your website from organic search every day, but only a couple of them stick around and explore your website while the rest leave immediately. This high bounce rate will harm your rankings on Google and signal the search engine that you are not providing people with the information they are looking for.

It’s better to have small traffic that drives conversions than bulk traffic that doesn’t give you any return.To attract the right traffic:

  • Do keyword research
  • Use the relevant keywords; avoid using too many unique keywords in a single post
  • Right precise and accurate meta titles and descriptions
  • Prepare a content marketing funnel to guide the reader through
  • Never use clickbait titles

Gainning the Initial Momentum

Lastly, for tech start-ups, getting the initial traction is a huge challenge. In this digital world, investing in an SEO technology start up is a great way to introduce your company to thousands of potential customers at once. An information technology SEO firm with previous experience in marketing a SaaS product will be aware of the potential challenges and hurdles involved.

By leveraging their experience and creating a well-thought marketing strategy you will get early results and keep potential investors interested in your company.

Final Words…

Everyone has a product idea but only a few of them know how to take it forward. Winning the organic SEO game is a must for establishing a sustainable SaaS or tech company anywhere in the world. In this article, you learned about the potential challenges involved and their solution.

Now you can approach your marketing strategy with clarity. Make sure you do your research before stepping into this venture and collaborate with a reliable SEO company for the best results!

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