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Millie Bobby Brown, Star Of 'Stranger Things,' Has Enrolled At Purdue University


It's true that Millie Bobby Brown is returning to Indiana, but not to Hawkins.

Millie Bobby Brown, star of 'Stranger Things,' has enrolled at Purdue University.

In an interview with Allure magazine, the "Stranger Things" actress stated that she is pursuing a degree in human services, where she can "learn about the system and how to help young people."

The city of West Lafayette, Indiana is home to the university known as Purdue.

The fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana serves as the setting for "Stranger Things."

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/millie-bobby-brown-star-of-stranger-things-has-enrolled-at-purdue-university/ by Candice Burns on 2022-08-16T03:19:53.310Z

Brown portrays Eleven, a girl endowed with telekinetic powers.

Several characters and plot points have mentioned or alluded to Purdue over the course of the series, and a limited-edition Purdue shirt made an appearance in Season 3.

A live-action "Stranger Things" spinoff and a "stage play based within the world and mythology" of the program are being developed by Upside Down Pictures, the production firm founded by the show's creators The Duffer Brothers, despite "Stranger Things 5" being the final season of the series.

Teens and adults team up to fight off evil from another dimension in this animated series.

Millie Bobby Brown Bio

Spanish-born British actress Millie Bobby Brown (born February 19, 2004) made a major splash in 2016 when she was cast as Eleven, the lead in the Netflix original series Stranger Things, for which she received numerous accolades and two Emmy nominations.

She is the first person of her age to serve as the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF and the youngest person to ever make Time magazine's list of the 100 most important people in 2018.

The role of Eleven in Stranger Things catapulted Brown, then 12 years old, into the spotlight.

When Brown was only 14 years old, a meme spreading homophobic statements fraudulently ascribed to her went viral online, prompting her to delete her Twitter account in protest.

She has had to deal with sexualized articles and social media users in addition to online bullying.

She finally snapped on her 16th birthday, captioning an Instagram photo about how she felt "frustrated with the inaccuracies, improper comments, sexualization, and pointless insults that ultimately have resulted in sorrow and insecurity for me."

When Brown turned eighteen in February 2022, individuals began posting explicit content to her social media accounts.

In August of 2022, she enrolled in Purdue University's online health and human services program.

Brown has been dating Jon Bon Jovi's son, the actor Jake Bongiovi, since 2021.

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi acting all sweet to each other in NYC
Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi acting all sweet to each other in NYC

During the weekend, Millie Bobby Brown and boyfriend Jake Bongiovi shared a kiss while out and about in New York City.

The two stopped under an awning to escape the sweltering NYC heat and then shared a tender moment, seeming smitten.

Stranger Things

Official Stranger Things poster
Official Stranger Things poster

The Duffer Brothers, who also serve as showrunners and frequently as writers and directors, are the creators of the American science fiction drama television series Stranger Things.

The first episode of the series was made available on Netflix on July 15, 2016, and the fifth and final season was renewed in February 2022.

The series, which is mostly set in the made-up town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s, focuses on a multitude of mysteries and paranormal occurrences in the area and how they affect both child and adult characters.

Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink, Joe Keery, Cara Buono, Matthew Modine, Dacre Montgomery, Sean Astin, Paul Reiser, Maya Hawke, Priah Ferguson, and Brett Gelman are among the cast members.

Stranger Things was created by the Duffer Brothers as a blend of investigative drama and supernatural aspects that were conveyed with horror and childlike sensibility while including references to 1980s pop culture

The themes and directing styles of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, David Lynch, Stephen King, Wes Craven, and H. P. Lovecraft were all influenced.

Additionally, they were influenced by Cold War experiments as well as suspicions about covert government tests.

Stranger Things, one of Netflix's main series, has seen record-breaking viewership on the streaming service.

For its characterization, setting, acting, soundtrack, directing, writing, and nods to 1980s movies, the series has received high praise from critics.

Numerous accolades and nominations have been bestowed upon it, including wins at the Primetime Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, American Film Institute, Critics' Choice Television Awards, and People's Choice Awards, as well as nominations from the Golden Globe Awards, British Academy Television Awards, Directors Guild of America Awards, Writers Guild of America Awards, and Grammy Awards.

Purdue University

Purdue University buildings and school grounds with neatly cut grass
Purdue University buildings and school grounds with neatly cut grass

The main campus of the Purdue University system, Purdue University is a public land-grant research university in West Lafayette, Indiana.

After Lafayette businessman John Purdue contributed land and funds to create a college of science, technology, and agriculture in his honor, the university was formed in 1869.

On September 16, 1874, six professors and 39 students attended the first class.

Major institutional rankings have placed it among the best public institutions in the country, and it is well known for its engineering curriculum.

More than 200 undergraduate majors, more than 70 master's and doctoral programs, as well as professional degrees in pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and doctor of nursing practice, are available at the main campus in West Lafayette.

In addition, Purdue boasts over 900 student groups and 18 intercollegiate sports teams. The ninth-biggest foreign student population of any university in the United States attends Purdue, a founding member of the Big Ten Conference with the largest student body of any campus of a single university in Indiana.

Distinguished Alumni

Neil Armstrong official NASA portrait wearing a spacesuit
Neil Armstrong official NASA portrait wearing a spacesuit

There are 25 astronauts among the alumni of Purdue, including Gus Grissom, America's second man in space and the first to fly in NASA's Gemini program, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon, and Eugene Cernan, the last to do so.

More than one-third of all crewed NASA space flights have included at least one Purdue graduate.

People Also Ask

Does Millie Bobby Brown Have A Disability?

She had some hearing loss in her left ear from birth, and it worsened over time.

Is Millie Bobby Brown Fully Deaf?

One of Millie Bobby Brown's ears is deaf. She had one ear that was partially deaf at birth, but after years of tubes, it became completely deaf. She's been honest about the fact that she doesn't always pay attention to the director's yells of "cut" on set.

Does Millie Bobby Brown Have An 11 Tattoo?

The English actress has her own tattoos, including the instantly recognizable "011," as many admirers have noted. Yes, you read that correctly; Millie actually does sport the same tattoo as her Stranger Things character.


Brown also shared details on the future of her skincare business, Florence by Mills, later in the interview.

She also discussed her plans to continue her role as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, where she has worked to improve the lives of women and young girls by raising awareness about menstruation health and hygiene.

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