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Money And Time Preference- What Is Sound Money


Since sound money is widely accepted on the market, its value can be maintained over time, it is able to efficiently transmit value across distance, and it can be split into little and big amounts. It is money that cannot be controlled by a coercive power that forces others to utilize it. Let's dive in more and discuss about money and time preference.

Importance Of Sound Money Can Be Explained For Three Broad Reasons

First, it preserves value through time, which encourages individuals to plan for the future and reduces their preference for the present. Human civilization begins with a reduction in the value placed on time and continues as a result of human cooperation, progress, and harmony.

Second, with free commerce comes peace and prosperity, which can only be achieved via the use of sound money, which is based on a stable unit of measurement. All economic calculations and planning need some kind of unit of account; unsound money makes this calculation impossible and is the foundation of all economic downturns and crises.

Finally, sovereignty and freedom from oppression and repression can only be achieved if the state has the capacity to produce money, which gives it an unfair advantage over its citizens and attracts those who are least deserving and most immoral to assume the reins of power.

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Sound Money Is A Prime Factor In Determining Individual Time Preference

Individual decision-making must take this into consideration, and it's a crucial one that gets little attention. People's preference for the now over the future is referred to as time preference. Because we will all die at some point, the future is inherently unclear for all of us.

In addition, since consuming is essential for existence, individuals place more importance on current consumption than future consumption, as a lack of current consumption might prevent the future from ever coming into being. To put it another way, temporal preference is a good thing for all people since it means that the future is always cheaper than the present.

A bitcoin surrounded by gold rocks
A bitcoin surrounded by gold rocks

Animal's Time Preference Is Far Higher Than Humans

As a result, they behave only on the basis of their immediate natural impulses and have no idea of what lies ahead. Only a few animals have the ability to establish long-lasting nests or houses, and these creatures have a lower temporal preference than others who act only to satisfy their immediate demands, such as hunger and aggressiveness. Because of our shorter attention spans, humans are better able to restrain our animalistic tendencies, plan for the future, and avoid making rash decisions.

Instead of focusing all of our efforts on making items that are ready for immediate consumption, we might opt to focus on developing greater goods that will take longer to finish. The ability to perform tasks over longer time horizons, to meet ever-more distant needs, and to develop the mental capacity to create goods not for immediate consumption but for the production of future goods—in other words, to create capital goods—occurs as humans reduce their desire to prioritize time.

Investment Raises The Productivity Of The Producer

Humans distinguished themselves from animals by creating instruments for hunting, although animals can do the same. Although certain animals may utilize tools to hunt another species on rare occasions, they lack the ability to possess and maintain these equipment for long-term usage. Humans can only spend time away from hunting to make a spear or fishing rod that can't be eaten, but can help them hunt more effectively if they have a lower time preference.

People postpone immediate satisfaction by investing their time and resources in the manufacture of capital goods that will make production more sophisticated or advanced and prolong it over a longer period of time. This is the core of investment. Longer procedures that produce more output and better commodities are the only reasons a person would prefer to put off satisfying his immediate desires in favor of taking on more risk.


Investing not only necessitates deferring satisfaction, but it also includes the possibility of failure, therefore it is only done with the hope of a return. A person is more inclined to invest, wait pleasure, and acquire wealth if their time preference is lower. The greater the labor productivity and the longer the time horizon of production, the more capital is accumulated.

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