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What Is The Netflix Yearly Subscription India Price 2020?


Netflix' most basic plan includes the same original TV series and films as the premium plan. Netflix subscriptions in India have just been reduced in price in order to gain more customers, and the plans have become more affordable than ever before.

If you are unsure which Netflix plan to choose, we have compiled a summary of all the options and their associated benefits.

Netflix Subscription Price In India

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What are the three Netflix plans? In India, Netflix subscriptions are divided into four categories, each with somewhat various features. The content catalog, however, is still the same.

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The following are the monthly and annual Netflix subscription options that will be available in India in 2022:

  • Mobile-Only Plan

Monthly: Rs 149

Yearly: Rs 1,788

The Netflix Mobile package has been reduced from Rs 199 to Rs 149. It's for people who enjoy watching Television shows and movies on their phones. This Netflix subscription would set you back Rs 1,788 per year. This Netflix package contains standard definition content for Android phones and iPhones/iPads, with just one active screen at a time and downloads to a single device. This implies you can watch Netflix on a big screen device like a laptop, TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Chromecast with the Netflix Mobile plan.

  • Netflix Basic

Monthly: Rs 199

Yearly: Rs 2,388

Netflix also offers a 'Basic' plan for Rs 199 per month/ Rs 2,388 for a year, in addition to the Mobile plan. The plan offers many of the same features as Netflix Mobile, with the added bonus of being able to watch content on multiple devices, such as computers and smart TVs. Only one device will be able to have several active displays and downloads.

  • Netflix Standard

Monthly: Rs 499

Yearly: Rs 5,988

The 'Netflix Standard' plan is a nice choice if you wish to watch Netflix with your friends or family and would like more than one device limit. The package costs Rs 499 per month and includes 1080p Full HD resolution with a two-screen maximum. The plan's annual cost is Rs 5,988. Offline downloading on two devices are also supported by the Netflix plan.

  • Netflix Premium

Monthly: Rs 649

Yearly: Rs 7,788

The most expensive Netflix subscription option is 'Premium,' which costs Rs 649 per month. All content is available to stream in Ultra HD (4K), and the service costs Rs 7,788 per year.

The plan is ideal for a family of four or a group of friends who want to purchase a Netflix subscription. You may now simultaneously watch and download TV episodes and films on up to 4 devices. For a more personalized experience, Netflix allows you to create separate accounts for every user. Regardless of the package/plan you choose, you can have up to five profiles on a single Netflix account.

What is the cost of Netflix per year in India? There are currently no Netflix annual subscription plans available in India. You can only subscribe to the streaming platform's monthly membership packages on a month-to-month basis.

Is Netflix Free For 30 Days?

Movies on laptop's screen and Netflix logo on the background
Movies on laptop's screen and Netflix logo on the background

Netflix no longer offers a free trial to new subscribers, despite the fact that it used to. You must pay the monthly subscription in order to watch TV shows and movies. To take advantage of the free trial, you will have to give your personal and financial information. Because the first-time use is now a subscription plan rather than a free trial, you can cancel the membership during the first month if you do not like Netflix.


With millions of customers streaming a Netflix series every second, Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms in the world. Netflix has struggled to capture the Indian market for a long time, owing to its exorbitant Netflix subscription prices. That is no longer the case, as Netflix has introduced a number of low-cost plans tailored specifically for Indian viewers. Ultimately, Netflix has a number of subscription plans to suit a range of prices. We hope all this information helps you!

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