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The Complete Guide To Na Fantasy LCS In 2022


League of Legends is the most popular multiplayer online combat arena game among fantasy esports aficionados. The LCS is the strongest championship in North America, with Europe, China, and South Korea. Na Fantasy LCS allows US players to participate in a legal form of gaming while still making use of the game's enormous potential. Participants in fantasy sports pick a team and get points depending on the success of the players, rather than wagering.

How Does The Fantasy LCS Work?

The fantasy leagues for the NA LCS can be found on Draftkings, which is the most popular site for players. Participants may try out their games for free before making a deposit and joining a real-money tournament. If you don't do your homework and study the game fully, you may struggle in the fantasy LCS competition.

Ten teams compete in the North American competition, each with five players plus replacements, captains, and coaches.

In League of Legends Fantasy, players must correctly anticipate the performances of these teams and their personnel in order to gain points. Other in-game goals are achieved in addition to the number of kills, fatalities, assists, and creep kills claimed by players.

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The ability to correctly forecast the winners is rewarded in League of Legends Fantasy, but it differs from regular esports betting. The league's best successful players have been dubbed fantasy LCS League champions, and a portion of the prize pool has been distributed.

Fantasy LCS Explanation

TSM vs FLY | Week 5 Day 1 S12 LCS Spring 2022 | TSM vs FlyQuest W5D1 Full Game

If you've ever played other myth sports, LoL Fantasy follows a similar concept:

  • Fill your lineup for the week with LCS players.
  • Keep an eye on the LCS games and stick around to see your favorite players compete.
  • They will evaluate aspects only on the basis of how well they perform in their matches.
  • The goal is to provide the highest possible rating.
  • This assures that you will defeat other Fantasy LCS players.

In Simple Terms, Describe The Fantasy LCS

Picking a Lineup Every week, you choose five individuals and one team (such as bot laners, top laners, and so on). Before you ask, no, you cannot choose the whole Fnatic or Cloud9 roster. Because you have a profit ceiling of $1.5 million, this is the case. For the week, each participant has an exact profit. Pinnacle tier teams will have more costly players, which is why you won't be able to stack your team with Fnatic or Cloud9 members.

Points awarded

The E1 Fantasy platform does one thing above all else: it brings LoL esports fans closer to the game. The scoring device's graph has a significant impact on this ability, thus they made it very apparent and trackable from a viewing standpoint. You can clearly see and hear each component in your lineup rankings thanks to the platform.

Breakdown of the Scoring System


  • Kills are worth three points.
  • (-1) point for deaths
  • 1.5 points for an assist
  • 0.02 point creep score
  • Captain bonus: If you correctly choose the Champion that your Captain will play in a game, you will get a 50% boost to the Fantasy Points he will score in that game (actual rating x 1.5)


  • Two points for a win
  • 20 minutes to win = 5 factors (in addition to two Win points)
  • 20 minutes – 30 minutes = two factors (in addition to two Win points)
  • 1 point if a turret is destroyed.
  • 1 factor for the first turret bonus (in addition to - - Turret Destroyed point)
  • Two points for first blood.
  • Two points for killing a dragon.
  • Three points if a baron is slain.
  • Rift Herald's death is the result of two things.

Choosing Fantasy Stats For Scoring

In comparison to fantasy football, fairytale LoL gives us the unique opportunity to sing every single statistic. Because there were hundreds of little statistically-based components in the recreation and all numbers were obtained electronically, we had to make a lot of considerations about how we wanted the recreation to feel. We could want to allocate components primarily based on a player's vision score, with the DPM and the number of wards they place taken into account. However, since they can no longer be followed on stream, this complicates the audience's journey. Knowing that every time your mid laner scores a kill, you receive three points makes following your team so much fun. "I can't see Bjergsen right now, but I hope he's constructing wards and poking the enemy Champ to keep his DPM up," you don't want to be thinking.

Other Factors To Consider When Scoring Fantasy Games

  • Because kills are the most rare value available, they are worth much more than any other participation stat. Assists are plentiful, with up to four available for each kill, but only one player may be credited with a Kill at a time, which helps to explain why it is worth twice as much as an Assist.
  • Because the true cost of eliminating Inhibitors is the opportunity to ruin additional Towers and the possibility to win the game, both of which have previously been rewarded, Inhibitors are no longer blanketed for Teams. Increasing the parameters for Inhibitors, which also respawned, accentuated the differences between winning and losing groups to an alarming degree. We should have rewarded them less, but that would do more harm than good in terms of crowding and diluting the overall scores.
  • First Blood and First Tower are granted in order to replicate the in-game incentives that Teams get for completing these goals. For viewers as well as spectators, we want our myth contests to seem like a sport.
  • Bonus points for wins in a shorter amount of time are intended to recognize teams who have been so dominating in the past that they have sacrificed future scoring opportunities by winning earlier in the game.
  • Captain Bonus adds another layer of lookup and variation to the lineup generation process. It does a wonderful job of making the lineup introduction technique seem more video game-like while still allowing those who understand the meta to benefit.


Whether you know all there is to know about the LCS and fantasy LCS information, or you know next to nothing about the game, you can join and win your own league.

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